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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One would think I should know by now…

So, the guy at work who is supp to be in charge of things tells me to cancel the phone account for the cell phones. I wait 3 weeks after he tells me. Often times, he says things on a whim, and then decides to not do the task, making me do the job unnecessarily or waste precious time doing something which later gets the axe. For example, pulling data for the last 4 months regarding a particular project, then to decide, the info isnt necessary, a guess by someone who HAS NO INVOLVEMENT in the situation will provide figures. Eh.

So, I send him on the mission to wait on the phone line for approx 30 minutes all so he can cancel the phones. See, I have waited the approx timeline and apparently he still wants to cancel them. But, in the meantime, I have a heap of other tasks to do, so I ask if he wants to sit on the phone and wait for the non-understandable person to help us cancel the account.

He thinks he has become the new super hero. Great! Certainly! Not A Problem!  So, he calls the company exactly 8 days ago. Apparently, according to him, we dont have an account with the phone company anymore. He is thrilled and protruding out his chest at such good work and such a simple task completed. By him.

So, 8 days later, the phones still work. What the? I call the phone company today and after a few minutes, they tell me that I need to fax a letterhead and so forth. Now, Im on hold with the cancellation department. I have enquired about our May 10 phone call which states that we didnt have an account, and that I certainly dont want any cancellation fees from this. (Our contract actually ended on the 13 & 15th). This little tasks has had me on hold for 14 minutes and 36 seconds so far. Eh.

Why didnt I learn in the first place that the job would not have been completed in full to an acceptable term? Why oh why, did I think ONE BLOODY TASK COULD BE HANDLED WITHOUT A HASSLE? STupid!

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