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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life is good :P



Life is good :P

Days of Past



When I was a kid I had so much fun with these little things. Our yard was full of them, and that was probably due to me blowing them all over the yard.. hehe. opps!

I have just discovered that my ex-fiancé has gotten married. And they are pregnant. WHAT THE FUCK? Serious?

Let’s get something straight before we go ANY further: I live in a diff country than he does. I have no feelings like that love crap towards him anymore. I was told by a dear friend that he felt I was ‘settling’ if I married said person. I ended the relationship, not the other way around. We caught up once, and it was apparent that no love was lost from either of us. I still smoked, that shit him and he still had some stupid arrogance about him that shitted me. So, this news isnt awkward to me cuz Im still in love or any of that crap.


But, when you make plans to share a life with someone, it still impacts you a little bit. It is weird to think that he is with someone else. It was supp to be my dream with him. Not HERS. Granted, it ended up not being a dream, more of a drain on my life.. but still.. the point is its strange to hear the news about your ex.


And than there is that part of me that goes.. Im still single. Hes not. No biggie. I actually LOVE being single. I havent stumbled upon anyone who really has changed my mind. Until they walk into my life, Im so in love with my life as a single person, and 100% happy with the choices I have made to stay single.

But holy shit, said person done got married, having ANOTHER kid… wow. Our lives are so different. The things that we ended up with or wanting are so different. It makes you wonder what the 2 of us saw as common in the first place. He said he wanted to travel. I love to travel. I have, he hasnt. Kids were never discussed really (we were young) and it was one of those things that if it happened, it was the way it was to be. But, now he has a kid by some accident (or so he told me of a drunken night with a girl he hates) and now hes gotten this one preggers. And married her.




Our lives have taken way different journeys.

Thank goodness I am on the path I am on.  So, said person, I wish you well. I wish you happiness and contentment in your life. I hope you find everything you were looking for (and lost). 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rainy Days

It was a perfect rainy type of day here. It rained most of last night and until just after 8ish this morning. I had actually gotten to sleep in a bit this morning too. Nothing like hearing rain drops to keep you in bed on a saturday morning!

After a few adventures for the day, I settled in for a movie. I picked up the movie “Henry Lee Lucas”.  I was in the video store wandering thru a bunch of titles and came across this movie. I picked it up in my hands, and it instantly reminded me of reading the book – as a teenager. It was gruesome and full of anything you wanted, to take your imagination to various depths.


I really liked stories about crime back then (still do). I remember wanting to be a crime forensics investigator or a lawyer … anything along those lines. I was intrigued by WHAT made people do certain things. I was bewildered HOW some people thought. I was amazed by the REASONS people gave for doing things.


When I read about Henry Lee Lucas, I was still in high school. The book told of his life and his murders that he committed. Some of the murders were with a man named Otis Toole. Others, he committed solely by himself. He confessed to over 3000 murders in the USA, but many people didnt really believe that he killed most of them. Some people thought it was for the thrill of being given attention, something Henry Lee Lucas hadnt had as a child. Some people are really convinced that he killed all those people. Whatever the case, he is known for being one of the most notorious Serial Killers to this day.

Whether he actually killed all those people or not will only be known to him. It is certain that he killed his mother when she was 64 years of age.  As for the others, its really a mystery. He was sentenced to death in Texas. Otis was sentenced to six life sentences in Florida.


So.. back to the movie store.. while the video is in my hands, I get this urge to want to see the movie. What would I have forgotten? What was it about this story that intrigued me at the library to read it? And then, the thought of ‘shit this is messed up and I read it as a kid?’ came into my head too.


I rented it. Got home and watched it. There were a few things I had forgotten about in the story. I must admit, it was a good movie. Mr. Antonio hunkalot is in it too… as Henry Lee Lucas!

At the end of the movie, it states that Otis died in prison and that one of the Presidents of the Bush entourage changed Henry Lee Lucas’ sentence to life in prison. He died in a Texas prison in 2001.  Somehow, during the movie, I still couldnt come up with a verdict on whether or not he did indeed kill all those people. I remember reading the book thinking he must of, but I was a bit naive at the time too due to age.  So, I guess it still remains a bit of a mystery.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Now you want to?

I dont really like to do jump on the celebrity bandwagon and blog about it, but when I stumbled upon this photo, I feel the need to say something.

