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Saturday, September 24, 2011

i dislike my emotions today

im feeling very blah. and yet very frustrated today.  I have this rage inside me today that just wants to let it all go... I want to go run from everything... yet theres really nothing to run from. Im just feeling a bit overwhelmed today I guess.

Maybe it doesnt help that:

-the job I for sure thought i aced and would get to the next level, doesnt want me... ?? wtf?
-my friend has been sentenced to at least 10 years in prison.. again... yep.. slow learner
-im frustrated with people in general
-i think the lack of disregard of other peoples space and all is a joke lately
-its school holidays here in Oz, so it appears as if no one is watching their children
-i had a kid throw a rock at me yesterday.... good upbringing... everything in power to not choke the little shit and his mother

so, nothing really extravagent.. just feel so *&(*&(*&(*&*()_)__ over everything... I just want to scream... I want to cry... I just want to hide.. I want to get in my car and crank the tunes as loud as they can go, and be on a road where no one else is driving...

Ive had enough for the day. Lets hope tomorrow is better. It certainly should be.