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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Flirt? Nah... oh maybe

Every now and then, def not often enough, a particular person has to stop by where I work and do things. He is lovely. For today's snippet, lets call him "D" for delicious. I don't know whats wrong with me when he walks into the office, but i almost imagine drooling over him. I am sure he knows I think hes devine... and for sake of sakes, lets think that he thinks I am devine as well.

Actually, we do this whole flirt thing which takes me back to the times when i was a teenager. I knew he was coming to see us today, so i made sure that looked real damn fine. I was excited to see him... whats wrong with me? This is so unusual... I usually can keep my cool.. but not with him. Gawd, I could never take it anywhere.. further i mean... i dont think i would know what to do. Hes just devine.. did i mention that already?

We make sure to be visible to each other. We pass each other in the hall maybe a bit too closely. We have some sort of sexual tension which could get sorted. If only I didnt feel like it was my first time again. I love how my heart beats when hes NEAR.. not necc near me, but NEAR.. i walked past where he was today and I could smell his cologne lingering .... it was heaven. All i could think was, "That would smell FANTASTIC on my pillow" and a smile peeked its way.

I even blushed today speaking to him. I of course will not tell you what we were discussing. It is not meant for ANY of you to know, just know that I had a really good idea in my head, and so did he.. and of course.. there was the flirting.

I dont think I have blushed in front of man since i was like 14 or 15.
Today is good. I have seen and smelled "D". Thank you for the service call :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

4am on a Sunday

The average person would be sleeping in at this time of day. Especially on her day off. Especially after a fantastic evening out with the new man. I, however, was not. I had graciously accepted the guilt by Neighbor S (yes, see below to see Neighbor S happenings) of helping the woman out on a Sunday. Morning no less.

Scene 1:
Upon her decision that she was going to sell all the clothes that should have went to the Lifeline store but never ended up making it out of the trunk of her car, she (Neighbor S) decides that she might give the markets a try. Alas, with Baby E growing so quickly as well, there is no need for all those adorable teenie tinnie tot outfits. Sell em she thinks! She can make millions she thinks. She has stumbled upon a magnificent idea. If only she could get someone to help...who would she con to this task?

Scene 2:
Enter Me

Scene 3:
A phone call to see if I have a table. The woman has been in my garage that many times, she KNOWS i have a table. In fact, I am sure she KNOWs i have two tables of two different sizes.

"Yeah, you can borrow the table. I will be home shortly to drop it off." -me
"Thanks. Do you want to come with me? Bring some of your clothes and sell them too." -S
"Nah, no time to tackle the closets tonight. Not enough notice." -me
"Would you like to come with me? It will be great, we can coffee, chats, and then there is someone there in case i have to take a pee break." - S

Please note, that not once during the morning did she actually take off for rest run.

Guilt. A friend can not leave her friend in shambles in a situation. Her she is trying to sell a few items for her mini holiday coming soon and wants to get rid of a few things. She is a mother. She cant be left to her own devices at the markets.

"What time?" - me

"The man said to be there at 5. So we will leave here at 4:45." -S

"Gawd thats early S... yeah I'll come. Will you call to make sure I'm up?" -me
Scene 4:
A restless night sleep occurs. I dont want to sleep in, I cant let my friend down. I dont want to be to eager to be up and ready, in case S decides to call and tell me its raining, no markets today. Yet, the phone call occurs, I mumble a few words on the phone while shes ready and alive with excitement. No coffee yet? Ugh. Stumble into the shower. Stumble to the closet. Find options for the day.. the sun isnt out. Will it be hot? Will it be chilly? Will we have shade? Grab clothes, stumble down the steps and out the door.

Scene 5:
We are off. The car is speeding down the road, the two of gleaming with excitement. S has somehow magically poured her excitement my way and suddenly I am alive with being up at this time of the morning. No one, I mean NO ONE else is up and its looking like a lovely morning. We are on schedule! We plan, plot, and conjour a strategy for the scenarios which may arise. We are two women ready to sell this cars contents!
Scene 6:
The markets are packed. There might not be room? What? I got up at 4 am... and in a little coastal village here we dont have Perkins, Dennys, or ANYTHING that is up this early for breakfast. Damn. Now what?