First off, its Miley Cyrus (sp?) and her dad Billy Ray. Some may be more familiar with this description: its the dad who whored out his kid so he could still have money. Daddy spent all his money from that achey breaky heart ‘tune’ doing all sorts of things, and once his daughter was old enough to exploit (he watched McCauley Caulkins family and decided to wait a few more years then they did) daddy threw the kid into the spotlight and renamed her. Hannah Montana. 

It sickens me how many people know this crap. It sickens me that I know this crap. It sickens me more that the guy at my local IGA deli was telling me about his kids fascination with the show and music of H.M. 

Do I look like I care? No. NO. NO. Anyway, back to the funny… so while daddy & moneytree are wandering the beach and moneytree is wearing a skimpy bikini (of course, NOT looking for attention or anything) daddy FINALLY becomes protective…. have a looksy:


Isnt that cute? After all that exploitation, err, um… advancement of your kids career, you FINALLY decide to get serious and point at people with that stern look. Cracks me up!  I am sure he will now try to charge, err, um, ask his kid for more financial support, err, um rent due to his great bodyguard techniques.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I am in love

all over again!

I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a weber grill. I had one years ago, but not for the last 10 years that I have lived in this country.

So I was set that I was going to get me a grill. A charcoal grill. One to love & to make me happy. One to have my tastebuds satisfied each time.


I did get a Weber (very important) and although I was set on getting a standard standing Weber, I walked out the door with this one:


Its perfect and I am in love! I can take it with me to the beach, out by the pool, to a friends place, or tuck it in the garage so that it stays in good condition and doesnt make my backyard look cluttered… cuz there is no giant BBQ standing around!

I had the best piece of chicken in YEARS. Mouthwatering! Oh, did I forget to mention its a charcoal grill? LOVING THIS!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stick it there please

So, I am going to acupuncture and physio to help my knees and avoid surgery. So far, good progress. However, the last few weeks, I seem to have this feeling where I want to grab my foot and pull it behind me up to my ear. To stretch my muscles in my leg. I just can not get satisfied with a normal stretch. And, lets be honest, I can not, under any circumstances bend my foot to my ear behind me.

Today I had an acupuncture appt. I told my situation and although its not a setback, its not progressing like we all wish it would. Ugh.

Over 50 needles into my legs today. The needles look something like this: 
And then for more effectiveness, we have this machine which attaches to 12 of the needles to create a stronger effect. Its similar to a TENS machine in that it pulses and can be adjusted with the levels of strengths or weakness to which is most comfortable.

So, my legs look like this colorful picture:
I couldnt feel one of the pulses connected to the needle. She would turn it up a bit more. Nothing. Bit more. Nothing. More. Nothing. Mind you, the other needles attached to the machine were pulsing away to the most strength I could have handled for the 25 minutes duration. Except this one. So, she cranks it up… a bit too much and sends my arms waving, blood rushing to my head and a slight scream came out to which she panicked and turned it down. Hilarious. Probably doesnt sound hilarious, but when your waiting for the sensation to happen, and you get nodda.. and then you do and its way more powerful than you expected or can handle, holy sheet… mama look out! We finally got it sorted and at the right strength, but not after both of us had a minor heart attack. Remember, my legs are FULL of needles and I can not move them. 


Well, we will see if 50 needles in the leg does any wonders this week. They are feeling wonderful at the moment, so can only go one day at a time. As I am learning, this is not going to be a quick process. However, its not as painful as it use to be. I can walk much better and stronger than I could before, and its really nice to not buckle at the knees for no reason now. One day at a time folks. One day at a time.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just a little bit homesick



I am a bit homesick at the moment.

Why? I am homesick for what use to be. I was listening online to my ‘old radio station from back home’ and while quietly giggling to myself about how some of the people who called in on the station sounded Oh So MinnESOOOOTAN, the radio station announced a concert coming up.  In July.

Right around the time of my birthday.

It brought back the idea of what I could be doing on my birthday. If I was back home. I imagined we would pack up the cars and head to the campsite and party hard to the 80’s hair bands which were playing the weekend of my birthday. Just like we use to do in the olden days.  It didnt matter who was with who. Where you were sleeping, or even if you had a tent of your own. You knew you could fall into someones tent at the end of the party and all would be fine. You would wake up, start the bonfire, and then make your way to the concerts after you had your breakfast and chatted about all the stuff that happened once you passed out.


