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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sniff Sniff.. Nose to Nose

So, at the moment Im dogsitting for my most favorite dog.  I adore my dear 4 Pawed Friend… Noody.  And, while Im dogsitting, I also have my little Monroe with me.  Now, they both do well, a little anxiety at first, testing the boundries and all for the first few hours when we are all together “playing happy family”.

Monroe tends to stand under the kitchen table, and sit on the chairs.. she likes to be at the same height as noody, and well, if she cant be, then she guards herself against the lean long legged dog.

Noody on the other hand wants check out what Monroe is doing. All the time. She is so concerned for and about her. Monroe isnt use to that (opps) and like a normal cat, likes to show independence. Noody, like a normal dog, likes to be the protector.

So… things are going well. The 2 fall asleep near each other without realizing it. The exhaustion of keeping an eye on the other one really wears them out at bedtime.

And, Monroe is really REALLY chatty. Shes not like this at home. Then again, maybe her and Noody have great conversations I just dont understand, cuz Noody seems to tilt her head and do this high pitched thing back.

I will get more photos, have gotten a few, but dont have my camera on me to download the photos. But, we are all adjusting… it just takes a day or two for the 2 of my critters to adjust.

And this morning? Progress… they both went up to each other and gave a sniff of the nose to the other.. and no puffy tail from Monroe, and no freaked out look from Noody. So… so far its a successful day! PROGRESS. and only 3 nights… see, why do people have such a hard time getting along? Cats & Dogs can sort out their stuff and live happily in 3 days. 


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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if people could just learn from animals. Nature tells us so much! Like after 3 days fish really stink!