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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Its just not right

I spoke to a friend today on the phone. She has a 6 year old daughter. Her daughter is in primary school at a PUBLIC school. They have choosen a PUBLIC school over a PRIVATE school as they do not want their daughter to be taught religion at school. They feel that religion is not something that should be taught by another person who is not raising their child. Also, they can not afford a private forum to send the child to attend. Regardless of their religious beliefs, of to which I will not disclose their personal beliefs on religion.. as it really doesnt have much to do with this blogbit.

Once a week, in the PUBLIC school, the child is to sit in on a religion class. She came home one day singing songs about JESUS. Of to which, the parents questioned where she heard that song, and her big, child eyes full of innocence, stating that the TEACHER at school had taught her in class today.

After much hassles with the school, the little girl and 3 other students are shuffled into a differnt classroom when this "religious class" occurs. This was only done because the parents became aware of the teachings, it wasnt UNTIL the kid came home singing about Jesus, that they were aware, AT ALL of this conduct within the PUBLIC school system. Apparently, in my backwards state, its now mandatory that a teacher teaches the child about religion at least once a week for a class hour. Christian religion at that. Im sure that there are more religions... Hindu, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddist...etc... why are these not taught then? Why the superior belief that only 1 should be taught.. why are ANY being taught at all in this forum? Whats with this?

The child sits in the class, nothing to do, and the RELIGIOUS TEACHER (who by the way is a teacher at the school, but puts on a pretend cap and becomes the religion teacher for that segment) comes in and checks on the 4 students in between her teachings of religion to the other students.

Exactly why is a 6 year child in SCHOOL unsupervised at all for any length of time????? Oh, because her parents dont want someone pushing their personal beliefs upong her.... goodness me... its insane. People analyze the bible differently , so even if the parents were fine with the teaching of religion, they may not be fine with the teachers version of the Bible. Still, its a public school - should NOT be there in the first place.

Im sorry, its a touchy subject, but I do not believe in my heart of hearts that ANY religion should be taught in a PUBLIC school.. there are venues for religious teachings.. they are called this: HOME, MOSQUES, PRIVATE RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS, CHURCHES, RELGIOUS GATHERINGS.. .you get my point.. .NOT IN A PUBLIC SCHOOL.

whats your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

VERY touchy but I have to agree with you. Well done

GooChick said...

Crazy! I was under the impression that there was a separation of church and state and being as public schools are run by the government, shouldn't that in itself keep religion out of the classroom?