Good times. Great memories.  Thats what makes me homesick today. Thinking of back then.  Some of the bands who are playing are: Dust n Bones (tribute band), Warrant, Winger (remember them!), LA Guns, Blimp, Vince Neil, Tesla (OMG!) and Dokken. Ah, I can just imagine the moments to be had that weekend.


To add to the fire, my friend wrote on that gawdforbidden networking site how she drove past our old apartment, and couldnt help but think of all the memories of that place. And that was one wild place. I think the neighbors were glad to see my lease up. Or did I get kicked out? ha. just kidding.  It brought tears to my eyes reading her words.


But, life is different now. Im different. But yet Im the same. I miss the ability to do those things here in this country. Yeah, to a point I can still go camping (amongst the dunes with snakes) and listen to bands (most of them I have no clue who they are) but its different. Its different than getting together with the gang and screaming out “shes my cherry pie” and “kickstart my heart” with your best friends who have seen you thru thick and thin (and probably helped get me into most of the thick spots).


Its just a passing thing. I think its healthy to some point to be homesick. It helps remind you of all sorts of things. Memories. Moments. Friends. Drama. Blah blah blah. You get the point. And really, its probably only because its near my birthday and all that makes me feel this way. Knowing what could have been, and where most of them will be that weekend. Hopefully, they party hard, and think of me.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One of those days

I have shed tears after a days work in a long time. They werent painful tears, but tears of complete exhaustion. I had absol no more to give. In fact, I wanted to cry at my desk at work. Frustrated and wanting to just throw something (out of my character) I had a few moments were I said my peace, loudly, and one of the times it just so happened the boss heard. Normally, I would have tried to compose myself. Or, IF I really wanted to say my bit, I would have made sure the boss wasnt there so I could just vent. But I had no more to give. I didnt care if he heard me. Honestly, you reach that point where you just think, “F**K it, deal with it, you dont like it, well today I dont give a shit. You need to know how this is going”

And he heard.

And pretended like nothing was happening. In fact, in some bizarre twist to my day, he went and screwed with EVERYTHING I had organized for a smooth sailing at work tomorrow. You know, deliveries scheduled and contacted; drivers booked for particular jobs; employees knowing what was happening so that everyone was properly informed; etc.

Im not sure if I bruised his ego or he was shitty with my comments, and this was his way of getting back at me. I dont know. And I almost didnt care. I had, for lack of better terms, given up for the day. I was fighting every urge in me to not lay in the fetal position at work and cry myself into a nice calming place. I dont get like that often, and for those of you who read this that know me in real life, you know that I had reached my peak. I can not give anymore. I couldnt muster a nice word or smile. I couldnt hear another bullshit reason for anything.

So, I left work 15 minutes past my normal knock off time. I got to the end of the street (ironically, there is a cemetery at the corner) and turned right and let the tears flow.

My salvation tonight was one man.

This man:

Thank you Captain!

One would think I should know by now…

So, the guy at work who is supp to be in charge of things tells me to cancel the phone account for the cell phones. I wait 3 weeks after he tells me. Often times, he says things on a whim, and then decides to not do the task, making me do the job unnecessarily or waste precious time doing something which later gets the axe. For example, pulling data for the last 4 months regarding a particular project, then to decide, the info isnt necessary, a guess by someone who HAS NO INVOLVEMENT in the situation will provide figures. Eh.

So, I send him on the mission to wait on the phone line for approx 30 minutes all so he can cancel the phones. See, I have waited the approx timeline and apparently he still wants to cancel them. But, in the meantime, I have a heap of other tasks to do, so I ask if he wants to sit on the phone and wait for the non-understandable person to help us cancel the account.

He thinks he has become the new super hero. Great! Certainly! Not A Problem!  So, he calls the company exactly 8 days ago. Apparently, according to him, we dont have an account with the phone company anymore. He is thrilled and protruding out his chest at such good work and such a simple task completed. By him.

So, 8 days later, the phones still work. What the? I call the phone company today and after a few minutes, they tell me that I need to fax a letterhead and so forth. Now, Im on hold with the cancellation department. I have enquired about our May 10 phone call which states that we didnt have an account, and that I certainly dont want any cancellation fees from this. (Our contract actually ended on the 13 & 15th). This little tasks has had me on hold for 14 minutes and 36 seconds so far. Eh.

