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Friday, February 26, 2010

Doing the Jig

It seems so many people lately are all about doom & gloom.. granted I can sometimes be ‘not so happy’ sometimes too.. but everyone lately seems to be highlighting all this shit thats wrong with their life.

You ask someone, ‘How are you?’ and its a 40 minute conversation on each detail of all the bad crap going on in their life. Directly or indirectly, it doesnt matter, but if they know of “a friend of a friend of a friend twice divorced once related to the birth mother of Ron who use to live down the street whose mother was the crazy lady who ate nuts  and she married her cousin, but they werent sure of all that cuz thats how things rolled back then.. well, his 2nd wife… she’s on a puree food diet.. is that horrible?”

I’m serious. Its been happening. Everywhere.

So, whats a girl to do? Well, I would like to smack the crap out of these people and tell them I dont give a Sh*t, that I really want to know how they are.. but then I figure I got enough of my sh*t in my head to deal with… so…

I just smile and do a little jig.. and try to shake the ugly away from me. 

C’mon people, lighten up a bit, we all have sh*t and know people with sh*t, but seriously man.. you gotta lighten up and try to smile and enjoy SOME of the day.  And if you dont.. you will see me walking away, smiling, doing a little jig. And yes, My Ass Does Look Good In These Jeans.


Do you remember me talking about my Yantra Mat? Well, Im here to tell you that I am 100% convinced it has been worth every single dollar spent. Aside from having the best nights sleep in over a decade after my first few times using it, I find that I really look forward to using it, EACH day… its amazing to feel your body warm up due to increased circulation when your laying on it. As well, I have noticed that it really helps for headaches, and back & neck pain.

I have also been using it to stimulate the blood flow in my legs, as part of a process to help my knee situation and avoid surgery. Im of the belief that its working great for this too!

Not everyone will belief the hype of the mat. But, I do.. and thats whats important. I find that its beneficial for me, and, along with the benefits, its also so damn relaxing… man oh man!

So.. get one. Quick. I think you will like it!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

12 of em.. 2 x day

So, thats 24 in total right? Goodness.. the good thing is the pills are bullet sized, which helps on the going down the throat part! But, I feel like my insides must look like this:


Good news: I have been following orders by my acupuncturist (whom I trust heaps) and have been taking these pills as directed for inflammation  as well as general tonic as she tells me.


Cuz she thinks that doing this pill popping of Chinese Herbs & treatments once a week, as well as weekly trips to the Physio at the moment will help, and possibly reduce any need for surgery.  Actually, the word ‘possibly’ isnt correct, shes under the belief that it WILL work, and surgery is a waste of my time, with little results at the end for my knees.

Why do I trust what she says? Well, the surgeon I went to see, just so happens to be hers as well. She trusts him, and he did a fantastic job on her knee when she busted it all to hell in a motorcycle accident. But, she also did a massive amount of acupuncture to her leg as well (even the surgeon cant believe how good shes walking again!) and she also went to physio. So, I figure shes a bit of an expert as well.

And, my physio is wonderful. Painful, but I think its helping too. So, combine everything together, and I am quite excited that I do not have to have knee surgery and be out of commission for at least 6 weeks on a ‘hopeful’ this will solve the problem.

Anyway, why not use up all your options before going to such drastic measures, right?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sniff Sniff.. Nose to Nose

So, at the moment Im dogsitting for my most favorite dog.  I adore my dear 4 Pawed Friend… Noody.  And, while Im dogsitting, I also have my little Monroe with me.  Now, they both do well, a little anxiety at first, testing the boundries and all for the first few hours when we are all together “playing happy family”.

Monroe tends to stand under the kitchen table, and sit on the chairs.. she likes to be at the same height as noody, and well, if she cant be, then she guards herself against the lean long legged dog.

Noody on the other hand wants check out what Monroe is doing. All the time. She is so concerned for and about her. Monroe isnt use to that (opps) and like a normal cat, likes to show independence. Noody, like a normal dog, likes to be the protector.

So… things are going well. The 2 fall asleep near each other without realizing it. The exhaustion of keeping an eye on the other one really wears them out at bedtime.

And, Monroe is really REALLY chatty. Shes not like this at home. Then again, maybe her and Noody have great conversations I just dont understand, cuz Noody seems to tilt her head and do this high pitched thing back.

I will get more photos, have gotten a few, but dont have my camera on me to download the photos. But, we are all adjusting… it just takes a day or two for the 2 of my critters to adjust.

And this morning? Progress… they both went up to each other and gave a sniff of the nose to the other.. and no puffy tail from Monroe, and no freaked out look from Noody. So… so far its a successful day! PROGRESS. and only 3 nights… see, why do people have such a hard time getting along? Cats & Dogs can sort out their stuff and live happily in 3 days. 


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crims & Mugs

So.. I stumbled upon a newspaper that puts the mugshots of those held in jail over the last few days.. sadly, the following people were ‘unavailable’ to their partners needs over Valentines Day.

