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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just cant reach it....

So my friend Suzy Q is planning on having her family over for dinner last night. Shes has a ton of things to do, and so she decides (also being a vego) that she will make the infamous bean dinner that my family makes... minus the meat. She grabs the list of ingredients which my mom wrote down for her months before and head to the store.

This dish is a throw it all in the crockpot and away you go... beans so delish that you just cant help but lift the lid and do a taste test.

So... Suzy Q is at the store, shopping away. She drives home and sees a Tawny Frog Mouthed Owl (its not really an owl, but a bird in any case)hurt on the road. She stops to pick it up and place it in her oversize purse/bag/satchel so that she can take it to the vets and hopefully it can recover and be back on his normal way.

After all is said and done... she arrives home to start the prep of the bean dish.. only to remember that the recipe is in the bottom of the bag, currently with the Tawny Frog Mouth Owl.. who has a very sharp beak!

Whats a girl to do? She calls mom and explains the situation, saying "I have all the ingredients, I just dont know the measurements! Help~".

All seems to be well, the bird is at the vets, Suzy Q's dinner was a smashing success, and now, as a family, we have another memory to add to list of already fantastic stories surrounding the bean dish.

Thanks Ms Suzy Q for being a friend to the wildlife too~ top job~!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

8 years ago

I moved here 8 years ago... with 6 suitcases to my name. Its strange how time goes...Somedays it seems like only a few years ago, and then other days it seems that the time is really draggin on and on.... (of course, I am trying to get residency so I pretty much know this timeline of 8 years thru each minute).

Strange tho... 8 years ago, I moved to another country to start a different life...

8 years ago, I moved from friends and family... thanks to all of those who have put in some effort... and to those who havent, well, you prob dont know much on the updates of my life now anyway.

Ive made some fantastic friends here.. and I have been able to know who is really my friends back home. Those that hang on with you, think of you, and put that extra bit of effort in (hopefully they think I do the same) those friendships are the ones worth keeping.

8 years ago... wow... mind numbing. Its weird to put your life in a time-frame of 8 years. I mean, 5 years, 10 years, all those segments seem to always get done.. but 8, I dont know, but I do know that for today, life is good.

And... Im thankful for all of you as you were not here with me 8 years ago... but you are today.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We are all in the same boat.. right? Then why do you think you need a bigger life-jacket?

No matter where you live or what type of work you do.. most people are feeling the economic crunch at the moment. Some are in danger of losing their homes (or already have), some have no job to go to everyday, some have no money to pay the lease on the car.. some have no food to feed the kids or themselves. People are doing it tough... at least thats what everyone is saying to each other.

So tell me this... if your doing it tough financially, exactly why would you go for lunch to the takeaway shop and spend $10 on junk food? OR this:

travel on the weekends to catch up with friends or family over 1 hrs drive
go out for lunch with the "girls" or your best mate
drive the kids everywhere on the weekends
drive to the local shop instead of walking or car-pooling
etc.. you get my point

Im not saying you have to stop living.. but dont sit and bitch to me that you have no money when you are running here and there and feeding your face quite comfortably.. and so forth.

The government here handed out some $ to help stimulate the economy.. do you know where the $ went????? To gambling and drinking... no one ever wants to give up those things. In fact, on a different rant.. my friend is a bartender at a local club here... she told me that the other weekend a certain someone who has recently ran a company into the ground and put thousands of people out of jobs, himself declaring bankruptcy... had a $500 tab at the bar, bet $400 on the horse racing, and he & his wife and kids were dressed to the nines.... oh I can see his suffering...

Just my point tho... IF you have NO money.. stop spending like you have it. It will not kill you to NOT go out for lunch with the friends all the time, it will NOT kill you to walk to the corner store for milk, it will NOT kill you to make a lunch at home and bring it to work and eat it for lunch... THINK PEOPLE.

It amazes me how people want to bitch all the time about no money, short on money,etc... what are you sacrificing to adjust your budget? Anything? Friends of mine just went and bought the kids new cell phones... what the ? Others went and paid for a car (as to which she cant afford the insurance much less the petrol cuz she doesnt work) oh yeah.. bright idea... lets buy her the car too! Genius.

No wonder we are in a slump of no money right now.... everyones been spending and spending and spending.. and all they think is someone somewhere is gonna come to the rescue.

Im just saying this: try to downsize your spending a bit.. a few little adjustments (minimal if you like) can add up and help your situation a bit. You just need to be smarter than what you have been....

Possible? Who knows, but I will bet you a dollar you know someone who is overspending....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Its just not right

I spoke to a friend today on the phone. She has a 6 year old daughter. Her daughter is in primary school at a PUBLIC school. They have choosen a PUBLIC school over a PRIVATE school as they do not want their daughter to be taught religion at school. They feel that religion is not something that should be taught by another person who is not raising their child. Also, they can not afford a private forum to send the child to attend. Regardless of their religious beliefs, of to which I will not disclose their personal beliefs on religion.. as it really doesnt have much to do with this blogbit.

Once a week, in the PUBLIC school, the child is to sit in on a religion class. She came home one day singing songs about JESUS. Of to which, the parents questioned where she heard that song, and her big, child eyes full of innocence, stating that the TEACHER at school had taught her in class today.

After much hassles with the school, the little girl and 3 other students are shuffled into a differnt classroom when this "religious class" occurs. This was only done because the parents became aware of the teachings, it wasnt UNTIL the kid came home singing about Jesus, that they were aware, AT ALL of this conduct within the PUBLIC school system. Apparently, in my backwards state, its now mandatory that a teacher teaches the child about religion at least once a week for a class hour. Christian religion at that. Im sure that there are more religions... Hindu, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddist...etc... why are these not taught then? Why the superior belief that only 1 should be taught.. why are ANY being taught at all in this forum? Whats with this?

The child sits in the class, nothing to do, and the RELIGIOUS TEACHER (who by the way is a teacher at the school, but puts on a pretend cap and becomes the religion teacher for that segment) comes in and checks on the 4 students in between her teachings of religion to the other students.

Exactly why is a 6 year child in SCHOOL unsupervised at all for any length of time????? Oh, because her parents dont want someone pushing their personal beliefs upong her.... goodness me... its insane. People analyze the bible differently , so even if the parents were fine with the teaching of religion, they may not be fine with the teachers version of the Bible. Still, its a public school - should NOT be there in the first place.

Im sorry, its a touchy subject, but I do not believe in my heart of hearts that ANY religion should be taught in a PUBLIC school.. there are venues for religious teachings.. they are called this: HOME, MOSQUES, PRIVATE RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS, CHURCHES, RELGIOUS GATHERINGS.. .you get my point.. .NOT IN A PUBLIC SCHOOL.

whats your thoughts?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cleaning your life away

I spoke to my grandma the other day to let her know I was home from my vacation, and to see how she was doing and how her Easter was, etc. After catching up, she shared some local gossip. She told me that a particular person in town had died.. I didnt know this person (age 84) so grams filled me in on some details.

She told me how this lady ALWAYS use to sweep the driveway off when her company left, to remove any dirt from the tires of the car, and remove any visible tracks.

She told me that this lady ALWAYS cleaned... ever since she knew her, she cleaned ALL the time.

Then, she tells me the poor lady died of a brain aneurism WHILE sweeping the driveway after her company left

I guess, although its prob not proper to laugh at it, but at least she died doing what she loved.. sweeping and cleaning. I did however, for the last few days find some chuckles in the contentment that this lady cleaned and cleaned and died cleaning. Then, there was some sadness, as I could only imagine that her husband would have told her at some time in their marriage , "Margaret, that sweeping is gonna be the death of you...."

In fact, that particular thought still makes me laugh. I cant help it.. criticize all you want, but its sort of funny.

THEN I read the obits.. and heres a snippit from her obit in the paper:

"Margaret enjoyed playing cards, sewing, gardening and taking care of the house. She spent many hours volunteering in the community. She helped the priests with their garden at the rectory, always helped with funeral lunches and assisted in keeping the church clean."

HAHAHA I am so sure I would be sent to hell... I laughed so hard, my eyes cried... which just goes to prove that I really should NOT slave away at a clean house... I would hate to be the butt of those jokes~

Monday, April 20, 2009

Briefs for a bit...

  • Im tired of being in my work enviornment today
  • I think I might be have some sort of "post vacation" blues
  • Im tired of hearing people babble incesantly about NOTHING and using mindless words to fill in time...
  • I wish people would DO as they SAY and STAND up for whats right
  • I would rather be at home with my cat... at least I know what to expect from her
  • I heard a GIRL call a stranger a paedophile yesterday while he was playing in the park with his kids... it still baffles me that people, oh excuse me, a teenager, could be so damn ignorant to words and slander
  • I colored my hair last night with moms help (of course) to help hide those pesky greys!
  • Im not planning on much for tonight, maybe its best that I dont venture too far from home tonight

Oh.... somedays I just want to be anywhere else than here.... somedays ....

Friday, April 17, 2009

At the moment, my dad is sitting in the doctors office getting ANOTHER needle in his eye to hopefully stop a deteriorating eye problem. He was doing well, as in his eyes seemed to be alright and not getting worse, but a few days after our trip he had blurred vision and wanted to head back to the doctor to see whats up.

I will keep you posted, but if you could say a little prayer (or kind thought) for dad and his eyes.. that would be good.... hate this waiting game.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Photos Pt 2 (Fruit)

Some interesting fruits available from the grocer or the streets (warungs) in Indonesia... there was much too much fruit, but here was 1 days adventure in the fruit aisle.
(Watermelon.. yes yellow watermelon! And, thats grapefruit on the right hand side... Indonesians are always trying to make things so much prettier than us..)
(Someone told me that this is similiar to cocoa.... not what I would have expected)

I dont actually remember what this one was.. sorry

$4700 rupiah....eiks! the only place I can feel like a millionair on a pitence of a wage~

And of course, Durian.... not my thing, but highly sought after in the Asian regions. I did learn tho, that the Durians from Indo are smaller and more sweet.. the large Durians usually generate from Japan and have a more bitter taste... but thats if you can get past the smell.... not my thing!