Why didnt I learn in the first place that the job would not have been completed in full to an acceptable term? Why oh why, did I think ONE BLOODY TASK COULD BE HANDLED WITHOUT A HASSLE? STupid!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bird Spotting

All pictures are property of the owner of this blog. Copying, Saving, or using without written permission of me (owner of blog) will get you hung in a tree and most likely cost you a bucket load of money. Well, just enough to buy a holiday around the world, for the rest of my life!






Saturday Snippets

So, today brought me to a great day off! The weather was gorgeous, and I was so in love with having time to just be.  I wandered to a small town which was hosting a “body art” festival.  I had been in previous years, but heard this year was to bigger and better than before. WRONG. It was still good to see people showcasing their talent, but as for bigger. No. WRONG. Instead of the previous years where there was ample room for spectators as well as the artists to walk the area and look at the event, the organizers put them in one area. Similar to a corral, spectators could only see if the person if front of decided to move or leave their area. And, you couldnt stand there for an amount of time and watch the creation unfold, because you were being nudged in the back by people trying to get around the event. Oh, did I forget to mention that while this event was on, the usual Saturday markets (which draws 1000’s of people on a busy) was also on. Einstein move? Not so much.  More like Charlie Brown.

Either way, it was still good to be there and support it. Will I be going back next year? Im not sure. This year sort of turned me off the whole thing. If I can not stand and enjoy the artists work and watch the talent of the creation before unfold as a story, Im not sure I need to see it. I will just read about it the paper. Afterall, the photos the journos take will probably be better than what I can see from my 4th person deep, tippy toe raised viewing spot. All because some organizer couldnt keep it the way it was before. Look, if its working, why change it? Serious.

I did get a few shots of the event. I couldnt be bothered cropping or touching anything up for any of you. BUT, please remember, These photos are listed to my rights. Copyrighted for my own use. Any copying or saving for your own use without my written permission is ILLEGAL.

OK. Now that the mean parts done…


What a great idea! Certainly were a huge hit, there was a line up for these things.





Corset.. complete with FULL toe stockings!

IMG_2960 IMG_2965




I LOVED photographing this girl.. she had such great energy about her.. from the makeup to the hair to the look in her eyes… but I only took a few, I didnt want her to think I was stalking her!

IMG_2991 IMG_2988



So.. which one do you think is best?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Nice…

Originally, I lived in Minnesota. I now live in the ‘land down under’.

In Minnesota, there was always this saying once people knew from other states knew you were from there. They would all say… “Oh, Minnesota Nice” cuz if you listen to the hype, and stumble upon a few good ol Minnesotans… you kinda feel like you have known them your whole life. Whether you wanted to or not, we are just that damn nice that they gave us a special term.

Minnesota Nice

Sometimes I have seen this extend to stopping in the middle of the your hurried drive home in a blizzard to help a fellow motorists get his car back on the road rather than the giant 10 foot snowbank its stuck in, –10 degrees windchill… you get the idea

Sometimes, the lady you run into whom you havent seen for years asks “How are you” and actually gives a shit. She stands there long enough to listen. With concern, she may even ask a few more questions about you since you last saw each other.

Sometimes, a Minnesotan will offer to pick up your relatives at the airport (even tho they have never met them) and if the Minnesota Nice really comes out, might get an invite for dinner (casserole or def a meat and potatoes kinda thing) or the classic "you dont need to get a hotel room, heck Joe, your family can stay at our place, plentya room for ‘em all”.

Anyway, you get the point. Where I come from its just plain nice. Nice folks. Nice cattle. Nice pets. Nice everything. I sometimes believe its due to the winter lasting forever that our brains freeze in that Nice mode… we dont know any better.

So, I move to Australia. The land down under. Here is the biggest thing that really, i mean REALLY shits me. Always has. But for some reason this week, its just irking underneath my skin.

Scenario: Im at work. Pass a fellow co-worker (using the term lightly here) for the first time of the day.

Me: “Morning (name), how are you?”

It: “Hi, hows things?” and walks away.

WHAT? Now: A- you didnt respond to the question asked. And then, B- you ask me a question and then leave sight.

