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Monday, February 23, 2009

This weekend I wandered around a particular store.. its a storage store of sorts. I was looking for a few items and had intended on making approx 50 dollars worth of purchases.

I arrived at the mall early: the store had only been open for 45 minutes before I walked thru the doors. I was the only one in the store.. along with 2 employees.

I ventured my way around the store, to find myself within elbow distance from Employee #1- a girl who eats well above her RDI, early 20's, and dark hair. Employee #1 did NOT utter a peep to me. In fact, she looked at me and then turned around. I was picking up items off the shelf and looking at the price tag, and Employee #1 didnt care.

I found myself in another area of the store digging thru things on the shelf, and in fact, I even dropped an item, which although wasnt breakable, it was evident someone was rummaging thru the shelves. Oh, and the fact that I had an OVERSIZED shopping cart pushing the way thru the store...

Later, I ventured to a different area and saw and heard Employee # 1 & #2 picking thru shelf full of air fresheners and deciding which one they liked better.

It wasnt until I sneezed that Employee #2 (shorter hair, possibly late 20s to early 30s, bit stumpy) looked up and asked me, "Can I help you with anything?"

To which I rudely stated: "No, Im no longer looking for any items here." and put ALL my purchases on the shelf and walked out. I was in the store approx 15-20 minutes and that was the FIRST acknowledgement of me as a customer. I couldnt believe that although they noticed me, they didnt want to help me. Especially in a time when the economy is in the situation it is- I really would have thought they would want to keep their jobs. So much for me assuming again.

I was going to do nothing about it and then it just frustrated me. I have shopped at the store before and NEVER received service like that before. I called this morning to speak to the manager and explained the situation. She was so appreciative of my phone call as Saturday is the only day she & her husband have off from the store. She didnt realize that was happening, and certainly didnt appreciate her employees not working.

During the conversation I made it clear that I had never had that sort of experience before in her store, and that was the reason for my call. I also explained to her that as a Manager myself, I am looking at my employees during this time and getting rid of those who really dont seem to want to work. I felt her staff that morning were in that category. She agreed. She also knew exactly who I was speaking about and didnt question me on the issues, which lead me to believe that she wasnt real confident with Employee # 1 & #2 being "superior" employees anyway.

I feel better for at least letting the manager know. She felt good about being told about the situation and I reassured her that I would be shopping there again, but no, I didnt make any purchases that day, and no, I didnt appreciate the lackluster customer service that day either. At the end of the conversation, I think she was on her way to "re-evaluate" some employees and I was feeling much better about her as a manager.

What she does with it is her business. But it is my businesss to inform that as a customer, I expected more. I was pleased with her taking the time to listen to my concerns. So, ******* Storage World.... you redeemed yourself today.

Thank you to Manager/Owner Robin for being interested in your business!


Anonymous said...

GOOD FOR YOU! Many of us think of doing these sorts of things and in a world that we make sooo busy, we don't take the time so congrats to you! Owners/managers often don't know what happens when they are not there so it is a real positive thing to give feedback, positive and negative. Things can't improve if we don't know somethings wrong. Thanks for making our shopping world a better more pleasurable place.

Beth said...

you go girl!!!! Hey, there are alot of people out there who would LOVE to have a job.....give it to them!