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Monday, June 30, 2008


Ah, its that time again.. its the End Of Financial Year. Which means I have 17 stressed out people who are making sure the government is not ripping them off in their taxes on July 1. The pretend to know how to add and then bring me the figures and ask all sorts of questions. Add to that just normal paperwork hassles and trying to make sure everyone has all their stuff in on time... oh its a joy.

I really dont know how people can stress out EOFY... as long as most of your shit is in order, it really shouldnt be a hassle. Granted, i have work to do, but its more or less just chasing what i require and then organizing it properly.

So... i havent had a moment to myself (doing an extra payroll this week) and preparing the computer for the next batch of "begin new payroll year" to be followed shortly by "begin new financial year" and then make sure all my stuff is there. Cuz once the new year is brought in, I cant access a damn thing from before.

So, i imagine i will do a good heavy weight session tonight to relieve some tension... and then i might sit down and catch u up on the weekend.... maybe... if you care.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Alexandria Blizzzard Charter TV commerical

My cousin Mikael ( can you spot him? ) has been accepted to Michigan Tech! I cant tell you how excited I am for him! Way to go cuz!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Then the world smacks you...

Ah apparently, from what my head feels to my heart... is different. Lets just say the world smacked me upside the head today and sort of made sure i knew my heart was still a bit torn.

Damn for feelings. Thought that section was healed.. or at least being bandaged, today it feels like someone poured peroxide into the damn thing.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things that go bump in the country

(See previous post below first!). On my weekend jaunt to the "country" I was surrounded by a mass of acreage. I am petrified of snakes, and basically any creepy crawly thing. Bugs and me do NOT mix well. I don't even like ants. So, on my ventures into the areas to take photos, I was well aware of my surroundings and on the look out for any "unusual" (i.e. anything not city like) that might be lurking in the bushes, on the ground, or ready to leap onto me.

Its just common knowledge that me and the "quiet" life are not one. I love the country back home in the states.. but when there is a chance that MR SNAKE can come crawling next to you (mind you they don't make noise here in this country) and the pythons have this ubber-fantastic trait where they can sense the body heat of prey... the LAST thing I am doing is going to "become one with nature" unless there is an Ambulance and some medical teams as well as someone who can be rational while I am having a panic attack... so needless to say, I like the country life here, I am just not a big fan...more of a city girl in that respect.

Upon the "peacefulness" of the country, or what I also like to term as "Gawd damn quiet" I was making faces while Tilda was trying to get a photo of me. At the same time that I am playing around, the horse down in the paddock makes this gawd-awful noise and scares the shit out of me! Classic photo....

I almost cried I was laughing so hard after I realized A HORSE scared the shit out of me.

Tilda, in a more "peaceful" pose....

A drive to the country on the weekend

I have been slacking in my photography... I havent really touched my camera for a long time. Due to recent events and life just getting busy, I havent taken the time to capture the moments. This past weekend, I grabbed the camera and headed "country". Well, as country as I possibly get. Here were a few photos to enlighten you. I hope you enjoy...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Double Dosage

Certainly not something you see everyday... for starters, the horrid looking station wagon.. and then the adorable dog on the Harley.. made me smile! The dog just sat there and waited while the owner was in the shops. I love the fact that the dog has a shirt on. Made me wonder tho... does the dog have a helmet too?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Chris Rock- View on Love and Relationships

I watched Chris Rock tonight and LMFAO.. bu this part was probably the funniest. Hope you get a giggle.

It Made Me Laugh.. not Politically Correct tho...

Got this in the emails today and I just let out a really good belly laugh... its not politically correct, but its damn funny.

I was depressed last night, so I called Lifeline.
I was connected to a call centre in Pakistan.
I told them I was sucidial.
They got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck...

I dont care if you didnt laugh, but thats damn FUN-E to me! HAHAHA

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Time to Dust off

So, I have taken the time to thrash my heart all over the floor (not just due to the man thing, but sometimes when life gives you 1 moment of ache, the rest just sort of tumbles along with it). I think I might actually be ready to pick up all the pieces of my heart and glue it back together. Good news? At least I didnt give it away and lose it...

