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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

12 of em.. 2 x day

So, thats 24 in total right? Goodness.. the good thing is the pills are bullet sized, which helps on the going down the throat part! But, I feel like my insides must look like this:


Good news: I have been following orders by my acupuncturist (whom I trust heaps) and have been taking these pills as directed for inflammation  as well as general tonic as she tells me.


Cuz she thinks that doing this pill popping of Chinese Herbs & treatments once a week, as well as weekly trips to the Physio at the moment will help, and possibly reduce any need for surgery.  Actually, the word ‘possibly’ isnt correct, shes under the belief that it WILL work, and surgery is a waste of my time, with little results at the end for my knees.

Why do I trust what she says? Well, the surgeon I went to see, just so happens to be hers as well. She trusts him, and he did a fantastic job on her knee when she busted it all to hell in a motorcycle accident. But, she also did a massive amount of acupuncture to her leg as well (even the surgeon cant believe how good shes walking again!) and she also went to physio. So, I figure shes a bit of an expert as well.

And, my physio is wonderful. Painful, but I think its helping too. So, combine everything together, and I am quite excited that I do not have to have knee surgery and be out of commission for at least 6 weeks on a ‘hopeful’ this will solve the problem.

Anyway, why not use up all your options before going to such drastic measures, right?


Mentally Incontinent said...

I blew out my MCL back in autumn. They said surgery. I said NEVER (actually, I think I said that I can't afford it yet). Pampering by friends, acupressure, prayer and wishful thinking got me back up and running.

You're right for doing what you think is best for you. surgery is always an option you can consider later. Your body is the greatest machine ever made. In giving it a chance to heal itself, I think you're doing yourself a real service.

InALittleMinute said...

Thanks! Glad to hear your thoughts on it, and good to know that not having the surgery panned out okay for you as well.

I think the best thing is going thru the motions, putting in your best effort (resting, doing the exercises, icing...) and thinking positive... and so far it seems to be working!

JEZ said...

What's wrong with ur knees? Why the bandages? Physio? Acupuncture? I hate taking pills. I take B6, B12 and D and can barely remember! 24? You kiddin' me? My sis's knees used to be horrible until she started weird as that sounds. Mine have felt better since using the elliptical, but they were never actually THAT bad. What a pain though! Good luck with the alternative treatment. I believe you should prolong going under the knife as long as possible. We also have some cracked genes in our family. Look at all the surgeries Gma's had! Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi.