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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Rodeo

Last night we went to the local Rodeo (locals pronounce it like" Ro-deh-oh, almost like Rodeo drive)... so its quite funny to hear we were at the Ro-deh-oh and not a Rodeo). Somehow I just couldnt see any Chanel, Prada, YSL or anything over $1000 (except for the livestock) last night at our Ro-deh-oh event!

Great time! After about 8 apologies to the man standin in front of me for grabbing him when the rider was bucked off and almost trampled, we came to an understanding: I didnt have to apologise anymore! Needless to say, good conversations! And.... its always good when a complete stranger gives you the OK to tap and grab him! HA!

Firestick J was pleased as well... my "grab toy" had a friend with who works on a station... so they got to talk all about COUNTRY stuff... too bad he was too young, only 24 but seemed a lot older due to all that responsibility and hard work. All he had to mention was "hilux" and "muster" and FJ was ready to chat away.

I on the other hand was happy my grab toy was a city boy. Whew! He was into the ro-deh-0h but was still a city boy at heart! I didnt feel so out of my depth anymore... me with no cowgirl hat, showered, and not walking all funny, I felt a bit too "girly" at times in my FILA shoes, Esprit shirt, and jean shorts!

The ro-deh-o lasted until 10ish, and then the country band kicked off. So did FJ... she was dancing away living it up on her search to find the perfect cowboy!

The rain came (again) just after the band finished, and didnt end for ages, so we walked back to the car drenched, which was a great relief as it was really really hot and humid last night.. so icky that your clothes just stuck to you. No movement of anything!

Great times, great company, great to be there! So.. however you pronounce it: Rodeo or Ro-deh-oh, good times were had by all.

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Tilda said...

for any readers that are questioning "station" aussie translation that's huge acreage ranch to us yankies! sounds like the Ro-day-oh was a good day-O!