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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ocean Nova is stuck... in the Antartic. Its a cruise ship, which was made for ice-chilled waters, but they are unsure if it is stuck due to lodgement of ice or the tides. Either way, the Captain ins stating they are not in danger.

What? Stuck in the Antartic and waiting for the ship to become unstuck? Yikes! Wonder how longs thats gonna take.. at least theres on-board entertainment, I guess. And, hopefully, they get to see some cool ice formations and wildlife.

And for a price tag of around $10 for a cruise.. .do you think they will offer a refund or another cruise? Or, do you think this could be another one of those " incontrollable events, therefore not due to compensation"?

Either way, lets think of the Crew & Staff who are staring at the same scenery for a few days now...

1 comment:

Beth said...

oh HELLS no!!!!! Aint no way I would be stuck on a the ice...what am I talking about? I wouldn't even be ON the boat in the first place!!! NO WAY!!