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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

One of those things

So.. somehow, i think I know how... but thats irrelevant, i have put my back out.. and it bloody kills! I didnt go to work yesterday, I am trying to plot thru today,but I do believe I will heading home shortly!

Anyway, yesterday I turtle my way into the chiro office.. and left over an hour later. I felt much better after the appt, but am really looking forward to my next one. I cant lay, sleep, sit.. nothing. Its all so uncomfy.

Interesting tho... the chiro tells me that he has had many Cancerians in this week... all with really strange injuries. My birthday is a tail end of the Cancer Zodiac Sign.... just my luck.

Im hoping to be back to normal soon... actually, Im praying... cuz it hurts to breath, laugh, cough, sit, sleep, stand... you name it. OUCH.

Hope your all doing better than me!

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