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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Tidbits

Today I am reminded that people rarely do what you ask of them, no matter how politely you might have asked. If they want to, they will. If they dont want to, too bad for you.

Today I learned that Ernest Hemingway's (his bday is the same day as mine)grand-daughter Margaux died of a drug overdose of pills on the same day which Ernest committed suicide.. 2nd of July. Go figure. Strangely, I also learned that she was the fifth person in her family in four generations to kill themselves. Gawd, imagine that for genetic history? Yikes.

I have been reminded that while I am working, others are outside in the sun.

I can not wait for the weekend to sit back and rest and enjoy "ME" time. In fact, I might even rent DROP DEAD FRED and sit back and well, relax.

I learned that interestingly enough, when a famous person has died in a home, most often the new owners will renumber the house as to stop "visitors" from paying their respects and intruding on the owners privacy.

I reminded someone that I enjoy being me.

I laugh when I think the small town of A LITTLE BIT OF NOT MANY people which my grandma lives in has discovered a small prostitution ring. She charged $65 for 15 minutes. However, it saddens me that all my schooling and knowledge and this little twat (haha excuse my pun there) makes more money then me. ACK.

The 2010 Census in the USA is going to start soon.

Most people whinge about shit WITHIN their own control.

My mom told me years ago when I was in a foreign country and our driver had hit something with his car.. .she told me: "Get out and walk away. No one is hurt. Let them sort it out between themselves." I felt bad for walking away. However, after reading about Kelsey Mudd, I think that has been some of the most valuable advice I have heard.

One of the banks in this country has eliminated the OVERDRAWN fee of $30. What? So your still going to charge me for USING your services, for this I still pay a fee. But for those who dont have money in their account and go into the Overdrawn status.. now your going to not charge them? Arent you rewarding the wrong people?

People get way too excited over sports.

There are Flamenco Workshops in my town soon. Its fun to say the word FLAMENCO. Try it. Add some pizazz to it.

Well, another day. Now that you have read some tidbits, please dont hate me for my wanderings of thoughts for the day. Its just the way it is. Strange but true.

Monday, July 27, 2009


For a few weeks now, I have been having a hard time breathing.. we could get into all sorts of conversations here... but we wont. Except to note that I thought I was dying (ok, bit of drama there, but i didnt think i was all that healthy).

Then I looked at my office windows at work... mould mould mould. How many guess would you like to take to see what I am allergic too? You betcha... Mould.

Fuck. That sucks. Its everywhere in the building. I can try to get to most of it in my office, which will help, but I certainly can not get my ass to do each and every window and cranny.

Well, at least I know why I cant breath anymore. Whew. more.. tis too much WEIGHT for me to deal with

Now, I know as a female that sometimes we just chat about our weight. The lack of it, the too much of it, the healthy/non-healthy issues relating to it, the "Im going to get in shape & be healthy" routine... we do it. I get it. However.. I have had enough for a month. STOP BLOODY TALKING TO ME ABOUT WEIGHT.. I dont give a shit. Honest.

For some reason, I think I resemble the look of the Weight Watchers Councilor lately. I mean,WHY else would people keep coming up to me discussing their weight? I have not asked.. promise you. I figure your weight is your issue.. that is until you break my furniture or something, then, its my issue. But, until then, eat your hearts out or starve yourself. I dont care, I have too much other shit going on in life to be concerned with your caloric intake.


For some stupid reason, people are feeling the need to tell me their weight issues. The other day, PERSON 1 decides to tell me that after what was considered a normal conversation about nothing... (ya know the one.. how are you, what are you up to lately, how is the family... blah blah blah) PERSON 1 decides to let it roll of the tongue that they have lost (insert number here ) of weight and they are so happy.

Great for you. Dont remember asking or discussing ANYTHING related to that but hooray for you. Did you have issues with this or did you just feel like sharing?

Now, Im happy for said person. Obviously its a thing they needed to fix in their life, otherwise they would not be telling me this when the conversation isnt related.

THEN- meet PERSON 2. Walking along and having a meaningless chat about the upcoming events (they are moving soon). I ask if they have everything packed and are they still staying the night at the current place or the old place... to which PERSON 2 responds with an answer. This is then followed with the statement: I have gained some weight and my pants dont fit me anymore (note: its the lycra like substance Person 2 is currently wearing in front me).

