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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Its Hard to not be Synical

So today I was on the computer checking a few of my things. Up pops this little chat tool, from a "trusted" website I have some things on (Facebook for all of you thinking nasty and dirty). There is this guy, who has been accepted as a friend ages ago.. he lives near me. I have never met him, I have never seen him, etc.

Today he sends me a chat. "hi, how are you... etc" so far its plain and harmless. He asks if I'm seeing anyone. Are you kidding me, of all the days you need to ask...

anyway, he is seeing someone. Asks me if I'm open minded. I tell him no. Really, I don't care what hes on about or anything so why would i care if he knows if i am an open minded person or not. He then proceeds to ask me if i want to have a fling with him? Apparently, according to him, hes very horny. Hes horny quite a bit. Um, complete stranger. Um, hes in a relationship. Um, WHAT?

Damn people are weird. Can you imagine his girlfriend, who is plotting away at work and hes trying to hook up with some girl in the neighborhood. He's even told me what street he lives on. Hey, FG.... remember your old address by our current address?.. mighta been a neighbor. Same street.

Then again, maybe the girlfriend is sitting at the keyboard waiting for an answer. It just baffles me, cuz I have a hard time imagining someone just coming out and asking a STRANGER these questions. Shit, people have a hard enough time saying hello to another person, or asking the neighbor for "a cup of sugar". Guess he doesn't. Thank goodness I don't live on the same street... might be kinda weird when he or his kid inquire about mowing my lawn or trimming my bushes "for free".

Ah... the things we discover during the day.

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