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Saturday, February 28, 2009

I spoke to my half sister reality, shes my sister, wont be having any of this half stuff!

Great to speak to her. Its always amazing to me how we can be similiar and have such a strong connection. I have only had a relationship with her in the past 6 years or so, and it only happened when I moved countries. Amazing how time works.

Monday, February 23, 2009

This weekend I wandered around a particular store.. its a storage store of sorts. I was looking for a few items and had intended on making approx 50 dollars worth of purchases.

I arrived at the mall early: the store had only been open for 45 minutes before I walked thru the doors. I was the only one in the store.. along with 2 employees.

I ventured my way around the store, to find myself within elbow distance from Employee #1- a girl who eats well above her RDI, early 20's, and dark hair. Employee #1 did NOT utter a peep to me. In fact, she looked at me and then turned around. I was picking up items off the shelf and looking at the price tag, and Employee #1 didnt care.

I found myself in another area of the store digging thru things on the shelf, and in fact, I even dropped an item, which although wasnt breakable, it was evident someone was rummaging thru the shelves. Oh, and the fact that I had an OVERSIZED shopping cart pushing the way thru the store...

Later, I ventured to a different area and saw and heard Employee # 1 & #2 picking thru shelf full of air fresheners and deciding which one they liked better.

It wasnt until I sneezed that Employee #2 (shorter hair, possibly late 20s to early 30s, bit stumpy) looked up and asked me, "Can I help you with anything?"

To which I rudely stated: "No, Im no longer looking for any items here." and put ALL my purchases on the shelf and walked out. I was in the store approx 15-20 minutes and that was the FIRST acknowledgement of me as a customer. I couldnt believe that although they noticed me, they didnt want to help me. Especially in a time when the economy is in the situation it is- I really would have thought they would want to keep their jobs. So much for me assuming again.

I was going to do nothing about it and then it just frustrated me. I have shopped at the store before and NEVER received service like that before. I called this morning to speak to the manager and explained the situation. She was so appreciative of my phone call as Saturday is the only day she & her husband have off from the store. She didnt realize that was happening, and certainly didnt appreciate her employees not working.

During the conversation I made it clear that I had never had that sort of experience before in her store, and that was the reason for my call. I also explained to her that as a Manager myself, I am looking at my employees during this time and getting rid of those who really dont seem to want to work. I felt her staff that morning were in that category. She agreed. She also knew exactly who I was speaking about and didnt question me on the issues, which lead me to believe that she wasnt real confident with Employee # 1 & #2 being "superior" employees anyway.

I feel better for at least letting the manager know. She felt good about being told about the situation and I reassured her that I would be shopping there again, but no, I didnt make any purchases that day, and no, I didnt appreciate the lackluster customer service that day either. At the end of the conversation, I think she was on her way to "re-evaluate" some employees and I was feeling much better about her as a manager.

What she does with it is her business. But it is my businesss to inform that as a customer, I expected more. I was pleased with her taking the time to listen to my concerns. So, ******* Storage World.... you redeemed yourself today.

Thank you to Manager/Owner Robin for being interested in your business!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Rodeo

Last night we went to the local Rodeo (locals pronounce it like" Ro-deh-oh, almost like Rodeo drive)... so its quite funny to hear we were at the Ro-deh-oh and not a Rodeo). Somehow I just couldnt see any Chanel, Prada, YSL or anything over $1000 (except for the livestock) last night at our Ro-deh-oh event!

Great time! After about 8 apologies to the man standin in front of me for grabbing him when the rider was bucked off and almost trampled, we came to an understanding: I didnt have to apologise anymore! Needless to say, good conversations! And.... its always good when a complete stranger gives you the OK to tap and grab him! HA!

Firestick J was pleased as well... my "grab toy" had a friend with who works on a station... so they got to talk all about COUNTRY stuff... too bad he was too young, only 24 but seemed a lot older due to all that responsibility and hard work. All he had to mention was "hilux" and "muster" and FJ was ready to chat away.

I on the other hand was happy my grab toy was a city boy. Whew! He was into the ro-deh-0h but was still a city boy at heart! I didnt feel so out of my depth anymore... me with no cowgirl hat, showered, and not walking all funny, I felt a bit too "girly" at times in my FILA shoes, Esprit shirt, and jean shorts!

The ro-deh-o lasted until 10ish, and then the country band kicked off. So did FJ... she was dancing away living it up on her search to find the perfect cowboy!

The rain came (again) just after the band finished, and didnt end for ages, so we walked back to the car drenched, which was a great relief as it was really really hot and humid last night.. so icky that your clothes just stuck to you. No movement of anything!

Great times, great company, great to be there! So.. however you pronounce it: Rodeo or Ro-deh-oh, good times were had by all.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ocean Nova is stuck... in the Antartic. Its a cruise ship, which was made for ice-chilled waters, but they are unsure if it is stuck due to lodgement of ice or the tides. Either way, the Captain ins stating they are not in danger.

What? Stuck in the Antartic and waiting for the ship to become unstuck? Yikes! Wonder how longs thats gonna take.. at least theres on-board entertainment, I guess. And, hopefully, they get to see some cool ice formations and wildlife.

And for a price tag of around $10 for a cruise.. .do you think they will offer a refund or another cruise? Or, do you think this could be another one of those " incontrollable events, therefore not due to compensation"?