We enter the gates, praying they find us a spot. We are new to this. We followed some mans advice over the telephone. Now they tell us we should have been here at 4. What? Thats a 3 am wake up... not a chance buddy.

We drive down the path. They lead us to a spot. Perfect. Its on a corner which means heaps of traffic from all directions. We stumble around setting things out in the dark. We are ready.

Scene 7:
We sell, we chat with strangers. I convince them that the item they are looking at looks really good on them. Go for it! After all, I dont want to pack it back in the car. Babies, moms, puppies, everyone stopped by for a chat. Great fun to people watch.

Saw some friends who I had not seen in ages. Great to catch up with them. Loved the moments. I wasnt a real good sales assistant then tho, but figuring I was taking no money for my assistance, my dear S let it slide and didnt yell at me for taking a social break!
It was difficult trying to keep S out of the stall next to us. They had clothes, both of us glancing over there seeing what was on display. S was attracted to the array of baby clothes. I would look away for a few minutes, and Wah-Lah, there she was next door. Shes sneaky...

I was trying to control my urge to buy things. Didnt happen. I stumbled upon the stall behind us and bought the cutest knitted hat for my upcoming Tassie trip. Brrr!

We had a great time, chatting away with anyone and everyone. People watching. What a sport that is. I think we could win the Gold in the Olympics on that sport. If only...

It really was a great way to spend time with S. Even with the early start, it was nice just being and doing and helping her out. She appreciated it as well. Makes you feel good to help your friends. Thats what Sundays are for.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Friday F**KWIT?

Last night I graciously made Strawberry Kamikaze's for neighbor S and myself. She LOVED them, and i think i have another Kami drinking buddy.. except for when she called me a F**KWIT...
(Neighbor S... before she trashed my self-esteem)
i still love her to bits, and cherish her friendship.. how could you not? After all we have been thru and all the chats we have had, would not trade her in for nothing! I love her honesty.. and let me tell you after 3 shakers of Kamis... the honesty came barrelling out! Apparently i have an issue.... i dont let me guard down in a relationship. Me? Your kidding, right? Next topic, we wont venture there....

Nah, shes right, and you all know it too.... but i dont think anyone has ever chosen those words for me before... i dont think I'm drinking with her again... HA!

Mind you, I was good to go after 2 shakers between us, but oh no, Neighbor S decided 3 would be a good number to tackle... so off we went to make another shaker.

(Us after we have already prob had our share of kamis...notice the candle for the mozzies and the shaker glistening in the background)
Shattered. Numb. Dumb. Good times.

We laughed, reminisced about our "younger days" , yes we do actually recount those days, or what we can remember of them anyway. Too many smokes, Too many kamis, Too many laughs. My lips were numb from the drinks and my mouth hurt from laughing! Love the friday nights in the Neighborhood.

All my love-

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Last night I was blessed to attend another fantastic meal at Phippsy's Restaurant. (Pics coming soon...) For those of you who have ever in life been so lucky as to eat at THE best seafood restaurant, with THE best seafood chef and THE best waiter.. well, rest assured, we enjoyed for you as well. It is truly a pleasure to eat at Phippsys.

Of course, the gold-banned snapper was devoured by one we will call Bond.. James Bond (not his real name)
The menu has changed slightly due to the colder weather, which meant that my usual main of delight was unavailable as were the coconut & macadamia prawns.. eh gawd, what was i to do!~

I had the beef tenderloin with seasonal veggies which were so crisp and tasty i could have eaten a massive bowl full. Alas, the old fav "potato gallette" was served with dinner too!
The Rib Fillet was adored by Tilda...
all meals were fantastic and exceeded all expectations as always!