Now, in MN, we would pull you up for being rude. Not answering a question is just plain rude. Walking away after asking a question is liable to get you shot by a hunting rifle in MN. And, in MN, we would probably follow you around (while you were walking away from us) to answer YOUR question to us. For goodness sakes, we dont want to be seen as rude, and you asked us a question, therefore, goes to reason you were looking for an answer.

Here? Here its the norm! Im not sure if it cuz they dont really care how I am, or if they have super slack listening and communicating skills, or if they are just plain RUDE.

dont give a shit

But, for this week, its really shitting me. And so today I gave it back to them. I asked a question about them, and walked away before they could answer it. I figure if I do it to those who do it to me, thats alright. But, Im not gonna get rid of this MN NICE… Im just going to bring it out for good, nice, and kind people… and for those who shower…. and wear cologne or perfume rather than adorn their body with smelly clothes and funky BO smells. Yep. Thats the plan. Keep the MN NICE for people who deserve it.

So, tell me… “HOW ARE YOU?”






Tuesday, May 11, 2010




I have neglected this blog for a bit, and for that Im sorry. Back to the grind of it!


Work has been bizarre, crazy & insanely frustrating at the best of moments. Selling? Yes. No. Yes. No. Overprice ourselves. Ask too much money. Try to salvage our ‘good name reputation’ due to a variety of circumstances. Sell NOW. Wait. Hurry to get information. No. No sale.

Then, in the same breath, maybe a workable agreement. ? Seriously, what the heck is going on? How am I supp to manage all this?  There is the part of me that wants to go elsewhere, but due to some travelling commitments and visitors coming, if I can hold out until the new year, it would be great. If they could hold out until then, thats great too. But then the stress and frustration comes and I just want to pack it up that day. 

Maybe most of us feel that way about work? I dont know.  Im so baffled by all the latest developments, or lack of developments, that I think my head is just spinning with it all.

Went to the PT today and was great. Painful – on slightly. Good news is that my biking is going well for my recovery of my knees. We had grinding yet, but its better than it was. Good news, it was 3 weeks since my last appt so its good to know that my progress is actually going somewhere positive! And, my change in how I am doing things with my knees, walking, etc is working.  Lots of work, but hey, has to be done. Surgery is not an option that I like, and with the progress I can see and FEEL, I am pleased that I hadnt booked in for surgery when it was suggested.

I have done a bit of home redecorating and loving it. Nothing major, but a few adjustments which I really like. And special thanks to my fantastic friends who donated 2 gorgeous and comfy chairs to the ‘InALittleMinute Redecoration Fund’.  They even came with footstools… Monroe is loving it. Although the first 2 days she had difficulties with the new chair. See, it replaced the recliner which was big and chunky, with a sleek chair.  Monroe previously loved to sit on the back of the recliner and take naps… imagine the first jump onto the new sleek chair and not work… yep.. Monroe did this clumsy half ass ‘save myself’ jump and landed about 2 feet away from the chair. Not once. Not twice. FOUR times. Each followed by a nasty ass chewing directing straight at me. Luckily, I think I have convinced her the footstool is more comfy. We will see… she likes to make up her own mind on things. All in time.

In fact, Im still waiting for her to fall madly in love with the sheepskin rug I bought for her.  Still waiting. Now, when I look at the rug on the couch (its not really a rug, but a large square) all I see is a blaring large price stating $32.50 wasted! Damn it. I try to convince myself she lays on it when Im at work. Trying. Instead, I only see her hide her plastic mice under there and then charge at it to uncover her loved mouse and fling it in the air.

How do you make a cat understand that its not a toy, its supp to comfy for her. Ugh.

I have had a few good bits of news these past few weeks:

  • friend coming to visit for a holiday
  • booked a holiday… RELAXING holiday
  • progress going well on my knees
  • put the shoe shelf together
  • packed away some clothes in the closet

So, all in all, I think this is going to be a really good year. My birthday is coming up .. in July… but somehow it seems as people have these targets set for people when they reach a certain age.


Kids, house, hubby, picket fence…. etc

My milestones: great life, lots of love, fantastic friends & family, stability in my own thoughts,… all sorts of things that make me think Im on the right track. And, my milestones are going quite fine. I certainly dont need to follow the norm of the milestones society sees fit. Afterall, I do like to rebel a bit.

So, Im back on the blog. Trust me. See you tomorrow.

Oh, How I Have Missed You.