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Monday, November 30, 2009



To me, my ethics are what hold my foundation together. Along with morals, they help me be me. I feel very strongly about my morals & ethics, and I really do not like to compromise on such issues. I firmly believe that without ethics & morals, the foundation of YOU as a person is on shaky ground, and once you take one brick from that foundation, its too easy to crumble.

I was asked today at work to fudge the books… as in, not put certain things in the allocated accounts to which they should go.


Because the person doesnt want to pay taxes on a vehicle they use for personal use.

So, I was approached to dodgy things a bit.

I just cant do things like that. 

For one, I believe in doing my job properly, to the best of my ability, and do my job so that I am proud of how I conduct my tasks.  But, when someone higher than you asks you such a thing, its awkward.

Very awkward.

But, I told the person NO, I would not do it. And that I believe Karma comes back to you. And, if the person feels they are paying in taxes they should not be paying, they should sort something out. But that I was not going to dodgy the books.

I just cant. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing that I have done wrong.

I still feel weird about the situation tho… or maybe I'm just amazed that I was even asked such a thing.

Although, I am glad to know that I have strong ethics & morals, even if others do not. I know that my foundation is solid, and something to be proud of.

Thanksgiving 2009

What a gorgeous day! It was hot as anything outside, reaching into the 40 degrees CELCIUS mark, so our usual eating outside didnt occur… it was much too hot!

After a mad dash of rearranging the tables, seating, and setting up fans, the first ding dong of the doorbell rang just as I plugged in the last fan. Whew.. made it in time!

This year, mom and I did majority of the baking the day before. Our thinking was to be more prepared, and have a more relaxing day with the people we love to share our special day with. 

So, here’s some photos of the day.. I didnt get any of the food.. wonder how that happened? But, I did happen to see a funny face in a butter spotch… can you see it or am I delirious from all the baking?


We had some cute decorations…


IMG_2894 Great decorations sent from a very special aunt in the US… since Australia doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, decorations are nil to find here.


IMG_2902 IMG_2900

and finally… time for a nap….


We loved having our “extended family” to celebrate the day with us. We are ever so thankful for all of you.

Monday, November 23, 2009


I only have 1 thing on my list this year… so, since there is only 1 thing, it should be pretty darn easy for you to get it for me… So, here it is….


And in case its hard to recognize him in such a position… here are a few more photos to help you grab Ryan Kwanten for me…


Or maybe this would help….


Well, that’s all for my list. It ain’t like I’m picky or anything, right?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Diary of a Ladybird

So, you remember my kidney bean burgers right? They were the 'burgers' I had while I was doing the vegetarian thing.. still am I guess, but just not so strict.. Im living out of someone else's home for a bit dog sitting, so its hard when your just trying to put things into practice, and not being in your own home makes the whole learning adjustment process not so easy. Granted, I'm still doing it, but not doing the rice flour and things like that.... all is well.

And the upside, Im dogsitting for the best I mean BEST dog in the world. I know, Im prejudice, but I can be, its my blog.

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know the site which I got the recipe idea from, but in my quickness to get the ingredients and get to the store and the taste buds drooling, I forgot to look at which site I was on. I read anywhere from 15 to 100 blogs a day... or check in on them rather. And, sometimes, I just click other peoples blogs from another blog and so forth. Well, in my learning about being vegetarian, thats exactly what I was doing.. filling my head with all sorts of info, and totally forgot which site I was on. So, she found me!

You must check out her blog, esp if your a vegetarian.. but other than that she seems pretty rational, loves life, seems normal, and her blog is great to read.

So, click on the title of this post and it should, in theory take you to her site!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All yours for under $50

including delivery.. to the US. Bargain right? What is it? At first glace I thought it was some sort of new potpourri holder… nope.

(photo from

Its a lip plumper thing! So, like the tube says… JolieLips.. you too can ginormous size lips .. all for under $50! Bargain special! Grab one quick before they are put in the tray labelled “crap that didnt sell and we cant give away”

The BEST thing about this is the description reads, ‘plumping up lips naturally’.

Sorry, naturally?

If I have to attach some sort of douche looking object to my lips (at several times a day as suggested) and pump PUMP PuMP away… I am thinking..Oh so NOT NATURAL~ but it makes me laugh!