Good news (listen up Laurie) Mark is still serving us (hes honestly the best, and yes I mean the BEST waiter you could wish for) plus, he is devine to look at. He has a smile, laugh and eyes that make your heart just hes really a gentleman - even when Laurie embarasses the hell out of me at a bday dinner! Mark is in the process of finding a different job and location... (sigh). Good news tho, although he was expected to go to Melb for work around Easter, I walked in and gleefully (yes, with glee) spotted our faithful Mark. He is now looking at Brisbane for his new location, which is good news for all of us as Brisbane is much closer than Melb.

Saddness does ring in for Phippsy's tho... i hear from a reputable source that hes got the place for sale. No matter, i am positive he would not sell to just anyone and would make sure that they can look out for all of dedicated customers just as Phippsy has! Yet, no one can take his place. Afterall, he is the only chef who can make each bit of seafood seem heavenly and enjoyable! Good luck to you Phippsy in your next adventure. Until that time comes tho I will be sure to enjoy each and every meal at the restaurant.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So, im not sure whats up with this comment thing. I am working on it.

But, i have changed the location of the comment tag.. its now straight under the title of the days blog, or just above the stuff i write... find it? just click on it, and then a popup window should appear and you can leave a comment.

If you have google for an account (takes no time really to create an account, and its just so you can leave comments...) my suggestion is that if your planning on filling me in on teh inside goss or you want to contribute from time to time, create a google account. Easy as.

OpenID? use it. If you like of course.

Name/URL... i think its a google thing. i can just give myself a name and pop it in there adn type away. Easy Pezy.

Anon... this is the catch. at the moment i am having troubles getting the comments to appear. I am working on it. I moderate all ANON comments... tought. deal with it.

If you dont want to take the time for me to sort it out, or if you want to see your comments appear straightaway... then make a google account. For goodness sakes Neil... all talk and no action really will make you a dull boy! A lot of chit chat about the blog for a man who doesnt leave a comment... EVER!


Monday, April 21, 2008

I am an addict

The first step to this whole addiction thing is admitting you have a problem, right? Well, can I say I am an addict. The TV show Underbelly is my drug. The show grips me. It makes me anxious for it to be on each week. Its only 13 episodes, and already I am in panic mode as I know I must be at least half way thru the episodes. Withdrawl? Oh please no! And... I am not the only addict. You see, the beautiful thing about addictions is when you can drag the friends along for the ride. We chat about the happenings, We secretly fantasize about the characters, We even google for more information. In fact, WE even ended up watching the dreaded Today Tonight and Current Affair gossip shows because the Underbelly was going to be mentioned. We have an illness. We realize this. We dont care.

Does the fact that a judge has ordered that the state of Victoria cant watch it due to an ongoing trial excite us more? Maybe. We can watch it, and for once, Melbournians across the great QLD state are uniting that they live here. Afterall, they can watch Underbelly. It has created an outrage. Everywhere.

I went to the local land of ferrals to hunt down the CD soundtrack (itunes doesnt have it yet) and I was prepared to do a bank run after work so that I would be at the store 10 minutes earlier than I could have been just so i could have the hot little thing of music in my possession. I even called another addict to let them know of my recent purchase. Shit, other addicts knew what my plan was earlier in the day. Underbelly. It sucks you in.

Of course, it has to be said that the actor who plays "Benji" could make ice cubes melt in a blizzard. I would drop it all. Of course he would have to keep the bald head and tattoos... oh my.. i think he could easily rock my world. An hour of lust to get me thru the week. Ah....."Benji".

Today is only monday, and already WE have already "booked" as unavailable on wednesday. 8:30. Not accessible, thanks for trying. I for one, will be busy drooling over Benji (can you imagine what it will be like when he gets shot in the upcoming episodes?). The others, they will be busy ignoring their households, settle in for the hour, and escape into the TV series that has captured the nation. Well, except for Victoria. I wonder if the tourist rate has increased on Wed for all those in Victoria to hop on a plane and rent a hotel room for the night to watch it. Sounds silly, but I can assure you, I would def do that. All for a peep at Benji and the gangland wars that gripped Melb and killed 33 (known) people.

