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Sunday, August 31, 2008

This morning was my first day of training for Dragon Boat. It was a bit daunting heading to training.. praying that all would go well. My sundays are usually spent sleeping in a bit in the morning, at least until 630... not today! I had to be at training at 730... which meant leaving the house at 7am.

We started with some training on land, finding the right size paddle for our heights, and then into the water to simulate some water training exercises. This morning there were 4 (including me) who were newbies! It was nice to not be the lone ranger this morning.

We made our way to the boat and settled in. In a dragon boat, you sit 2 to a seat, and almost lock knees with your inside knee to your "buddy" on the seat with you. Its almost an awkward way to sit in the boat, as its very different from a canoe or outrigger. Before we knew it, we were full on swing, or stroke and away goes the boat from the shore. It was a bit odd being in the boat right away on first day of training with others who had been to previous sunday sessions, as well as regatta's. But, it really was great to start training that way.

After a few strokes of getting use to a whole different stroke technique, and figuring out how the calls from the coach in boat, and what all meant what... i think i faired pretty well. Or, at least, I didnt smack anyone with my paddle, or give anyone an unwanted shower of lake water! And yes, I have heard the stories, it does happen. I was pretty chuffed at myself with my first day of training.

I do have to say, the team members and coaches are great, and really positive. Everyone had encouraging words and they really were excited about new people coming to join. It really made for a nice morning.

I think I just may fall into bed and let my muscles rest tho. Yikes! Tomorrow morning should be interesting.

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