Oh, then Person 3 decides that they will broadcast on a popular networking website that they have lost (insert number here) due to not (insert technique here). Of course, for the past 3 weeks Person 3 has been updating us on the amount of mileage ran per day or week..... so, lets hope for goodness sakes that since you ran here there and everywhere you SHOULD have lost weight. But, again... why me?

Oh Goody! Care factor? Nil. Note: So far, these people are less in weight then myself. Im not jealous.. this be known. I just honestly do not give one rats ass what you weigh honey, Im just happy in my own skin, and what you are in yours is your issue. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. And, I havent discussed the other 4 people who cared to tell me their diet issues as well this week. Ugh.

Are we just obsessed as a society, that for some reason we have to make a disclaimer statement if we dont feel right for the day? Or, are they just shallow that they have to "give me praise" suckers...

I know, I should be happy for them. I just wish everyone wasnt so concentrated on the issue. And why me.. would you not rather tell someone who really give a shit? I dont... I like you for you, as my friend, whether your fat, anorexic, fashionable, trendy, daggy... you are my friend, and I like you for YOU.. I am not shallow that I would require you to give me your daily weight measurements or have you justify your weight to me. I would have thought that as my friend, you would see that I am accepting of you, afterall thats what friendship is.

Which got me thinking... are you Person 1, 2 & 3 really concerned and stating such things because you are shallow and somehow insecure with my weight or self-esteem?

Anyway... just thoughts. But please people.. i have enough going on in my head at the moment, if you want to brag or discuss your weighty issues... pay the $15 cover charge and attend a weight watchers meeting.. they are at least paid to look like they care. I DONT. Not Today Anyway. And, Possibly, Not Next Week Either.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ah the single life

All my life, I have had a garbage disposal where I have lived. Its a standard thing in apartments and houses for rent in Minnesota. Here, in Australia, not so much. In fact, minimal! Its an odd thing to me how people can get by without one. Maybe its just that they have never had one, so they dont know the beauty of the machine. Im not really sure, but I do know that FINALLY I am getting one for my townhouse! Yippee!

And as excited as I am about the whole "new freedom" in my kitchen, theres a part of me that is finding it very strange that A GARBAGE DISPOSAL is thrilling to me. Eh..whatever.. its the simple things I find joy in, right?

Anyway, soon, it will be a chopping fest in my kitchen, and a much more environmentally friendly house as well (the amount of food in wastelands which emit greenhouse gases is shocking...thanks to my friend FG for that tidbit!).

So... in a week or so I will have an updated kitchen with one fantastic amenity! WoooHoo....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It saddens me to inform you that the Taco Bell Dog (Gidget) has passed... that dog was gorgeous and full of beans.. .ahah!!

May you rest in doggie paradise and thanks for the memories.

"Yo Quiero Taco Bell" will always be said with lovely memories.

Its one of those things

So it was my birthday this week. Hooray for me! I don't really mind birthday's. Im not one of those "we must party" people, but I'm also not one to complain or not tell anyone about my birthday. I guess, I am completely fine with the fact that my birthday comes around once a year... deal with it.

My mom makes me a cake each year, with a different theme. Its a surprise until the first time I see the cake. As soon as I get the photo of the cake, I will post it! She does such a fantastic job! I think she should start selling cakes which she decorates, but understandably, she would like a bit more confidence in her mastery of the icing! I guess I understand it... I just think shes a marvel!

Im trying to pull myself out of a bit of a rut in which people around me irritate me. I am having a hard time with the attitude of " whoa is me... i dont have enough, etc etc". Im just over it. Change it, move on, go back.. I dont really care, but you gotta do something cuz your self pity party is getting BORING.

Maybe Im just trying to hang my head up a bit and make a bit of my day be okay, and Im trying really hard to not let others drag me down or into their shit. Either way... its hard.

So.. with that.. I cant wait for FG to come home and slosh down a bottle of champers with me... I deserve a good drink~

Hope your well. Heads up high, and try to not let the irritations irritate, its hard, but its got to be done.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chats with friends

So a friend stopped by yesterday whom I havent caught up with in quite awhile. It was great chatting about all sorts of things.. he is one of those friends who you just start on one topic, and then somehow skip to another in a matter of seconds. Always so much to talk about that the conversation just goes anywhere.

We got on the topic of life. See, things have happened in this persons life.. lets call him Nuzzlepants for today. Well, nuzzlepants went to the doctor and received some off balance test results. He wasnt sure he wanted to know the final results of things...until maybe later on... much later on.