I have said my "last words" so that i felt better to those who I felt needed to hear it. For those who have in the last few days whom have also destroyed my heart and not heard the words... its no use, thats why you havent heard it. I have given up on it.

I had come to the conclusion a long time ago, but every now and then i need a reminder. Basically, its your shit, you deal with it. If your not going to deal with, why should I? Why should I put my emotions on the line and let my heart ache over YOUR SHIT if you wont accept the pain as well? Why shall I be the only one to carry the burden....i am not Jesus. I will not die for your sins either. Grow Up. Suck It Up. Move On.

It may sound cold-hearted. It might possibly be a defense mechanism. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and every now and then it really gets torn about. Its hard to recover from that. I think after a brief mourning period of the ache of my heart (and the knots in my stomach hopefully due to tension and not an illness) I am able to stand up and conquer again. After all, I am ME, and you can not keep me down. Many have tried, Many have failed. I will just change my game-plan. Too bad for you..... You Lost.

Thankfully, I think I am over the last few weeks of "shit which has all piled on top of itself at once". I am sure things only come in 3's, but I know I lost track when I just buried my head in the pillow.... Im really hoping its over tho.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

TCB Time

I think its time to Take Care of Business.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Typical Moments

Recap of not so special points. Im really not in the mood. This is what you get:

  • Mr Prime Minister has decided that 4 mid strength beers is considered binge drinking. Are you kidding? First off, I am sure that there are much more important tasks that the government COULD and SHOULD be dealing with. Second, does he know what country he is in? Its the land of minimal AA groups, and drinking is a highly acceptable norm here. The level of normal and acceptable can seem outrageous, but since this binge drinking count follows a raise on the tax of "premix" drinks to help curb underage drinking... i was thinking an easy solution to that would be to raise the drinking age. No one at 18 should be in the pubs and clubs drinking legally. Its just not pretty to watch. So, with the 4 mid strength beers being a binge drinker... im thinking my next vodka I order will come with a "get in free" to the rehab centre.

  • Loser from work who I have had to send to court who wont pay his damn bill has been summonned this morning. Hes called me to "work out a suitable arrangement". Hes doing it tough ya know...I apologize, but i dont think i got him into the mess, and although he even asked if i had money to loan him... yeah right.. cuz i owe you nothing for nothing... if i had that sort of extra cash lying around, i certainly would not be showing up at work today, or tomorrow. After all the excuses he wants to ramble; did you know that hes having a hard time paying for petrol... who isnt? He even offered to come work for us to pay off his debt... ya, cuz at the measly rate he'd be getting paid, I would have to pay him long service leave by the time he paid the bill. Stupidity just keeps oozing.
  • My horoscope for tomorrow tells me to be my own best friend for a change and concentrate on me and my needs. Funny thing, I had gotten that same advice from a dear friend already this evening.
  • I had big plans tonight to "hang out with myself" and do a massive session on the weights. Its now 8:30, and the neighbors and the town who all stopped by have left. I am just now making Mac N Cheese for dinner.
  • 1 load of laundry accomplished tonight.
  • Im pretty much over most of the shit that keeps seeming to trickle my way. I am trying to be a willow, but damn....
  • Im hoping to get a better nights sleep tonight. Last night I had nightmares which saw me toss & turn most of the night. I do remember dreaming about hillbillies.... yes, they had the rotten teeth and smelled, and kept trying to bother me... anybody with a dream book... what the hell are "hillbillies" in my dream trying to tell me?
  • Im looking forward to a better day tomorrow. I dont know whats going to occur, but I am damn sure that I will sway with the wind and be all willow like. I just need to remember to smile while swaying!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday Night Events...The 3 P's

By 7:30 I had all the bases covered. Partied, Puked, and Passed Out... Good times and thankful they don't occur too often.
Pelican Pete certainly didnt pay off for Sal & I, but it made this man's day!

Good to know I can still rope them in at any discrimination here.

This was possibly "Round 5"

Sal & some people I roped in to join the "Happy Table"

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am a willow

A friend told me not to long ago about some advice she had received. She needed to be more of a willow tree... bendable, flexible, and sway with the options. Well, I am a fucking willow. At least thats what my horoscope for tomorrow tells me:

Being able to bend in the breeze when love thrashes you about

is a skill worth seeking. Fighting against fate only causes

frustration and tears. Consider this your first lesson in

zen of the heart.

