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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

holiday mode

Im in holiday mode, and depending on internet service, I will try to update you on what Im doing while on holidays.... try is the key word.

In the meantime, check back and see if theres any updates, keep yourselves well, and stay safe~

Sunday, March 22, 2009


This classy restaurant is the last thing you would expect to be at the end of our street from our hotel. But soon..... I will be able to post ACTUAL photos from my own camera. Soon... I will treat myself to this fantastic luxury. Sitting my bum on the chair, looking at the ocean, truly eating "waterfront" style. Watching the sunset. Drink in my hand. Good company enjoying the moments. Soon.....
And... its a French Restaurant... not something most expect to run into in the streets of Bali. But, I have been here before.... just gasped at the scenery, not eating here before. Its amazing.
The walk to the restaurant is nothing strange. People attending the warungs (local eating stalls), bartering with the locals to drop the price of a fantastic batik piece of clothing, people sitting on the curb in front of their house which is home to 10+ people, dogs running in the street, the smell of a hard work day for the locals, the gates to each house.... you pass it all, its a regular street in the environment. Then, at the end of the street, as you have stumbled over uneven concrete and watched for "loose concrete" which could end you up in the sewer (its a local street, so not as important to the govt as the main tourist stretch to fix, this year anyway), you find these gates which open up to a world which seems so far away from where you have just been.
And, to top it off, its French Food. Covered in sauces, rich in taste, savory in the environment, and a bit spendy (it will def cost me more than $5 to eat here, much different from my usual eating spots in Bali), but, its a treat, and Im on holidays... I deserve it.

And, to be nice to all of you... I will enjoy it for you as well!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This was designed by Jonathon Adler for the Barbie Dream House...
Im not into Barbie (anymore), but there is something oddly creepy and cool about this mirror... it inspires me to maybe create something of my own.

And soon, this will be the "preferred" way to travel.... Im on holidays soon!~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Congrats to my cousin Julie & her husband Ben to their latest addition to the family!

The day after I arrive at my holiday destination is Nyepi. Nyepi is a day of silence, fasting, and meditation. Ob­served from 6 a.m. until 6 a.m. the next morning, Nyepi is a day reserved for self-reflectionand as such, anything that might interfere with that purpose is restricted. The main restrictions are: no lighting fires, no working, no entertainment or pleasure, no traveling, and for some, no talking or eating at all. Although Nyepi is primarily a Hindu holiday, non-Hindu residents of Bali observe the day of silence as well, out of respect for their fellow citizens.

Our hotel windows will be covered in newspaper to help block out any lights and it is requested that IF you have your tv on, it is at a lower level so as to not be excessive.

The next day is called Kuningan Day. It is the time for commemoration as the ancestors return to the heaven after ten days of dwelling on Earth and the Balinese express their gratitude to gods for His mercy to the human races. Therefore, it is a time for holiday, visiting each other and fun.

Many people travel back to their villages during these few days. So, its a great time to unwind and really relax for us who are on holidays. I have a massage booked in on Nyepi day, and plan to lounge by the pool, observing the local traditions and beginning my holiday super relaxed~!
I do plan however, to take on my opponent in a fantastic game of chess... it seems to be a great also seems that I am still learning, but its great fun to play with giant pieces.. it makes the game even more fun~

Monday, March 16, 2009

2 more hints

The countdown continues... not long to go now... any guesses where I am heading off to?

We were watching this stupid show last night, and a friend commented that lady above (i dont want to post her name as I think shes an evil woman... how dare you speak to people like that... biatch!) resembles a Meerkat...
HA~ love it~!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Cyclone Gone By

So, not only did the winds and rain occur, and the cyclone passed us.. but a ship with containers containing toxic chemicals dumped some of the containers into the sea due to the rough seas brought on by the cyclonic conditions. Our dunes have been severely damaged, and now, the fish and marine life, and others which may be coming into contact with it, are affected by the oil slick which has hit our area due to the toxic chemicals from the ship. Have a look:

(photos courtesy of

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The countdown is on...

Soon, in not too long of a time, I will be on vacation.... in this magical spot. WHEWWWWW- HHHHEEEEWWW. ( insert image of my jumping up and down and waving my hands all around).
Ah.. the things we think of everyday.
Hope your well. Oh, to let you know, the cyclone fizzled... but it did do some damage to some ships in the ocean which spilled chemicals into the ocean... and every now and then, the rain and wind gets a bit crazy. They say more is too happen in terms of wind and rain for the next 2 days... but im hoping it dries up by sunday... i have plans on sunday. BIG PLANS~!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rain. Boredom. Working.

Its so boring at work at the moment. The rain is bucketing down due to the cyclone at sea, which means NO ONE is really outside working in the elements. Which, since all of our customers work outside, means the phone has rang about twice today.

No one paid their bills today- so, I have no money to pay our company bills today.

No one is calling- so, I am not travelling all over the place trying to sort problems.

No one is working in our office. Everyone seems to be playing on the computer, sending emails, chatting on personal phone calls, and one has even gone out to do some shopping.

Why am I here? The boredom is killing me. I need to be busy doing something. ANYTHING.

Maybe part of it is that I would like to be home, watching a movie, securing my place for high winds, sitting around and watching the rain. That would be much more satisfying than sitting in my office, staring at nothing, watching everyone do nothing.