And now I have the soundtrack. Life is good. except that its only Monday and i have just under 48 hours until i can get my next fix. I am desperate for my next hour. I am becoming fixated on a TV show. I find that i am judging any person who doesnt watch or enjoy the show. They are lesser, and therefore unimportant. If you stumble upon some helpless soul who hasnt seen the show or cant stay up that late to watch... they want in.. you know they do... they ask the questions.. but you just cant explain all the details... it is not important for them to watch... they dont have the dedication to deserve to be in the know. They can not become a WE. At least I am not alone. Not this time.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

associate (verb)

Its a funny word. Associate. I like to use it to vary my sentences a bit. The etymology of the word you ask? Well my kidz, its Latin, and according to Chambers: 14c, from ad to + socius united. Solved? Good.

What makes us as humans so special?
Is it that we are unique and supp to be different from another, and all our little quirks are tagged either good or bad, which in turn makes us either like or dislike another.
Is it that we can adapt to surroundings, mix among the masses, assimilate if you like, and "do as others do" or for the "betterment" of society we follow the norm.

Really- how normal is the word "unique". It means unparrallelled, or one, none other like it. Hell i thought i was unique in High School during my little hippie stage. Granted, not everyone was into Tie Dyes, Hologram sunglasses, and the rest of my fantastic fashion at the time; but there was the typical Jocks, Preps, Idiots, Druggies, Loners, Freaks, and then us, the Potheads / Hippies. We listened to John Lennon, Led Zep, The Doors, took acid... you get the idea right? We were cool. We were unique.

Damn unique. I was doing the same thing my mom did in her High School all but years apart. Unique? Yeah, for that particular school, that particular region etc. But unique might be far-fetched.

Ok, back to the original rant of the day. Associate.. remember when i was mentioning that? Follow along kidz. We all look for some sort of association. We want to belong. We as humans feel this burning desire (no, not the STD kind of burn) to make sure we are accepted by others, somewhere, somehow. NO MATTER WHAT. Example? Emos... they all look so damn alike. And wearing black? well, anyone with fashion inklings can tell you that black is a basic color which is ALWAYS in bloody season and goes with anything. except blue. oh, and its slimming.

right, sorry... delayed thoughts again. I met someone yesterday who wasnt really on my particularly high "I think your nice" sheet, instead he was more of a "please leave, i have work to do and your just wasting my time babbling nothing" sheet. He discovers that he and i live in the same town. Fantastic! Mr sales rep is thinking he has me sold, after all... we have an ASSOCIATION. so much so, that he even tells me the street... HA! I laugh in his face (i dont even know the street he was mumbling.. afterall, i didnt care as he wasnt going to be part of my association. Told him i actually lived in a different section, near the particular town. Not in my association. thank you kindly.

Music? We all associate to the same circle regarding music. Tell me how unique you are in your music tastes? I am positive even the strangest tastes will somehow have even HEARD of a song you like, or might enjoy a particular artist. Second thought, they might at least know the artist, they might think shes a slut bag who has lost her mind and her parents should SEND HER TO REHAB... nah, no winno heroin support here, but its still an association of some sorts.

I often hear a song and it takes me back to somewhere else. Sometimes I can even associate smells to a song, or a feeling for that time, or the boy who made me smile when he sang his lungs out to the song. Or the car trips blasting the song all the way, over and over. Somedays a song can make or break a day. And sometimes it can UNITE you wth another person or stranger.

What do you associate with? Would it be the same that others would classify the association with you?

Its a funny word. Associate.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Can I convert?

Don't ask how or why. Just know that i checked out a website and think you should as well. just do it!

(Disclaimer as follows:)
I have nothing against mormans, so before you go beating my head in for any of that shit.. dont. I am not Morman. I have encountered people who are of Morman faith. Anyone I have ever met which is of Morman faith has always been a person who I have had time for, and would give my respect to as they have been respectful to me. Granted, I don't necessarily agree with all that they believe. Hell, I don't agree with everything the Catholic church "encourages" one to belief and all my family is pretty much devout Catholic. AND, I dont agree with everything the Baptist believe, or the Muslim, or the Jewish, or the Hindu....... get my point yet?