Settle Down….

I know I'm going to have some of you upset, but too bad. Its my blog, and today I'm venting.  So I hear that 1 in 6 people in America went 'hungry or had insufficient food at home’ in 2008.  I know, in general terms, thats not a good thing. But here is what amazes me…..there was an increase in the statistics of homes with children. WHAT?  So, let me get this right.. you had a kid, and you didn't do whatever means necessary to feed your kid properly? Look, if your not going to look after them….

crayon box

I know, many people do whatever necessary to feed their children, provide clothes for them, shelter them… all that jazz. Which leads me to the next point: I am wondering what definition they are giving to insufficient amounts of food, or inadequate food. Really, I see many people lining up at the local Micky D’s for dinner around 6ish and you can not NOT convince me that the establishment or your poor choice of dinner ideas is adequate in the food chain table to give your kids a healthy meal. I am not swaying on it. That could be a treat, but by no means should you be thinking that is a healthy adequate meal. So, maybe that's what they stuck in the 1 in 6 statistic.. all those parents providing fast food processed foods for their kids or themselves? Probably not, but I am wishing they would have.

Or, have we become such a greedy society (remember, I'm American, so really its okay for me to talk about my society in this way, before you go all Annie Oakley on my rant) although I believe it goes for my current country of Australia too.. ah back to my point.. have we become so greedy that we want EVERYTHING and if we don't get everything we have to create a statistic to make ourselves feel better?

I know, many people are without jobs. Here, there, everywhere. Lets face it, I'm tired of all this whinging about the unemployment rate.. has anybody noticed that SHITLOADS of countries have had high unemployment rates for many many MANY years, and did we care about them? Many of them, no. We sent them rice, or gave them sanctions, and when we felt as a country they weren't abiding by our rules, we pulled the sanctions and let them suffer, more. However, on the other side of the token.. I was involved in a conversation the other day where a person was in need of a job to help their income. They, as a family felt they could no longer survive on one income, so the person who shall remain nameless went out to get a job.  Person received a phone call and was asked to come in for interview. Person set up a time and asked if they could bring the kids.   NO! Then person began to say that the hours they could work would be…. and the days would be… and the … so on and so forth. And then stated that they are a parent, and their kids come first.

And, I thought you were getting a job to help your kids.. ya know, feed them, dress them, educate them, integrate them into a proper society. Guess not.

Or the story I heard yesterday about the mother who tells me she can not get a job because her job is to take the kids to school. Just before 9 am and just after 3 pm. I told her she should try for a part time job. (Keep in mind the sob story of 20 minutes that she has no money on their $50 K income, discounted medical, 2 cars, etc). She told me that her JOB IS TO LOOK AFTER THE KIDS. Am I missing something? You just said your kids were in school from 9-3? But she feels her job is to take them to school and pick them up.

Thank you lady for doing SUCH A SERVICE TO YOUR KIDS and making them better humans, preparing them for the real world, when you cant get a grip on reality.

My mom was  a single mom, my dad paid ZERO dollars child support, she had a full time job, and a few part time jobs. I saw her heaps when I was a kid.. I grew up to be an asset to society, creating a greater place in this world, with morals & ethics, giving to others, etc. You name it, life was difficult, we didnt have meat & potatoes every night, but I also dont remember starving. We might have went to the neighbors and had a potluck from their fridge & ours.. we got by. The best we knew we had too. You didn't second guess things. You just Did Things. Then again, my mom worked her tush off to provide what she could. And those were the days when as a professional nurse she was making squat per hour. We lived with roommates to make rent cheaper for us. We didn't have our own home to ourselves. But, I had a great life as a kid.. wouldnt change it.

I guess what I'm saying is, it amazes me the amount that people want to bitch about what they don't have, but wont get off their ass to provide just a bit more.  Remember in the days before our parents, where people tended the land, all day, and hoped the weather would provide them with enough for the crops to grow, there was no medical ‘free’, there was no safe houses, food stamps, shelters… and still, everyone got by. People helped each other out. Yet, you knew you had to stand on your own 2 feet as much as possible, cuz you had to at least prove that you were trying.