Gawd, can you just picture the sort of day I am going to have? With the past few days events in my love life... im almost ready for the blizzard. Let's just hope I am not destined for the weeping willow tomorrow!

Its Hard to not be Synical

So today I was on the computer checking a few of my things. Up pops this little chat tool, from a "trusted" website I have some things on (Facebook for all of you thinking nasty and dirty). There is this guy, who has been accepted as a friend ages ago.. he lives near me. I have never met him, I have never seen him, etc.

Today he sends me a chat. "hi, how are you... etc" so far its plain and harmless. He asks if I'm seeing anyone. Are you kidding me, of all the days you need to ask...

anyway, he is seeing someone. Asks me if I'm open minded. I tell him no. Really, I don't care what hes on about or anything so why would i care if he knows if i am an open minded person or not. He then proceeds to ask me if i want to have a fling with him? Apparently, according to him, hes very horny. Hes horny quite a bit. Um, complete stranger. Um, hes in a relationship. Um, WHAT?

Damn people are weird. Can you imagine his girlfriend, who is plotting away at work and hes trying to hook up with some girl in the neighborhood. He's even told me what street he lives on. Hey, FG.... remember your old address by our current address?.. mighta been a neighbor. Same street.

Then again, maybe the girlfriend is sitting at the keyboard waiting for an answer. It just baffles me, cuz I have a hard time imagining someone just coming out and asking a STRANGER these questions. Shit, people have a hard enough time saying hello to another person, or asking the neighbor for "a cup of sugar". Guess he doesn't. Thank goodness I don't live on the same street... might be kinda weird when he or his kid inquire about mowing my lawn or trimming my bushes "for free".

Ah... the things we discover during the day.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy

And sometimes...when you sit at home in the evenings...your mind thinks up strange memories.


Ren Snaps

Because sometimes you need to vent.

It seems as fast as I shovel, I'm only staying above ground

This post has been deleted.. hopefully you were able to catch the juicy gossip before it left!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Dinner Party

Last night saw an attendance of some great people enjoying Chinese food at the best Chinese restaurant here on the coast. You have never had Honey Fillet Chicken melt in your mouth so vividly until you have eaten at Simon King's Chinese! There were 10 of us, all eager to tempt our taste buds with fantastic food and great converstation. We had all left 100% satisfied.

It was wonderful to catch up with HG & FG and the cutest couple you could ever find (FG's parents) are now up for the winter holidays session.

(We even had an authentic rice bucket for the table!)

HG's mom is leaving this morning back to the colds of her home, so it was great catching up with her and saying goodbye as well. FG's brother and his wife also joined us for dinner. The had planned an impromptu trip up here to escape the cold and ended up suprising FG & HG. I had not had the chance of meeting the wife yet, so it was great to be able to put a face to the name after all these years. Congrats to the two of them, they celebrated their 10 year anniversary!
Mom and Dad joined us as well. Dad and HG's mom chatted about Israel for a greater part of the evening. HG's mom was gleaming with being able to share stories and swap places of interest with someone else. You couldnt get a word in the conversation... it was just hands flying with excitement, smiles, laughs, and non stop chatting between HG's mom and my dad.

(HG's mom and my Dad taking a break from the chatterbox session)

Fantastic Night! Thanks heaps for the invite! I love hangin with HG & FG.. and their families. They have become so much of my family. I always feel so special and loved when I am with any of them. My face lights up each time and they just make me smile and laugh. That clan is truely a unique and loving group of people. I cherish the moments with them.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Topic Sure to Piss off Some Family

(The button, available for purchase from the online Hilary Store, available under the specials (aka clearance) section, reads: "I'm Your Girl!" Shit, even Bill didn't go for that slogan!

Hilary is going to finally accept her defeat "graciously" tonight. Wow, didnt see that coming. You mean its been known for days (yes, even the news made it to us in the Land of Oz that Obama is the delegate for the Democratic Party announced in MN) and just now Hilary is going to accept her defeat.

