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Sunday, February 15, 2009

They say the new development (shops with apts above) will be done by xmas THIS year.... I really wonder if it will, as for the last 4 years they have talked about destruction of the building. But, alas, the demolition began last week!

Im just hoping a good coffee shop and some wonderful shopping lies ahead.

Then again, Im still waiting to confirm what new restaurant is going into the shops next to my place... oh I wish for Mexican, but considering the LACK of mexicans here, I highly doubt that one. Just no more Thai.. we already have 5 in our local area. Maybe a Greek or Indonesian... yeah, thats sounding good. But, if I listen to rumors, its gonna be Thai next to me. Good thing I like spring rolls.

I will try to get some photos of the process happening in town. No one really likes change, but I think the locals are glad at last something is happening!

Hope things are well in your town.


Beth said...

oh you need a good Mexican place....with great drinks and guacamole!!!

Anonymous said...

maybe a Perkins will open!!! Well, we can dream of a 24hr eating establishment...maybe in this decade??

Tilda said...

shoes shoes shoes..where did the shoe store go to?