BUT i am ready to convert to the Morman faith after one look at that calendar. And oh GOD, these are missionaries? Why is there not 1 of them good looking bodies in my country? I am sure that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE along the line has prayed and prayed for my little ass to be saved! COME ON.... be kind. Send the dark haired one with the chisled abs and those gorgeous eyes my way. One never knows unless they try, right? I am worth you trying to save. Guaranteed. No Risk / No Hassle. If you find me unworthy, I will retreat, but you should at least try. Right?

Anyway, enough fun.. it amazes me how these missions are for 2 year stints, in which they pretty much sacrifice their own needs for someones elses. Pretty big ask really. Commendable? well, that part is worth a debate. They build, teach, feed, and spread the English language all over the world. Oh, and they also teach Mormonism. No, not Moronisms you jack ass... Mormonism. Really, if you take an individuals pre-conceived notions and judgements about religion and the related topics, its quite fantastic that people do shit like this. Damn, most people I know wont get off their ass to change the TV channel. They wont buy a strangers groceries because they feel like helping out someone (they will however give to the "donation box", which secretly records all donations and tallies it up at the EOFY and publish your much giving donation amount) and here these little missionaries are really going out and helping others.

Reality: at the end of it they would have to become in better touch with their own awareness as well, if they chose too. Say what you like about missionaries.. (my father & WES have their own opinons) but if one makes a generalization ... well, a generalization cant be 100 % correct can it? There are some good decent honest missionaries out there. Just none that ran across the countries the wild pipeliners did. Blame them, nah, the power wattage for the whore house and camp kitchen prob scared those little good missionaries running up the nearest hill!

Anyway, the website informs me that while on a mission, they are not allowed to read a paper, listen to popular music (wonder who defines the term 'popular' here), no TV, no movies, and no internet or blogging... they can call home on Christmas & Mothers Day (thats really sweet actually that its mothers day as being one of the chosen few..).

Check out the website... I'm thinking of buying some things from the online store (pretty amazing how such a 'culture' has deemed itself into modern society when they believe that the perils of such technology are distracting and so forth, yet even they can see its a money maker. I particuarly am drawn to the "missionary style" t-shirt of 2 people praying. BUT, I also like the one that has about 8 women and 1 man.. its the "lots of love to give" tshirt. So, I am thinking about buying some shirts... its just damn funny really. And, it goes to help support a cause. But I'm all for the funniness really.

Oh, AND a Morman is forbidden, yes thats right FORBIDDEN to drink alcohol, coffee or tea, smoke cigs or have premarital sex (compliments of which pretty much means that NONE of my dearest friends or family is a morman. And if i did convert for the gorgeous guy on the website... nah, stuff it.. Im going for a smoke and a capt morgan diet thanks!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ah those crazy humans

So after my weekend events, which were very pleasant and enjoyable, I had a little time to reflect on the past few weeks and peoples moods or attitudes...
I always find it fascinating to analyze humans and their reactions towards situations or people dependent upon that individuals own circumstance.
from this, a little summary of some key points which could be addressed:

NICE: i think maybe it should be looked up in the dictionary, because what I THINK it means, and what some of the people i have encountered lately THINK it means are obv two different versions. For sake of any future arguments, i have referenced the Chambers Dictionary for these and further purposes.
nice adj (nicer, nicest) 1 pleasant; agreeable; respectable. 2 often ironic good; satisfactory. 3 ironic nasty • a nice mess. 4 fine; subtle • nice distinctions. 5 exacting; particular • nice in matters of etiquette. niceness noun. nice and ... colloq satisfactorily ... ; commendably ... • nice and firm.
So, its an adjective is it? Lets see, if I go back to those school grammatic lessons, that would be defined as a word which modifies a noun or pronoun because it describes or identifies.
(Pleasant. Agreeable. Respectable.) In laymans terms, its basically not being a prick or self-absorbed or someone who makes others cringe when they open the gumball drop theory of thought to spoken word.
and isnt it nice to hear: " he is a very pleasant person. in fact, so pleasant that i woul actually like to occupy more of my time with him as he is nice. He respects me."
"It was a satisfactory time. All was agreeable."
Do we see how these are all POSITIVE thinking patterns and sentences?
Simple enough, right? No. Apparently my definition is correct and some others are not. See, i think if your TRYING to be nice, kudos to you. You get a credit for at least fricking trying. Its really not that hard. Try to be nice. It really takes a hell of a lot less effort than its counterpart known as rude. So, lets see what that gets defined as:
rude adj 1 impolite; bad-mannered; discourteous. 2 roughly made; lacking refinement or polish • build a rude shelter. 3 ignorant, uneducated or primitive. 4 sudden and unpleasant • a rude awakening. 5 vigorous; robust • rude health. 6 vulgar; indecent • a rude joke. rudely adj. rudeness noun 1 being rude. 2 rude language or behaviour. rudery noun.
ah.. its an adjective as well. great, we dont have to cover that part again.
Laymans terms? Well, your an ass if anyone describes you as rude. YOU LACK REFINEMENT OR POLISH love that bit of the definition. IGNORANT. thats fantastic. VULGAR. incredible word to describe a noun or pronoun isnt it?
Now, although it may seem pointless, but let me point out that i certainly wouldnt want someone to tack my name (a noun) before the word RUDE. I would be appalled with myself and would need to rethink my strategy to life towards that particular person, situation, or moment.
I could give personal examples of rudeness, but to avoid being rude, i would rather you all just take a minute and come up with your own.. (ha ha)
Lately, I have observed that rudeness can attract other unsightly things into ones life. If a rude person continues to lash out at others and portrays ignorance upon others, doesnt that make people less likely to approach the individual? Maybe before the RUDE person has a go at the world for not "giving them the right chance" or whatever, they need to take stock in their own personal inventory. Sometimes the answer lies within.
And.. if you think this post is about you... well, start taking stock. OR you could go with the catch phrase of ignorance is bliss.. which in that case you think your perfect and wouldnt have a clue that i have placed letters subjectively to NAME all the rude people i encountered in last 32 days.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Somedays its just a dogs way, isnt it?

This photo is in my local paper today. Loved it.. I think the dog has a better surf stance than most surfers I see on the ocean... certainly says something for the dogs owner, who also teaches surf lessons doesnt it? The photo brought a smile to my face, hope it does to yours. Special thanks to for use of the photo.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Morning Drive To Work

Nothing can make you feel so enlightened as driving in the car in the morning, its just rained earlier in the morning so the air smells nice and fresh. You continue down the road thru the valley (no, not to grandmas house hehe) and as the road opens up to wide open acreage ahead, a full rainbow glares at you. The rainbow stretches as far as it can, bright and vivid just for you this morning. You can see where it "touches" the land on the far left to the far right. As if almost automatically, a smile beams on your face and you almost feel sense of delight in this wonderment of a moment. Such a magical moment to experience, esp when your just doing the routine of the day. Thank you Universe for such a magical moment.

(Not my photo, thanks to anon whose photo it is...sorry no camera with this morning on the way to work.)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A few addition to the this blog worth noting

Let's see, first off you should notice that each day above the latest entry, there is a photo of the day courtesy of National Geographic. They do some amazing photography shots and well worth a look. As well, sometimes we need to escape our own visuals and see another, so go for it and click on it, enlarge it, do what you like, but please enjoy each day with some great visuals.

Also from National Geographic, at the VERY BOTTOM of the page (yes, you will have to scroll down) there is a weekly GREEN GUIDE tip. Its weekly, so dont worry about your little finger getting tired from all that scrolling each day. Well worth a look as it has some great tips on how to go a bit more greener with the GREEN GUIDE. Trust me, its not as hard as some might think.