Ack. I hate being bored.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Cyclone Hamish

So theres Cyclone Hamish on its way. Its a very odd feeling at the moment. Sometimes the atmosphere is VERY VERY still, and then a gush of wind comes from nowhere. Its strange. The calm before the storm.
If you look on the map on the top, that big white blob on the right of the country is the cyclone. If you look on the map on the bottom, the town called Tewantin, well, I am about 1/2 hour south of that. As of now, it appears the cyclone is traveling parallel to the coast, but not hitting the coastline, just rain, heaps of rain. However, a cyclone can change in an instant, so we are all on alert.
IF it hits, it should be tomorrow sometime, or the next day. I work a bit inland, so its hard to sit at work and know whats happening at home on the coast region. Although, Im sure its just gusty and a bit wild, all things should stay relatively calm. BUT, big plans once I get home from work.... put ALL things in the garage: outside table, buddha ornaments in the garden... etc. all in the garage.. better safe than sorry.
Lets hope it just turns to some mild rain.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Shes linked to a tale of killing at least 8 men, some just for bickering over the price of sex. Shes one of Australia's high-profiled (is there such a thing here?) prostitutes from the "good ol' days".

Shes been charged with assault, drunk & disorderly, wandering & loiterring, and associations with criminals and gangsters.

Lets just look at the above statements. She had no place to live? Well, of course not honey, she was a hooker... I am sure she didnt need to head home to often. She hung out with "unsociables"? Back in the 40 & 50's, who else had money except for crims and gangsters? You go where the money took you... which in her case was straight into the arms of badly behaved men with power. Not much different from today really. Charged with assault? So, could that mean that MAYBE she was collecting debts owed, or stood up for herself in a not so nice world? I dont know.. just a thought.

Shes been known for being beautiful and very expensive in the sex trade industry. Blonde hair, blue eyes and apparantly a figure to die for. Ah, even back then, beauty was adored.

Who is she? Shes being featured in an exhibit called Femme Fatale: the Female Criminal. I would love to go see it. If it comes this way, I am def there, but for now, I think its only being shown in Sydney or Melbourne.

I dont know about you, but Dulcie Markham seems to have been one tough lady who stood her ground, made ends meet financially, and hob-knobbed with rich & powerful for her time.

All that AND good looks? Impressive

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Just wanted to share that I had the BEST honeydew yesterday... it was devine...if I would have been near the store, I probably would have gone back for more...

one just have to love fresh fruit!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My horoscope today tells me this:

Don't be surprised if someone from your past contacts you this week as Venus, the planet of love, turns retrograde on March 6. Then, you'll be daydreaming plenty when Mercury enters imaginative Pisces on March 8. That same day, the Sun opposes Saturn, which gives you a helpful reality check just when you need it the most!

For once, its true... I spoke to someone whom I havent spoken to in 10 years, actually more than that! It was great, was like time never passed us... Funny how you always hold on to special people in your life in your heart and soul, and then BAM one day, they pop back into it!~

I am a bit concerned on whats happening on the 8th when my reality check comes into play..thank goodness its a Sunday~ but it says its helpful, so cant be all that bad, right?

Monday, March 02, 2009

And more in Pleasantville...

If you havent already done so, please read the post below this one first...

And if you have already been introduced to Pleasantville in this blog, read on:

Heres a few more snapshots of what $600,000 can give you in the landscaping of your new home.. please note the half dried/dead edges around EACH plant... now that is classy. Ah, but take note, for those big bucks, you can have this mature and lush palm growing outside your apartment complex... lets hope thats not "full bloom"
Or, you can have these lovely rusted metal birds greet you as you drive into your spacious garage...please note your 1 square foot of grass allowed for your home...

Sadly, there was no sign marking this bookshelf as free...but Im hoping the owners are looking to get rid of it. I do wonder tho, how does one make your bookshelf go THAT wonky?

This house reminds me for some reason of an upgrade on the Amityville Horror House... Im not sure why, but there is something bizarre about it, or is it to familiar to Wisteria Lane? Ah, either way prob one in the same, right?

Pleasantville in real life?

There is an estate near my house, that years ago was considered one of the "prestigious" areas to live in. Now, its rental heaven. It reminds me of Pleasantville.. .always has. Everyone parks the car on the street (lack of garages), the square foot of lawn owned by you and your home is perfectly manicured, the mailboxes match the house (yes, its true!), most everyone has a token dog, the children are outside playing (in the driveways between the cramped house), the curtains look brand new, the doors are wide open so that everyone in this trusting neighborhood knows EXACTLY what you have inside, and to top it off.... there is this "air" about the place that you are an intruder and only the special are allowed into this done up world. Its just so strange.. and not my cup of tea AT ALL. Yuck!
Below is a photo of a newly constructed house almost complete... the steps shown here are the entrance to a unit that gets rented out per week...its above a garage, and no, majority of the time you dont have access to a garage, you just get the "joy" of living above it, in your studio apartment for approx $200 AUD per week.
Below, is the other side of the photo.. see how its not finished.. well, typically there will be a "walkway" and garden area which only the owner of the large house has access too. Just looks so funny to see it this way... I keep walking by to see if they have progressed yet...

There is a newer section to the estate (where the mailboxes dont match the house as they finally realized its just CREEPY when the entire street does this)... but even then... if your paying over $600,000 to live here, dont you think you could have landscaping that wasnt half dead?

Its just my opinion, Im sure they love living here.... but thankfully, I love my place to bits~