A variety of people could have had a nice little chat on dress, hair styles, occupations…etc while getting to know each other in that lovely concrete room while they were waiting to be bailed out.

For instance:

I think they have made a booking mistake, I think shes the one who has been beaten up, but according to the news article, she is one tough cookie! The original mugshot shows bruising and a bit of wear & tear 



creditcardfraud .

I think shes trying to scope out if the photographer has anything valuable in the bag that she can nab. Afterall, it just adds to the extensive list of credit card fraud and misc stealing charges which landed her the comfy spot on the bench for the night.


failr2appr Now, when your sitting in jail and posing for a MUGSHOT.. it is NOT the time to try to land that stripper job. This is not the arena to flash your looks of desire and lust to the camera person.. chances are if they are working for the police, they are much to busy to be having a second job of ‘prostitute portfolio’ or ‘dance lady’ snaps

As well…


“I’m here for failure to appear? Whats that? Im a good citizen, I always show for things.. Im here NOW arent I? Whatcha mean thats not good enuff?”



“I what? A warrant? Isnt that a band from the late 90’s with the big hair & makeup?”


Sorry to poke fun.. but you all dumbass’ landed yourselves there..and everyone needs a bit of humor, its raining outside for goodness sakes!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Now, since I have been living and working in this beautiful country, I have had to learn that things here in the ‘rural’ and often ‘backwards’ part of the country… anyway, they seem to baffle my little head sometimes. Whether its a tradition, or ‘thats the way we do it’ or whatever, sometimes I am completely surprised at how things are done. And, I shouldnt be… I should just learn to accept this things.. but sometimes they are so different from what I am use to that it just sideswipes me.

crayon box

Simple example:

Answering the phone this morning at work and Mr Man asks to speak to one of the idiots, who we will call PA (also known as PissAnt).

I put Mr Man on hold and go tell PissAnt,that the phone is for them. “PissAnt, Mr Man from Company X is on the phone for you”

PissAnt goes to the phone, and Im not sure what happens next but tells me ‘hes not there anymore’

To which I reply: “well, it was Mr Man from Company X”

AND… I was met with the most stupid, dumbfounded look possible… you know the look of deer in the head lights.. blinded by the thought or suggestion … stuck on stupid… mesmerised... it was there

My thinking was this: Call Mr Man back.

PissAnt’s thinking: What? Thought? Where? Who? Me? Oh, what am I doing here?

So, needless to say Mr Man has called back 3 times to speak to PissAnt.. who somehow cant figure out how to use the phone.

In ANY business I have worked, if someone rang for me and I had their details, I would ring them back… to solve whatever the call is about.

Not this particular PissAnt.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pillow? Pills?



I just want to bury myself in a pillow and blanket.. and escape. But I cant.. I mean really, you have to just go with things, and keep playing the game of life…

But secretly.. I just want to pop some lovely pills which make life all okay and kinda warm & fuzzy.. and cuddle up on the couch and let the world slip by.. just for a few days….

I just feel exhausted

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Whats a girl to do?

So, I feel as if I took about 10 step backwards toward a goal today. You might think that “oh well, pick your self up and get back on track”


Today’s events were so out of my control its not even imaginable.

Feeling exhausted.

I feel as if I have been punched out by Mike Tyson.

Flat. Fucked. Fucked.

It was really nice in my dearest friend called and shared in my low point, gave me the much needed sympathy, and just listened to my story, and she felt for me. Its great to know that shes really a friend, a true friend.. she proves it to me so many times.  Cherished. :)

And my mom, she was great and supportive.. clear thinking and was like “ well, lets start again, we will get this done and wait again..”

It was like when you were a kid, and you couldn’t wait to ride your bike.. you waited for the rain to stop, and you finally got out there. Day after day, your mom ran behind you making sure the bike didnt tip, and helping you get started with a push. And then she let go…. and you did great. Days and weeks go by and your doing fine. Then, one day.. today… I feel off the bike. Scratched my knee to hell, and cried like a baby with exhaustion. ( Metaphorically anyway, I wasnt really riding a bike).  Remember when your mom use to pick you up and dust the gravel out of your knee and then help you get back on after you wiped the tears.

Thats what my mom did today for me. She helped me up, wiped the gravel and off we went.. to redo the shit paperwork we already did.. but need to redo.  Im not sure if I could have handled it today if she wasnt there. Thanks mom!

To make it better.. we have a dear friend visiting.. and today is her first day of her vacation with us… and this was the hotspot I had to take her too…


And no, Im not in trouble.. just another set of fingerprints after waiting 3 bloody months for a particular agency to tell me that they were ‘illegible’ and I needed to have them redone. Seriously, I can not put my feelings to paper… there just are not words to translate how I am feeling. 

