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Monday, February 09, 2009

Fires in Victoria

Words can not describe the horror and sickness felt by so many people right now. I have obtained these photos from The Age ( The devastation is mind boggling. Homes, lives, families, pets, work, etc, its been lost due to the fires. No one has identities anymore, there wasnt time to grab their ID cards, credit cards, anything. They dont have money to buy the paper this morning. Did you buy the paper today ? If so, your luckier than most of these people. Towns have been wiped clean. Nothing stands in many towns except for blackened ash and metal. I am just not sure how to put my emotions into words...its just crippling.


Anonymous said...

Marysville, one of the towns literally now wiped off the map, was like a second home to me. I can't describe the feelings of horror of knowing some of the casualties personally, or the elation of knowing friends who did make it out alive, but nevertheless have lost everything else.
people in this country worry so much about the threat of faceless terrorists from other countries, and yet this devastation and loss of life was the result of homegrown evil in the form of arsonists.
People say that terrorists are the biggest threat to the "australian" way of life, but my parents are seriously thinking about moving from their home in the Dandenongs (mountain range on outskirts of Melbourne) that they retired to, and love dearly, due to the constant worry every summer of some evil firebug wiping out their home and way of life.
Don't know what a fitting punishment would be for those who deliberately lit some of these fires -maybe let the devastated communities have their way with them -I'm sure there would be little left of the arsonists.

GooChick said...

OMG! The news of just how bad these fires are are just now hitting the US big time. Is it true that arson is suspected? I can't imagine what these people are going through. How close are you to everything?