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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things that go bump in the country

(See previous post below first!). On my weekend jaunt to the "country" I was surrounded by a mass of acreage. I am petrified of snakes, and basically any creepy crawly thing. Bugs and me do NOT mix well. I don't even like ants. So, on my ventures into the areas to take photos, I was well aware of my surroundings and on the look out for any "unusual" (i.e. anything not city like) that might be lurking in the bushes, on the ground, or ready to leap onto me.

Its just common knowledge that me and the "quiet" life are not one. I love the country back home in the states.. but when there is a chance that MR SNAKE can come crawling next to you (mind you they don't make noise here in this country) and the pythons have this ubber-fantastic trait where they can sense the body heat of prey... the LAST thing I am doing is going to "become one with nature" unless there is an Ambulance and some medical teams as well as someone who can be rational while I am having a panic attack... so needless to say, I like the country life here, I am just not a big fan...more of a city girl in that respect.

Upon the "peacefulness" of the country, or what I also like to term as "Gawd damn quiet" I was making faces while Tilda was trying to get a photo of me. At the same time that I am playing around, the horse down in the paddock makes this gawd-awful noise and scares the shit out of me! Classic photo....

I almost cried I was laughing so hard after I realized A HORSE scared the shit out of me.

Tilda, in a more "peaceful" pose....

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Anonymous said...

going to have to take Tilda on more country outtings to get you acclimated(sp?) Are you ready for that horse riding adventure yet? Love ya my dear, mom (have to be annonymous i don't know how to get a blog name!) computer illiterate.