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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ice Skating in Summer.. in Australia? Yep. Fo Sure

We have been ice skating for the last few weeks... loving it! It was akward getting on the ice (a converted roller rink normally) at first. I have never been in an indoor rink to ice skate.. its always been outside. Growing up in MN we always had a hockey rink or flooded the parks, or skated on frozen lakes.  The plus side to this indoor rink is that while its hot as anything outside in an Australian summer, its beautifully chilly inside.... but I need to learn to adapt to the smaller size of the rink.  In time....

My knees are doing better than expected... I wasnt sure if they were going to snap after the first round of skating. I certainly didnt want to start all over in my treatments and be out for the count and legless just to go ice skating. But, they are doing well. I am seeing my restrictions tho.... my turning isnt what I could do years ago, and my confidence isnt powerful, and my speed is much slower than what I am use to. And tricks??? no tricks yet. Im just happy I can be on the skating floor, and dont want to push it right away with my shotty knees!

Photos will come a bit later... blogger is not playing nice in uploading photos....

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