Way to be an ostrich. I personally think she should keep her head in the sand. I obv am not a supporter of Hilary. She, like every other politician campaigned and wasted heaps of money to make a shitload of promises like health care, education, womans rights, etc. Oh wait, this is the same lady who stood by her husband with all those marital affairs.... yeah, def not someone I want in office. Way to stand up for yourself lady.. such a good role model. Oh, and you made your way to NY to "live, reside" there just for one of the more populated seats so that your numbers could come out better in the election nominations. Proud moments. Oh yeah, and no wardrobe change since your husband was in office. I am sure that in the last few years the double-breasted jacket has come in and out of fashion, but you just never let it die did you?

Anyway, I am hoping that the "dream ticket" doesn't exist. I dont want her as a VP running mate with Obama. Please. The USA is already laughable in the international news on most days, lets not make it so that I can see the whole drama unfold on TV... please.

I'm glad Hilary is making her defeat known. Its that sort of quality of denial and lack of making a proper, concise, timely decision that makes her so crap for the position she was trying to run for. The last thing the states needs is a woman who cant make up her mind... is she? isnt she? Oh gosh.....

Finally, she isnt. Sadly, I think she was the last to know that, No honey, you didnt make the party.... but hey, be comforted in the fact that you at least bought your way to the party.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mish Mash

Went to have a coffee with Firestick J last night, who ended up making some sort of pizza thing which used bread instead of a dough and a jello ring mould, a chill out in the freezer and then in the oven... all very interesting to watch, but really really yummy to eat! If your interested in the finer details let me know. I was quite impressed, easy, hassle free and really quick and delicious!

I had great intentions of accomplishing heaps at home last night, but alas, due to an overextended coffee invite, none of it happened. I was up at 5 am.... and i made it to work for the second day in a row much earlier than i think i have in the past 2.5 years. I must be coming down with something.... i cant really come up with any other reason for me being "on time" to work...

Monday gets me a Public Holiday... seems we celebrate the Queen's Bday... which is ironic since most people want to be seperated from that.. no more commonwealth crap and costing up millions of moolah anytime she decides to holiday here. but, we are still a part of the commonwealth, and lets just say that each year, around this time, i totally support it... guess i get the day off because the sever ol bitty gives a public holiday. Mind you, any other week in the year and I think shes useless. But what do i know... hell im still trying residency so maybe i should keep my mouth shut.

I have "tenative" plans on monday. All which might be revealed at a later date.

Had a long convo with Madame M last night.. poor thing. Her world has come crashin in on her, and although it was visible to the rest of us, we had to wait it out and crumble piece by piece. My heart goes out to her. No matter the situation, still sucks to be in. Thank goodness for good friends to hold you up when life kicks you hard.

My weekend seems to be taking me to dinner, a bike ride, a really good workout session and possibly some time at the beach. Oh, and the usual cleaning. Whats everyone else's plans?

Oh, MR X..... things are well. actually, I am sure this is all a dream. And if it is, please dont let me ever wake up.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Crushed by the technology of society

Rain poured on the coast yesterday. I left work early, as did all of us, in order to make it home. The roads were flooded, landslides were happening, and no matter what you did to stay dry, you couldn't. It ended up a productive day at home. I dismantled the gym set. I swore. I sweated. I had grease on my face and hands (very sexy). I hauled it upstairs. I put it back together. That was an accomplishment.

I was ready to settle down and sit on the computer for a bit. I wanted to create a new playlist for my IPod so i can get a good list together for a really good session with the weights.

One click of the computer "on" button. A little noise. Nothing. Try again. Same thing. A few lights. Nothing. Stupid thing.

I felt as if my world has slipped away. I had plans with that damn piece of technology, didnt it understand. I put it on a priority list to do that task. It rejected me. I felt at a loss. Then the frustration and anger kicked in. I pulled off the side and checked the wires, I made a phone call and vented Loudly to someone about my situation. I was pissed.

So, here I sit at work typing this. I was reminded about my taxes for the states and "did I have the documents ready".... yeah, on that excel spreadsheet on the damn computer.... AGH!