Anyway, thanks for those that were there for me today. Your kind words did help… and I cant wait to celebrate when this is all stamped & approved…

Sunday, February 07, 2010


At present, my friends mother is in the hospital, waiting on news on whether or not a pacemaker can and will be fitted. As you can imagine, the feelings my friend is dealing with are full on.  You never want to see your parent in pain, and hopefully, the pacemaker will make things easier for her mother. As well, you worry about the stress and anxiety your parent must be going thru at this time. Top that off with all the pressures of worrying if shes okay each day, or will there be another episode and send her back to the hospital. So, as much as the idea of ‘hopefully something can be done’ its also got to be scary knowing the situation when someone elderly goes into surgery. 


My friend is dating someone whom I have never met. From what she describes of him to me, he seems like a caring and nice man.  My friend is in another state from where I live. My heart goes out to her with all this on her plate. But, its very nice knowing that she has someone near her, who cares for her, and who can offer support and give her a hug or make her laugh when she needs these most.


In previous years, she was dating someone who couldnt offer these things to her. He couldnt or didnt want to be there for her, well, not in the way you want your friends boyfriend to be there for them.  To say that Im thrilled that shes no longer with that particular person is certainly an understatement.

I guess in all this, its nice to know that she has found someone who is a decent person, who is willing to be there WITH her and give her a shoulder to lean on when needed.

My thoughts are with you my friend.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Oh my goodness

So, believe it or not I have used my new mat. I arrive yesterday to pick up the parents from their big trip to the city. I told mom that she would be for sure getting a ride home as she was kind enough to get my new purchase for me.

In sheer excitement, I wave to them in the distance, and upon seeing them face to face, my first words were something like, "Wheres my mat?" Afterall I have scoped them up and down from the distance and saw nothing like my mat being held, or transported.. panic set in.

Calmly, dad replies, "I have it, in my briefcase"

My only comment, "What, you think thats your guarantee for a ride home now?"

To which he didnt find any humor in it. No laughter. I of course thought it was funny, cuz thats what it was, a joke.. laughter moment.

So, we arrive to the house, and Im scarfing down my take-away dinner while mom pulls out my mat. She takes it out of the packaging. Lovingly, she displays it to me and touches it.. knowing that my hands are not going anywhere near it since Im eating dinner. And then she proceeds to lay down on the ground and try out my new mat.


Eh gawds... what are you doing woman? Im the one thats been anxious all day to get the thing, I have been researching it, dreaming it, shit I even blogged about it.

Get off my damn mat!

Nah, in all seriousness.. love the mat...serious. Go buy one today. I used it last night for 20 minutes (used it,... thats funny... I laid on the damn thing, and somehow thats considered 'using' it).haha. Anyway, I digress. So, I used it for 20 minutes on my back, and then laid on my stomach on it for 10 minutes. Then, put it away, and went to bed.

Aside from the best nights sleep I have had in about 5 years... my back feels amazing. Usually by this time of the day, Im twisting my back and putting weird things between my back and the chair to help massage the pain. I tend to get neck aches that make me want to detach my head. And today... nothing. Pretty pain free. So far.

I know, one day, one time of using, hard to believe right? Im with you, but trust me, I know my body.. and Im telling you, my back and neck havent felt this free of pain since oh.. lets say 1994 after my car accident. Serious.

Im convinced. In fact, i think i am in love, with my mat. So, if you end up buying on, let me know what you think of it, and if its worked for you.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Hello my new friend



This is the Yantra Mat.. I have been reading all about it and have finally gotten one today (thanks to Tilda who was out and about and discovered where they were selling them!). 

I cant wait to try it out tonight. I will keep you posted on how things are going.  Here is a little synopsis of what the Yantra Mat is all about:

  • If you are stressed out, sleep poorly, have low energy, tense muscles, stiffness, headaches, back or neck pains, or simply need a better, more complete rest, then the Yantra mat could be the best thing for you. When you lie down and relax on the Yantra mat’s flowers, you will feel some temporary pain. After a short time, the pain subsides and endorphins and oxytocin are released within your body. Your body’s rush of its own pain-relieving and happiness hormones will give you a real sensation of enjoyment and tranquility. After only a few weeks, many users experience fantastic results with increased well-being and improved health from regularly using Yantramattan.” (from

So, from all that above, lets see: low energy? yep. tense muscles? yep. Stiffness? yep. Headaches? yep. back or neck pains? yep and yep. need more complete/better rest? Oh yep!  BRING IT ON BABY!

Keep you posted!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Elton John - Benny and the Jets

So, I woke up with this song in my head this morning.. not sure why but it was there.

I went to find the video from 27 dresses movie to play it here for you, but I stumbled upon this one.. and couldnt help but post this video instead... I love to watch these people dance to white boys song on Soul Train.

I grew up with the Black culture highly influencing my life and often times much laughter occurred over a white girl trying to dance to "black" music.. but no more.. this shit is funny.

Im not trying to be disrespectful, or a racist, so dont take it that way... but if you have EVER in your life seen a white boy/girl dance to this song, you KNOW its VERY different than the video your watching now. My favorite is the guy in the camel colored suit who whips his hips back and forth to the piano keys.

Im sorry, Im just laughing to much.. I think I need to pee.

Ah.. my day is perfect after this!