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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Oh my goodness

So, believe it or not I have used my new mat. I arrive yesterday to pick up the parents from their big trip to the city. I told mom that she would be for sure getting a ride home as she was kind enough to get my new purchase for me.

In sheer excitement, I wave to them in the distance, and upon seeing them face to face, my first words were something like, "Wheres my mat?" Afterall I have scoped them up and down from the distance and saw nothing like my mat being held, or transported.. panic set in.

Calmly, dad replies, "I have it, in my briefcase"

My only comment, "What, you think thats your guarantee for a ride home now?"

To which he didnt find any humor in it. No laughter. I of course thought it was funny, cuz thats what it was, a joke.. laughter moment.

So, we arrive to the house, and Im scarfing down my take-away dinner while mom pulls out my mat. She takes it out of the packaging. Lovingly, she displays it to me and touches it.. knowing that my hands are not going anywhere near it since Im eating dinner. And then she proceeds to lay down on the ground and try out my new mat.


Eh gawds... what are you doing woman? Im the one thats been anxious all day to get the thing, I have been researching it, dreaming it, shit I even blogged about it.

Get off my damn mat!

Nah, in all seriousness.. love the mat...serious. Go buy one today. I used it last night for 20 minutes (used it,... thats funny... I laid on the damn thing, and somehow thats considered 'using' it).haha. Anyway, I digress. So, I used it for 20 minutes on my back, and then laid on my stomach on it for 10 minutes. Then, put it away, and went to bed.

Aside from the best nights sleep I have had in about 5 years... my back feels amazing. Usually by this time of the day, Im twisting my back and putting weird things between my back and the chair to help massage the pain. I tend to get neck aches that make me want to detach my head. And today... nothing. Pretty pain free. So far.

I know, one day, one time of using, hard to believe right? Im with you, but trust me, I know my body.. and Im telling you, my back and neck havent felt this free of pain since oh.. lets say 1994 after my car accident. Serious.

Im convinced. In fact, i think i am in love, with my mat. So, if you end up buying on, let me know what you think of it, and if its worked for you.

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Anonymous said...

I believe your mother would have been making sure it was SAFE for her little girl to use! Glad it's doing the right thing! May have to invest in one for myself! Care for a trip to the city?