Quick Recap..actually photos

So my computer has shit itself...or I would like to say that rather than shit itself, its now on holidays, waiting to be "rejuvenated". Stupid machinery. I just dont want to lose all the contents..... please oh please... keep it working!~

Im at work, and heaps to do, but I will update the photos, and add content throughout the days... at work. Hey, everyone else is in "slow mo" why shouldn't I be? right?

I have things to catch up on, so until I get the home computer up and running properly.... I will give some Snipets...enjoy the first batch of photos, if you have any questions or want a better explanation... just let me know. (above: Rice Fields outside our rented Villa in UBUD. Ubud is almost in the centre of Bali. Although it is only 25 km from where we always stay, the drive takes 2 and a bit hours to do because of the road and traffic conditions. Once you arrive in Ubud, its a whole different world to the other locations in Bali.)
(above: This is the villa we rented while in Ubud. Great deal! We had a 3bdrm, 3.5 bath, private pool, fans, screens, tv, cable, stereo, etc. It was an awesome villa, although the road getting to the villa was a bit interesting... certainly wouldnt walk it at night, too many holes in the road.)
(above: an example of a piece of wood carving in Bali. The town of MAS is known for its great mastery of wood carving, but you can find it anywhere and everywhere. Some pieces we saw took almost a year to complete with the help of a few people.. the detail was so particular. The different woods they used also really complimented the pieces. True artists.)
(above: The gang. A few nights of drinking, and sitting around chatting, and being able to help teach/ learn English and Indonesian. The best tailor around is in this photo... if anyone goes to Bali, let me know, I wouldnt trust anyone else to do the tailoring for me. I fell in love also on my trip... Im sitting next to him..amazing how sometimes destiny just takes you and finds you.... come whatever may. I had so much fun sitting around and seeing all sorts of walks of lifes -tourists, locals, loan managers, etc- all come into the shop and have a chat... it was fantastic!)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Feeling so at home

There is a huge part of me that always feels like I am returning home when I come to Bali. The happy faces of everyone, the contagious smiles of the Balinese, the excitement when I am around. It is such a feeling of contentment and peaceful being that surrounds me here in this environment.

My heart feels at home here, its a wonderful feeling to experience. I do not have that feeling at my home in the states... the serenity here fills your soul and encapsulates every cell of your body.

It is where I come to find myself again. Even in the busy noises of the children, motorbikes, store attendants, all the noises... you can so easily find the serenity you seek.

Good to be home. On the flip side, I return back to normal life soon... its always good to be back to normal, or as "normal" as normal can be. But, for now, I live in the moment and the environment that brings me such pleasure.

Cant wait to share the photos. I have been to Kintamani again, and since my first visit 10 years ago, there is some growth happening from the volcanic eruption that occured in 2000, which is good to see. I have seen Basakih Temple again, of course, as tradition would have it, a ceremony was taking place. Ceremonies everywhere actually, such a pride in everyone to have the ceremonies. Today, in UBUD (region) many homes have the holy man come to the house and bless the house and they place offerings in different spots in the home, and outside the home, on teh electricity box (in hopes of continued power) and have the water blessed... amazing to see.

Well, my internet time almost up so I must sign off for now... catch up soon. Hope your well and safe. I hear its STILL raining back home... but no fear, its sunny as where I am!

Friday, April 03, 2009

new travels

Im off to UBUD tomorrow, which is about a 2 hr drive north..many rice fields and much more of a "village" feeling there. Plus, a bonus is that I get my own room too... here I have had to share a room with our friend, but for a few days, I dont have to I wont be serenading her to sleep with my snoring.

Plus side? I got a new husband... so we walking around calling each other husband and wife... his name is donny, and hes got money and because his brother is a tailor (he made me a fantastic pair of leather shoes) his brother is offering that he will make my wedding dress for me if I marry his brother... ah... what a good time we are having... good laughs and enjoying joking and chatting with locals.

It really feels like I have returned home. This place is pure Magic. I relax and enjoy life so much here, and really feel so special all the time. Its a fantastic spot for me to be, and so needed this fantastic holiday.

Catch up soon. Love & Hugs to all.


Oh, and my snowbird friends.... Ouch on the snowstorm... I was in the pool twice today, and will enjoy it heaps and think of you in your gloves & long underwear..... hehe.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Still on holidays...loving life! Swimming, shopping, massages, bargaining, chatting with the locals... all a great time.

Hope you are all well.

Back soon, my drink and my shoes (which I had made for me) are waiting.