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Monday, April 20, 2009

Briefs for a bit...

  • Im tired of being in my work enviornment today
  • I think I might be have some sort of "post vacation" blues
  • Im tired of hearing people babble incesantly about NOTHING and using mindless words to fill in time...
  • I wish people would DO as they SAY and STAND up for whats right
  • I would rather be at home with my cat... at least I know what to expect from her
  • I heard a GIRL call a stranger a paedophile yesterday while he was playing in the park with his kids... it still baffles me that people, oh excuse me, a teenager, could be so damn ignorant to words and slander
  • I colored my hair last night with moms help (of course) to help hide those pesky greys!
  • Im not planning on much for tonight, maybe its best that I dont venture too far from home tonight

Oh.... somedays I just want to be anywhere else than here.... somedays ....

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Anonymous said...

yup -sounds like you're having what I like to call a "red ruby slippers moment">If only we could click our heels together like Dorothy,chant "there's no place like home" and bingo! be spirited away.Hang in there!