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Friday, October 29, 2010

7 minutes

Has there been a research study on 7 minutes? I wondered today why my snooze button, and so many other snooze buttons out there are set for 7 minutes.  Do I 'rest' in 7 minutes? Is this an applicable time for my body to feel its cheated a few more minutes?  What does 7 minutes have that 5 or 10 doesnt?  Has a study been done on different sleep patterns at different intervals?  Was it someone's favorite number? 

Why 7?

Its crazy.... but Im curious... whats the importance of 7?



I mean, I hit the snooze countless time... so apparently 7 minutes ISNT adequate for me.  And so why does the manufacturer of my alarm clock think 7 minutes is adequate?  I want to know - who in the big corporate land of my alarm clock maker decided that 7 minutes was the magic number? 

Can you imagine being that person...

Person 1 "Hi"

Person 2 "Hi"

Person 1 "What do you do?"

Person 2  "I make suits of armor fit for Kings & Queens, what do you do?"

Person 1  "I made the choice that each person who buys this product will only get 7 minutes of snooze time"

Seriously... Who IS that person. I have so many questions to ask.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blessing my lucky stars

I watched a doco tonight on a program I had recorded weeks ago.  I wont get into details here, but I was amazed at statistics, pictures, and outcomes.  The doco touched me deeply, as it was something to which I have personal experience with.  Each day can be a struggle... not always, but certain smells or images can set me into a trance and could very easily put me back to all those years before.

All those years of fun, freedom, carefree living. Oh, and the paranoia, the learning of who your 'friends' really are, the realization of the capabilites within you.. good & bad.

I am so pleased that I can sit here today, type away to strangers & people who have become my world (and who probably know more about me than most of my family) and those who like to listen to my secrets & stories of my world.  Im feeling extremely lucky that I have survived all of the past, relatively unscathed in comparision to what could have been. And, feeling so gracious that I am who I am because of that journey.... yet, so cautious because of what I did to get there... or here.

Today I feel lucky because of where I have been, what I have done, who I have met, and why I did those things.... all to be here today, in this moment, with this experience of life.

Monday, October 25, 2010


I have reconnected with a friend from years ago. I wont go into details here, cuz some things are private. And some are not. But she seems to be a fricken mental case. And, she is either a compulsive liar or complete idiot.
Im not sure which one.  Or, the other option is she thinks I AM THE idiot... and that I wont catch on to her different stories. 

Strange one, that girl.

Dont get me wrong, I enjoy SOME of our conversations, but sometimes  and this sounds really really awful.. but I can understand why your partner has beat the piss out of you... have you heard yourself lately? You can be dumber than Bubba.

I feel so bad. I should be nicer to here, afterall, I dont have to see her, shes living WAY over there... and Im WAY over here...

But fuck, she can really be stoooopid sometimes.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ice Skating in Summer.. in Australia? Yep. Fo Sure

We have been ice skating for the last few weeks... loving it! It was akward getting on the ice (a converted roller rink normally) at first. I have never been in an indoor rink to ice skate.. its always been outside. Growing up in MN we always had a hockey rink or flooded the parks, or skated on frozen lakes.  The plus side to this indoor rink is that while its hot as anything outside in an Australian summer, its beautifully chilly inside.... but I need to learn to adapt to the smaller size of the rink.  In time....

My knees are doing better than expected... I wasnt sure if they were going to snap after the first round of skating. I certainly didnt want to start all over in my treatments and be out for the count and legless just to go ice skating. But, they are doing well. I am seeing my restrictions tho.... my turning isnt what I could do years ago, and my confidence isnt powerful, and my speed is much slower than what I am use to. And tricks??? no tricks yet. Im just happy I can be on the skating floor, and dont want to push it right away with my shotty knees!

Photos will come a bit later... blogger is not playing nice in uploading photos....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stay Tuned

Yes.. I am still alive, just swamped by life. I PROMISE to come back tonight and tell you all the happenings... ok, most anyway, ALL of the happenings would be just boring.

So, come back and have a look... tonight.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thems the breaks

So, I am in a slight vindictive mood today. Too bad for everyone. Right?

Oh, and I only paid the registration on one of the work vehicles for 6 months... I figured I could not be sure that the company would still be around in 12 months, so there was no use paying the extra funds out for it.  Sadly, the owners are content in the ignorant bliss.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Look Carefully….

Do you see it?


Anything funny with this photo?

Well, I can tell you that upon arrival to his work this afternoon, the driver of this semi was greeted by his boss, who walked over to him with his hands on his head.

See.. if you havent already spotted it.. the semi’s trailer has hit a bridge or something…

Not a good way to end the work week.


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Monopoly.. no monopoly?

i learned today that one of my friends has never played monopoly.

I made a comment about “do not pass go, do not collect $200'” and he had no clue what I was talking about.

He grew up in the same area as I did. Came from a similar economic background, ethnicity.. etc… you get where Im going with it.

He tells me he has NEVER played Monopoly.

The things you find out. 


Dear new person at work,

Although its great that you changed your desk around in your office, which Im sure is so that you can better bask in my beauty, I do have a complaint.

When you blow your nose, could you at least give it a proper blow? This pansy crap of you trying to be quiet isnt working. Its not quiet. We can still hear you. And, do you know whats worse? Well, the fact that your nose blowing takes longer cuz your trying to not blow as hard, but instead, we can more vividly hear your nose bubbles gathering around in your nostril.

Its gross.

Give it a good blow and be done. Be a man. Hell, a 3 year can give a better nose blow, assisted.



Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Copy & Paste into your browser page if the link doesnt work for you. I beg you.

SUPER IMPORTANT.. please pass this new on to as many people as you can.  Let us enlist any media source we can to find this person. 

Your help is greatly appreciated by his family & friends.