It got me thinking a bit. Its not such a bad idea. Why would you want to know if your life is coming to an end? Or if the next stage is going to be filled with glum and pain? Why not carry on as you do normally, dealing with life as it comes.

Pain? We all have pain in some form. Some of us have had bad car accidents in life, such as myself.. I live in pain everyday. Somedays its worse, and somedays its manageable. Thats the way it is. Do I really want to be pain free? Somedays, but I also dont want to be walking around with my head in the clouds and not being able to remember some of the magical moments which I encounter. If I was to make my life pain free, or lessor, I might have to take medication which wouldnt enable me to do my job appropriately, or be able to function mentally somedays (no witty comments needed here) or I might not be able to do certain aspects of life. Then again, I might be so pain free, that the possibility of injuring myself more is possible. If the pain is masked, would I necessarily stop doing some things which could create more pain? Such as climbing a mountain- each day, I know to a good degree, on how much I can push my body. I am mentally aware of what my body can do or not do for the day. I am okay with that.

Or, for instance, if you end up with some form of terminal issue. Some people want all the latest technology and medical advances to extend their life a bit longer. Some want these "options" so they can finalize a few things in life. The list can be endless why people want these "options". But, for arguments sake, lets explore this option: if you took the option of medical blah blah so that you could take that last trip to your favorite destination....could you really enjoy it fully? Wouldn't you know in the back of your mind that your life was ending soon.. and this might be the end of it. Or, is it fair that your friends and family see you turn into something your not because of the medication which enables you to be grumpy, vomitting, etc... is that how you want to last be remembered? Some do. And thats fine. Im not sure if I would tho.

What is so wrong with living happily in the comfort of each day forward, for the way you choose... to be worthy or not worthy of the day. To spend it as you wish. Coherent as possible? After all, we all go thru life differently, in different stage, directions, and moral paths. But, if at the end of it, you can say you were happy with how you choose to life... why should someone have to conform to what someone else thinks is THE way to do it. Say, why should I tell my friend that he MUST get the results of his test.. so he can extend his life IF something is really wrong? Why can't I be happy for him that nuzzlepants wants to go about his business in as much normality as possible? Well, I am sure not everyone will agree, but I do think nuzzlepants, and the rest of us, should be able to choose. Shit, everyday we choose to live or die. Everyday we choose if we want to be a better person, make someones day, be grumpy, run carefree of our lives, or be sediment and not take any risks. Everyday we all choose our destiny. Even if that destiny is only for a matter of minutes.

Thats what life is for.. to choose what you want, live how you like, and be able to make those choices. Yes, the consequences are there, but should we live each day thinking of EVERY SINGLE consequence from that action?

I dont know... just some thoughts. Im sure each of us have differnt views and reasons. As for me, a big part of being a friend is having that friendship the best it can be. And, as far as nuzzlepants goes... I will keep his friendship as long as its there and available to me. When its no longer there, I hope its because he is no longer here.. just the same as I want my other friendships to end. I want to cherish my friends each day, and know in some comfort (albeit padded comfort) that my friendships can stand the test of time, endure the laughter and bad jokes, and be okay in the fact that I love each of my friends for the qualities we have in our friendship.

Maybe being in the dark about certain issues isnt so bad. If I knew that today was my last day on earth.. would I still be content with how I spent it? I dont know.. but I am content with that today I loved life, had some great times.. and well, if it ended tomorrow.. I would hope someone would miss me and think of me every now and then... and know that I was a good person. I dont know that I would want them to be sorry for the choices I choose or didnt choose. Thats the true beauty of life... we all get to life it for ourselves as we wish.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

One of those things

So.. somehow, i think I know how... but thats irrelevant, i have put my back out.. and it bloody kills! I didnt go to work yesterday, I am trying to plot thru today,but I do believe I will heading home shortly!

Anyway, yesterday I turtle my way into the chiro office.. and left over an hour later. I felt much better after the appt, but am really looking forward to my next one. I cant lay, sleep, sit.. nothing. Its all so uncomfy.

Interesting tho... the chiro tells me that he has had many Cancerians in this week... all with really strange injuries. My birthday is a tail end of the Cancer Zodiac Sign.... just my luck.

Im hoping to be back to normal soon... actually, Im praying... cuz it hurts to breath, laugh, cough, sit, sleep, stand... you name it. OUCH.

Hope your all doing better than me!