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Friday, February 12, 2010


Now, since I have been living and working in this beautiful country, I have had to learn that things here in the ‘rural’ and often ‘backwards’ part of the country… anyway, they seem to baffle my little head sometimes. Whether its a tradition, or ‘thats the way we do it’ or whatever, sometimes I am completely surprised at how things are done. And, I shouldnt be… I should just learn to accept this things.. but sometimes they are so different from what I am use to that it just sideswipes me.

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Simple example:

Answering the phone this morning at work and Mr Man asks to speak to one of the idiots, who we will call PA (also known as PissAnt).

I put Mr Man on hold and go tell PissAnt,that the phone is for them. “PissAnt, Mr Man from Company X is on the phone for you”

PissAnt goes to the phone, and Im not sure what happens next but tells me ‘hes not there anymore’

To which I reply: “well, it was Mr Man from Company X”

AND… I was met with the most stupid, dumbfounded look possible… you know the look of deer in the head lights.. blinded by the thought or suggestion … stuck on stupid… mesmerised... it was there

My thinking was this: Call Mr Man back.

PissAnt’s thinking: What? Thought? Where? Who? Me? Oh, what am I doing here?

So, needless to say Mr Man has called back 3 times to speak to PissAnt.. who somehow cant figure out how to use the phone.

In ANY business I have worked, if someone rang for me and I had their details, I would ring them back… to solve whatever the call is about.

Not this particular PissAnt.



GooChick said...

I used to work with a doctor who did not know how to answer a call for him once it was put on hold.

So, when a call would come in for him we would have to just put the phone down, find this particular doctor and lead him to the phone. Didn't matter if he was in the middle of an autopsy or looking at slides under a microscope while trying to diagnose cancer, he just could not figure out how to push the red flshing "HOLD" button!

Anonymous said...

in the land of crims, i bet you thought there was brains too???