Enjoy the new additions, hope you like them. Have a fantastic day, I know I will, I am off to my acupuncture appointment. Love it!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Fantastic Friday Full of Suprises

My dear friend Suzy Q was suprised as ever when she walked into the local pub thinking she was going for dinner and dancing to see a great number of people that she knew singing and chanting birthday greetings to her. What a task to pull off a suprise party! But all those involved did an amazing job, and Suzy Q was speechless (if you know Miss Suzy Q, speechless is not a descriptive word for her normally)

Suzy Q is such a unique person. She has grown heaps in the 7 years i have known her. We both have tho. Her friends are such a mixture of young and old, healthy to fraile, but they all adore her, and she adores them. Her face lights up when she sees her friends usually followed by some sort of a loud noise and then the infamous laughter. In fact, you can be in town and HEAR her laughing from blocks away... the laughter leads you right to her! Its priceless the feeling you get when you hear her laugh, it just fills you. In fact, her laughter is SOOOOO fantastic, shes become a laughter teacher and doing wonderful at it. She is def using that God given talent!

The best thing about Suzy Q is that she always makes you feel so special and welcome into her environment. She is so uplifiting and has such a good soul. I feel so cherished to be a part of her environment. I am forever in awe of her and what she sets to do in life.

In truth, she has learned to love life and live life. She is uniquely amazing.

Someone had the great idea of giving everyone a big book and markers to write the birthday girl a message or create in the is me entering in my note to Miss Suzy Q
What a treasured item for her to sit back and read all of our well wishes! Great idea!

Of course when you turn another year older and have a party, gifts are a nice addition to the "year older" bit. We decided to get the "Perfect Man".. i know ladies you say there isnt such a thing, but trust me, there is.

He doesnt nag, require food, leave the seat up, take up space on the couch, complain about the money you spent on clothes. He wont even mutter those annoying words: "Get me a beer love" followed by insane body noises. In fact, he is so compact and hassle free that he can fit in any drawer when needed....introducing ....Marvelous Maverick

And no, for the curious, he doesnt have any bits (sex complicates thing so i hear so we thought to play it safe and just get the good ol fashioned (and cheaper) version. ALL the ladies loved him and we got a big scream and lots of attention walking in the door with Marvelous Maverick. In fact, some of the men got a bit jealous as the ladies were having so much fun with Marvelous Maverick..
Much Too Funny!
Lesson learned here: When woman pay attention to a blow doll with giggling and throwing the doll, followed with hugs and grabbing the bits, MEN will actually become jealous and begin to flock around the woman to drag their attention back to the MEN.

There was dancing, music happening, people just coming up to the stage and jamming and dedicating the moment to such a great person. Even the star of the evening got up and made a speech, and danced away to some magnificent blues / folks music

This man did an amazing painting for her as his gift to her. We were all in awe of the creative talent he had, really neat to watch this masterpiece unfold in front of our eyes. As more musicians got up to do a jam session, he would add them into his painting. He first had Miss Suzy Q pick a color and do some squiggles onto the canvas, and then a few more people do some squiggles.
The beginning...

From that point, he then adds to the painting from what the others have done... So, lets say you went and painted a line of green onto the canvas, well he would take that green line and create something from the nights events onto the canvas. I didnt add anything as i loved just watching it unfold. All I know is that he's one her friends, and his name is BOB.

Finished painting by Bob
Such a fantastic night filled with laughter, smiles, a few drinks, amazing music and talent, and friends galore. God i cant wait until the next milestone bday party for Miss Suzy Q. Until then, may she keep on laughing and filling us all with her spirit. Cheers to you Miss Suzy Q!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Something to fill my time until Underbelly came on tv...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Belated Bday Uncle Mark!

Cheers to an amazing man who has intrigued me, mystified me, and made me laugh a million times! Miss ya.

Test your knowledge

So... its April Fools Day, and your thinking no one can make an ass out of you right? Think again.. the link above is great! I took a few different tests, and well yes, im addicted to it! Some tests i didnt realize i needed to brush up on, and well other tests might classify me as a genius! HAHA.