If you don't try to help yourself, why should someone else?

I am not saying that you should not try to raise your children right, that you should never spend any time with your kids… or any of that. So, dont even write that shit, cuz I wont approve your comment if you do anyway. I am just saying, that we need to help each other out, together, but first you have to try to help yourself a bit too… who knows, you might even enjoy life a bit more.

But really, 1 in 6? Thats shocking. But what is everyone doing to help themselves?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Being In Heaven

So, I went to see this movie on the weekend. It was interesting, and had some very thought provoking ideas within it. Its more of a self help movie.. .but its all the things that self helpers who read and study the topic already know, but its put into terms you can understand. It also uses the medium of the movie to help present its story in such a way that you really feel like its sinking in.

Its like a conversation with the author and you. And you can put yourself at the table and utilize these skills & lessons in a real life fashion.

Interesting.. and thought provoking. If your into self help and changing your world, its your type of movie.. otherwise, I would stay clear of it, it will be lost on you.

Here is a synopsis of the movie from my local art house cinema:

A 90 minute feature film by Michael Domeyko Rowland

A captivating journey of revelation and awakening that provides answers to our search for meaning, freedom and personal happiness.

In a single moment, your life can change forever. Young and successful, Jason Masterman (Daniel Whyte) loses everything, before an encounter with a mysterious man (Michael Domeyko Rowland) who reveals ancient truths about the path to complete fulfilment. He discovers how to gain real power over his life.

Jason is an Australian, working in New York, who loses all his money in the stock market crash during the global financial crisis. He is thrown out of his apartment, loses his job and returns to Sydney, where he gains part-time employment writing articles for a friend's magazine.

He is sent to an unusual restaurant, where he interviews a writer who specialises in uplifting people’s lives. As if awakened from a dream, Jason undergoes a transformation that will surprise and inspire you, and show you that moving forward, and even radically changing one's life, is possible for anyone who learns the way.

'Being in Heaven' is a story that unlocks many secrets about how you can access the higher potentials you have within you, as well as the actual methods of experiencing real and true success in all areas of your life. All this is wrapped in a film drama which you will think about many times once you have left the cinema.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Had any beans lately?

So we know that I am doing this vegetarian thing for awhile. Im enjoying watching and feeling my body react to different foods, and all that jazz.

In saying that, I DIDNT enjoy my body reacting to the burger I had last friday (I made it almost a whole week on ONLY vegetarian foods) but went out to eat, and couldnt help myself.   Interestingly enough, it wasnt that great of a taste eating my burger, the best thing about it was the pineapple slice they added on the burger. And I felt like a brick house for the rest of the night. FULL AS ANYTHING. and not that comfy full either.

But, to turn the whole experience into somewhat of a ‘oh well, lets make a lesson out of this’ I guess my body was reacting fine to the vegetarian way, and I might have shocked it when putting meat into it. I also took it to mean that my body was getting enough nutrients in what I was eating for the week without all the meats & by-products etc.

So… I tried a new recipe last night. Kidney bean ‘burgers’. They were nummy! Loved them! Although it was a bit difficult getting them to stick together really well in the form of a pattie, but it worked.



I added some pineapple slices, lettuce, capsicum.. you name it.. tasted great! Oh, and before you condemn me, its soya butter so back off!

Anyway, I loved my kidney bean ‘burgers’. Let me know if you want the details of ingredients… super simple and I reckon super tasty on the grill!

Monday, November 09, 2009


Okay, wrong currency.. but deal with it

Lots of hundred dollar bank notes

So there was nasty flooding in another state south of where I live. People were isolated, and just this weekend, they declared it a disaster area.

Today, the Community Services Minister announces that anyone who is affected by this flooding can apply for a one-off payment to help them.

Sounds great? In theory it is. But lets look at this: if there is a flood, your car might need repair, your house might need some touching up due to water leaks, your personal items might be destroyed, theres a shortage of food due to accessibility. The stories are endless, and we could go on and on and on.

So… the government is offering to hand over $1000 bucks for adults and $400 bucks for EACH kid. Yep, you heard right.

So, as person living alone I would only receive $1000 to help me get back on my feet. BUT, if I had kids, and a partner (which no doubt would increase my normal living funds anyway) I would be eligible for more money.


