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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Snippets

So, today brought me to a great day off! The weather was gorgeous, and I was so in love with having time to just be.  I wandered to a small town which was hosting a “body art” festival.  I had been in previous years, but heard this year was to bigger and better than before. WRONG. It was still good to see people showcasing their talent, but as for bigger. No. WRONG. Instead of the previous years where there was ample room for spectators as well as the artists to walk the area and look at the event, the organizers put them in one area. Similar to a corral, spectators could only see if the person if front of decided to move or leave their area. And, you couldnt stand there for an amount of time and watch the creation unfold, because you were being nudged in the back by people trying to get around the event. Oh, did I forget to mention that while this event was on, the usual Saturday markets (which draws 1000’s of people on a busy) was also on. Einstein move? Not so much.  More like Charlie Brown.

Either way, it was still good to be there and support it. Will I be going back next year? Im not sure. This year sort of turned me off the whole thing. If I can not stand and enjoy the artists work and watch the talent of the creation before unfold as a story, Im not sure I need to see it. I will just read about it the paper. Afterall, the photos the journos take will probably be better than what I can see from my 4th person deep, tippy toe raised viewing spot. All because some organizer couldnt keep it the way it was before. Look, if its working, why change it? Serious.

I did get a few shots of the event. I couldnt be bothered cropping or touching anything up for any of you. BUT, please remember, These photos are listed to my rights. Copyrighted for my own use. Any copying or saving for your own use without my written permission is ILLEGAL.

OK. Now that the mean parts done…


What a great idea! Certainly were a huge hit, there was a line up for these things.





Corset.. complete with FULL toe stockings!

IMG_2960 IMG_2965




I LOVED photographing this girl.. she had such great energy about her.. from the makeup to the hair to the look in her eyes… but I only took a few, I didnt want her to think I was stalking her!

IMG_2991 IMG_2988



So.. which one do you think is best?

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Anonymous said...

Great shots! Remember to just enjoy the moment. less control....glad you went and looking forward to seeing you there next yr.