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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just a little bit homesick



I am a bit homesick at the moment.

Why? I am homesick for what use to be. I was listening online to my ‘old radio station from back home’ and while quietly giggling to myself about how some of the people who called in on the station sounded Oh So MinnESOOOOTAN, the radio station announced a concert coming up.  In July.

Right around the time of my birthday.

It brought back the idea of what I could be doing on my birthday. If I was back home. I imagined we would pack up the cars and head to the campsite and party hard to the 80’s hair bands which were playing the weekend of my birthday. Just like we use to do in the olden days.  It didnt matter who was with who. Where you were sleeping, or even if you had a tent of your own. You knew you could fall into someones tent at the end of the party and all would be fine. You would wake up, start the bonfire, and then make your way to the concerts after you had your breakfast and chatted about all the stuff that happened once you passed out.


Good times. Great memories.  Thats what makes me homesick today. Thinking of back then.  Some of the bands who are playing are: Dust n Bones (tribute band), Warrant, Winger (remember them!), LA Guns, Blimp, Vince Neil, Tesla (OMG!) and Dokken. Ah, I can just imagine the moments to be had that weekend.


To add to the fire, my friend wrote on that gawdforbidden networking site how she drove past our old apartment, and couldnt help but think of all the memories of that place. And that was one wild place. I think the neighbors were glad to see my lease up. Or did I get kicked out? ha. just kidding.  It brought tears to my eyes reading her words.


But, life is different now. Im different. But yet Im the same. I miss the ability to do those things here in this country. Yeah, to a point I can still go camping (amongst the dunes with snakes) and listen to bands (most of them I have no clue who they are) but its different. Its different than getting together with the gang and screaming out “shes my cherry pie” and “kickstart my heart” with your best friends who have seen you thru thick and thin (and probably helped get me into most of the thick spots).


Its just a passing thing. I think its healthy to some point to be homesick. It helps remind you of all sorts of things. Memories. Moments. Friends. Drama. Blah blah blah. You get the point. And really, its probably only because its near my birthday and all that makes me feel this way. Knowing what could have been, and where most of them will be that weekend. Hopefully, they party hard, and think of me.

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