I do find it interesting that if my house and my neighbors house are affected, me as a single person would only get $1000 towards the possible fixing of my house due to flooding, while my neighbor with a live-in partner and a kid (which is smaller than the ‘average’ family remember) would receive $2400.  What?

I think, personally, this should go on per residence rather than per person or child. For example, each residential place of living would receive $1000.  This way, everyone gets the same.  Tell me how its more justified that a larger family gets more emergency money than a single mother or a single person, or an elderly person? Everyone is in the same amount of water…. so why different payments?

I just can not justify in my head why the government is handling the situation as such. But then, do we understand most things that occur as an aftermath of tragedy? No.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Poolish or Foolish?

So I spent some time yesterday in our pool in the complex. I spent enough time to have a lovely shade of sunburn which needs to be tended to today. Its not that bad, but certainly wont be wearing any red clothing for the next few days!

The girlz and I were hanging by the pool, chatting, laughing...etc. We were not alone in our community pool, and we saw a few things that were interesting to observe. Mind you, its a community pool...

-lady with her baby in nappies/diapers yet and she decides to throw the dirty nappy in the rubbish bin which is located under the BBQ grilling area. Lets just say, the regular bins for all rubbish is about a 20 second walk, but apparently thats not on her task list.

So, we wander over there to empty the bins, because who wants to smell smelly poo... and while making a yummy lunch, the last thing you want to see is a dirty nappy...

- the man playing with his kids and splashing everywhere and anyone near the pool. Yet, when he decides to go read his book, he makes a scene when a kid comes near and splashes a bit of water near him

-the person doing laps who straps the creepy crawly under a lounge chair so as to not disturb her lap session. She then leaves the pool, without replacing the creepy crawly and states, "the pool really needs to be cleaned"

hello einstein! Your the one who took out the tool which cleans the pool and didnt replace it.. guessing you were the same idiot who did it yesterday too..?

So, not really a big deal you might say, but its interesting to note the behavior of others in a community pool. I found it interesting how they wanted to do their own thing, have little respect for others in the pool, and then just walk away from it when they were done.

Now, I dont know about you, but my mom taught me that if you move something or whatever, you put it back in its place before you leave, as a courtesy for the next person who might want to use it. Obviously, these people dont live by that rule. And, they are not going to teach their children to do that either.

If its your OWN EXCLUSIVE pool, leave it how you wish.. but if its a COMMUNITY pool, leave it nice for the next people coming along wanting to spend time with thier kids, families, and friends who want to enjoy the same rights as you.

Oh, and Im not even going to get started on the family that doesnt think their kids need to be in swimwear or little swimmers... .thats a whole other bitch session waiting to happen.

Common courtesy of others is apparently not so common.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

So, Tuesday seems to be my favorite night of the week. Why? TRUE BLOOD is on .. and that means a few of us get together and watch… its so quiet in the house you could hear a pin drop! That is, until something massive happens and then you might hear words like: “WHAT?”  “Oh no he didnt” “Who is that” “Oh my.. did you see that”


Of course last week, my line was, “So, is Jason coming back?” Im dying to see tonight to see if my gorgeous man body of meat is returning.

Speaking of meat.. I have been doing a vegan free thing the last few days. Loving it!  I have had some great help from a fantastic source of knowledge.. go check out her blog… its too delish to not check in on!

The Gluttonous Vegan Loves You

Anyway, shes been most helpful in things, ideas, recipes, and offering her email if needed. So far, I have made the key lime pie, sweet potato soup, the beans.. and I have loved every bit of them! Im trying out different veggie burgers too.. finding out which ones I prefer over a different brand. I am finding tho that I am less hungry throughout the day.  Mind you, Im not doing this to lose weight, I am doing this as going vegan is something I have thought of for a long time. But its all so confusing, and so, Im giving it a go, and seeing how I feel. I can tell you Im sleeping better at night, my “insides” are working better, my body is less achy, and overall my body feels better nourished! Hooray!

But, I do have a sinus thing at the moment, so thats a bit of a bummer… damn pollen. I know, the bees and the birds and yadda yadda all need it, but damnit, I dont. want. it. anymore. Enough.