Either way, lets think of the Crew & Staff who are staring at the same scenery for a few days now...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things seem to be slowly getting better. Im discovering that I am not alone in this.... who-ha of events... its really seeming to be the norm with everyone as of lately.

Maybe its the moon.
I seem to be in an akward spot at the moment
I have heaps to do
I dont want to do most of it
I am frustrated by people
Yet, people amaze me so much, its almost addicting to watch them
I find it funny how long before people show their true selfs
Its crazy to me that people carry on about NOTHING for so long

If you do what you have always done, you get what you have always got
Change? Resistance to Change? Eh Gawks!

Tired, exhausted, sleepy.
Thankful for my parents and their help over the last few days

Upset my car insurance is due THIS week
Upset my health insurance is due NEXT week
Wondering what will be due the FOLLOWING week????


Consider not throwing verbal abuse at stupid neighbor lady. If you dont like it... move grumpy woman.

Ah... its been an interesting yet blahy time.
Hope your moments have shaped up to a more clearer image than mine have.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

They say the new development (shops with apts above) will be done by xmas THIS year.... I really wonder if it will, as for the last 4 years they have talked about destruction of the building. But, alas, the demolition began last week!

Im just hoping a good coffee shop and some wonderful shopping lies ahead.

Then again, Im still waiting to confirm what new restaurant is going into the shops next to my place... oh I wish for Mexican, but considering the LACK of mexicans here, I highly doubt that one. Just no more Thai.. we already have 5 in our local area. Maybe a Greek or Indonesian... yeah, thats sounding good. But, if I listen to rumors, its gonna be Thai next to me. Good thing I like spring rolls.

I will try to get some photos of the process happening in town. No one really likes change, but I think the locals are glad at last something is happening!

Hope things are well in your town.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentines Chuckle

Ha. Sorry, couldn't resist! Hope everyone has a fantastic Valentines Day. Its rainy here... really really wet! My state is either flooded or drenched, while another state is trying to recover from mass deaths and tragedy from an idiot who started a fire. They have aressted 1 man so far for 1 of the fires. He started it because "he wasnt thinking" and was having a hard time with his girlfriend........ um... oh yeah... hes a fireman.

On a lighter note, I wish all of you love today. May you fill your day with kindness and goodness for others.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shame Shame Shame

Please look at the photo above. He is an idiot. He is a christian leader, who has a firm belief that the fires which are occuring in another state are the direct punishment for decriminalising abortion in that state. Thankfully, one of the churches has spoken out against his beliefs.

But alas, here is Danny Nalliah. He is the President of the Assemblies of God affliated "Catch the Fire Ministries", he believes in GOD coming to him in dreams and so forth. So much so, that apparently GOD came to him in a dream OCT 21 where the state was engulfed in fires, and that GOD had removed his protection and that the people should repent and pray.


In being fair, Nalliah is an idiot! He is overboard in his thinking. He uses GOD as an excuse, and tries to manipulate others to "his way". But hey, thats my thinking. This is my forum.

He says he has witnessed the healing of the blind, deaf, and crippled people.

Its sick how people can take advantage of such a horrifying incident such as the Victorian Bushfires and use it as a way of publicity.

Well, Mr Nalliah, I hope you find peace within yourself. I wouldn't save you for nothing.

If you would like more info on this scumbag, heres a few links:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The tired keep on giving

What a fantastic shot! I love them holding hands, makes me cry.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Fires in Victoria

Words can not describe the horror and sickness felt by so many people right now. I have obtained these photos from The Age ( The devastation is mind boggling. Homes, lives, families, pets, work, etc, its been lost due to the fires. No one has identities anymore, there wasnt time to grab their ID cards, credit cards, anything. They dont have money to buy the paper this morning. Did you buy the paper today ? If so, your luckier than most of these people. Towns have been wiped clean. Nothing stands in many towns except for blackened ash and metal. I am just not sure how to put my emotions into words...its just crippling.

More Photos.

photos from

More Images of the Fires in Victoria

Photos courtesy of

Thursday, February 05, 2009

In need of a good laugh

Its hard somedays.

  • 60 % of the state is flooded

  • Other states are in a massive heatwave

  • KIDS.. yes KIDS in the UK have "roasted" 7 week old puppies. They were only stopped when a passerby heard the distress of the puppies. NO arrests have been made. The dogs are in the care of the RSPCA in the UK.

  • the economy SUCKS

  • my job is ..... gawd knows. Some moments I think we have our head above water and other moments I want to hold my head down in the water.

Too much, too tragic. Im just not sure how much more I can take. My stomach is ill from reading about those fucking brats who wanted to destroy those puppies. I honestly can not describe the rage I have about that. I seriously hope they meet Michael Vick, and then PETA can string them all 3 together and irradicate them from society. Im sorry, I just cant believe people could do such things.

So, the good news? Im off to see comedian Ross Noble tonight. I think its exactly what I need, a full giant-sized belly laugh! If theres one way to "hide" your troubles and the ill of the world, its to laugh....

Let you know tomorrow how my tummy muscles feel from laughing. And... I hope things are better in your space.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


it might be strange to "sell" yourself on the side of the highway.. but if you have the time and guts, you can do it!

Thats just what this guy did.. he hadnt had any work since December, and knew he couldnt rely on unemployment payslips, so he went out with a sign, and propped another sign up with his mobile phone number and went to the highway.

He was met with cheers and moral support, thumbs ups & heaps of honks!

Best of all, he starts work tomorrow as a brickie, all because he was motivated to get a job.

Great to see that spirit!