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Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Nice…

Originally, I lived in Minnesota. I now live in the ‘land down under’.

In Minnesota, there was always this saying once people knew from other states knew you were from there. They would all say… “Oh, Minnesota Nice” cuz if you listen to the hype, and stumble upon a few good ol Minnesotans… you kinda feel like you have known them your whole life. Whether you wanted to or not, we are just that damn nice that they gave us a special term.

Minnesota Nice

Sometimes I have seen this extend to stopping in the middle of the your hurried drive home in a blizzard to help a fellow motorists get his car back on the road rather than the giant 10 foot snowbank its stuck in, –10 degrees windchill… you get the idea

Sometimes, the lady you run into whom you havent seen for years asks “How are you” and actually gives a shit. She stands there long enough to listen. With concern, she may even ask a few more questions about you since you last saw each other.

Sometimes, a Minnesotan will offer to pick up your relatives at the airport (even tho they have never met them) and if the Minnesota Nice really comes out, might get an invite for dinner (casserole or def a meat and potatoes kinda thing) or the classic "you dont need to get a hotel room, heck Joe, your family can stay at our place, plentya room for ‘em all”.

Anyway, you get the point. Where I come from its just plain nice. Nice folks. Nice cattle. Nice pets. Nice everything. I sometimes believe its due to the winter lasting forever that our brains freeze in that Nice mode… we dont know any better.

So, I move to Australia. The land down under. Here is the biggest thing that really, i mean REALLY shits me. Always has. But for some reason this week, its just irking underneath my skin.

Scenario: Im at work. Pass a fellow co-worker (using the term lightly here) for the first time of the day.

Me: “Morning (name), how are you?”

It: “Hi, hows things?” and walks away.

WHAT? Now: A- you didnt respond to the question asked. And then, B- you ask me a question and then leave sight.

Now, in MN, we would pull you up for being rude. Not answering a question is just plain rude. Walking away after asking a question is liable to get you shot by a hunting rifle in MN. And, in MN, we would probably follow you around (while you were walking away from us) to answer YOUR question to us. For goodness sakes, we dont want to be seen as rude, and you asked us a question, therefore, goes to reason you were looking for an answer.

Here? Here its the norm! Im not sure if it cuz they dont really care how I am, or if they have super slack listening and communicating skills, or if they are just plain RUDE.

dont give a shit

But, for this week, its really shitting me. And so today I gave it back to them. I asked a question about them, and walked away before they could answer it. I figure if I do it to those who do it to me, thats alright. But, Im not gonna get rid of this MN NICE… Im just going to bring it out for good, nice, and kind people… and for those who shower…. and wear cologne or perfume rather than adorn their body with smelly clothes and funky BO smells. Yep. Thats the plan. Keep the MN NICE for people who deserve it.

So, tell me… “HOW ARE YOU?”







JEZ said...

"That's niiiiice". Remember that joke your Mom used to tell. Probably still does if she's a true Minnesotan. That said, SHUSH on telling the world how nice we are. We are overpopulated already! Word got out way back when and we are starting to get down right M-E-A-N. HAHA. Good ole Minnesota~

InALittleMinute said...

Jez: Yes, she tells that joke... I think its the only one she can remember.. haha.

Anonymous said...

I bet your mother tells other jokes but she's had a daughter to be her memory so many times that she's gotten slack...can't be perfect in all areas!
I'll sign this annonymouse cause i can't remember my password:-)

InALittleMinute said...

I think the priceless moment of the day was when I said to my mother about her anonymous comment on my blog was funny, and she couldnt remember what the hell she wrote about. I had to remind her it was about her MEMORY.

Shes going to be in a nursing home MUCH quicker than she thinks, or remembers.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm no respect for elders anymore.....