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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to a fantastic friend! I can not wait to celebrate such a special day!

I thank you for your friendship, and:

-the inspiration & encouragement you give me
-your sharing of wisdom
-the laughter which never seems to end
-conversations which baffle the mind and most likely concern the neighbors
-your support in my endeavours
-your listening to my babbles
-the many many MANY sectors of the world which you have enlightened me with
-letting me "share" your family
-your true acceptance of me, for me
-your quirky sense of life
-the ability to make me laugh at ANYTHING

It is so hard to describe such a great friendship in words. I guess all I can say is that without your friendship, I would be lost. It means everything that you & I are friends, as friendships like ours certainly do not come around every day.

Thank you my friend! Cheers to many more sessions of our friendship.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Watch this space

A rant is ready to be written... watch for it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


For my dear friend....thanks for such a great chat tonight!

Time for bed...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bitsa this...


* if a woman wins a gold medal in a track & field competition but has manly features, suddenly there is gender questions and testing to be done on whether the holder of the gold medal is a woman or man?

* if a sports person is caught having used steriods or any banned prescription medication, they can be fined, fired, publicly humilated... and so forth


* if a man wins pole vaulting competition WHILST he has been administered a PAIN KILLER to help with an injury which confined him from training for the previous 2 weeks... thats ok?

Whats the difference between a banned substance & a pain killer PRESCRIBED ? Obviously a gold medal?

I thought we were to look at these people with pride? I dont... the poor people who have had their lives on public view for the love of a sport to be ridiculed on what, if anything, is between their legs on whether or not the race was fair; to the sports people who have used substances to aid themselves in the sport... they all get public scrutiny... but a man wins a medal while on a highly powerful pain killer prescribed by a doctor and wins... ????

Somehow I am not seeing how fair is fair.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random Wednesday Wit


Is it aliens? A UFO? On first glance you get that horror shock feeling that something is going to happen in your life, and it cant be good. Cuz, look at the shape of that cloud! But, alas, according to the THE ABC SITE  its just an odd cloud. 

Photo Courtesy of



I am such a True Blood Fan! I am dying.. (ha, get it!) to know whats happening in the next season! I am anxiously awaiting for Season 2… I hear all sorts of info about it, but NEED to see it for myself. NEED TO. 


This photo makes me miss home so much. I love the lights and the hustle of things. I can almost hear the noises and smell all the delights of the city from just looking at the photo.

gnomeAnd, just because gnomes are so damn cute & troublesome…. thought we needed a gnome in the Wednesday Wit Section.

Monday, August 17, 2009

And I thought I dated a few losers

Good to know, that NO MAN I ever dated wanted a cake like this for his birthday. Especially some white boy with too much money (never dated one of those either, now that I think about it)... I digress, opps.. a white boy who made too much money making up some stupid TV show, er ah "reality" show with his "girlfriend".

Loser. Loser. Loser.

Picture from:

Friday, August 14, 2009


The 9th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific was held in Bali this past week. Lots of progress & discussions were conducted. And... it was stated that extensive research which has been conducted in Thailand, USA, and the Philippines showed that circumcision is an effective way to avoid the spread of HIV/AIDS. Pretty amazing that they have publicly stated this, but its been on the discussion boards for years.

Now... you must realize all sorts of factors are going to come into play. Cultural & Social & Political factors are probably the major ones. However, economic will also come into effect. Anyway, keep your eyes posted on any upcoming news on the issue.. should be interesting!

Wonder if this is also related to some of the studies done which support uncircumcised men and the relation to cervical cancers?

Boy, cleanliness & hygiene... how important in todays world isnt it? For more than just the obvious!

For more info on ICAAP.. check out their website:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hey everybody.. its SLINKY time!

Remember the days of the Slinky? Oh they could provide hours of useless entertainment couldnt they? As kids, we would slink them down anything we could.. bookshelves, stairs, couchs, tables, man made creations to slink.... some would even just dangle them away all day long in their hands.

Who knew as an adult they could still provide so much fun... or at least this little poster provides me with a chuckle.

"Its slinky, its slinky.. its fun for a girl or a boy!"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So sad to see them go....

Full of great conversations, adorable smiles, little gestures, and hearts which make you melt with love.... 2 of my dear friends have returned today to their homes in another state. They have been here visiting my friend (their daughter) for the last 9 weeks. Its a yearly thing, they escape from the cold weather of the south! And, the time has ended for this trip. Back home they go.

Its such a joy to see them when they come up to visit. Both of them were teachers in their working careers, and still keep pretty busy with different classes, books, library book signings, etc.... their minds are def always on the go. AND, I learn so much from them, always. From little things, to major events... its like a never ending encyclopedia.

Im very honored that they have taken me in to their lives. I feel so at home when they are near. I can be myself, and I never have felt unwanted, belittled, or shamed for my thoughts or words. I never have had an uncomfortable moment with them.

In fact, my face always lights up, with smiles galore, or laughter from a joke or story. Or, my eyebrows tweak to the north from amazement in a new fact I have just learned... they intrigue me!

I adore you my friends, I look forward to our next visit, and I hold you true to my heart! Thanks again for a fantastic 9 weeks of giggles, champagne, stories, learning, getting in trouble.... hehe. Thank you for being who you are. I treasure the both of you.

Hope you can make it in the front door... or at least its still light out when you get home to walk the shrubbery area.... good luck!

For my friend

This person knows who they are. And, some others should know who its targeted to as well....

My friend, my dear dear friend... I hope you are doing better and life settles back to normal.. but as a bit of a chuckle... I hope you enjoy the photo.. again!


I love sales & marketing. I love to watch shows which describe a reasoning behind an advertisement, or discussions on who/what/why the specific target market was chosen. Im a bit of nut when it comes to those things. So, imagine my amazement when I stumbled upon this ad from Singapore.... esp Singapore.. they fine you for doing just about ANYTHING out of the norm. You cant even spit in public (not that you should, but they fine you for it!) So, its a bit of a shock that this ad was made for that region!

Whats your opinion on it? Im not sure its really all that appropriate of marketing.. and Im also not sure I would want to be standing next to it when Im at the bus stop waiting to go to work. But, I dont think its all that wrong either.

A major purpose of advertising/marketing is get your product known. Make it stand out from the rest. Keep it in peoples minds for a LONG LONG time. I can still recite the line "Calgon, take me away!" and most people my age and older know exactly what Im talking about and think of the commercial immediately. Or, I can say "Im a lucky dog, lucky dog, lucky dog.." and people can recall the dog who would have those words repeated to us in a commercial while he wandered around. Its a dog food... I dont need to remember that one, but I do, because of the image, and the catch phrase. Same point in this Burger King ad... image & catch phrase.

So.. did they accomplish the goal of the advertisement? What do you think? Do you think its clever or rude? Do you think you will remember the ad when its gone from our billboards?


Had an issue about my blog, so hopefully its done and settled .... like the dust.

Anyway, when I write this blog, I would like to again, put my disclaimer on here: its not always about you, me, or anyone in my environment. Sometimes I write things that are happening in my life, sometimes its about what I see in the streets, or a variation on what someone else has told me. Yes, sometimes, it is about me or my friends or family. And no, sometimes its not about a damn thing.

So, if I use this as a forum to vent, let me vent. If I use this as a forum to trash my thoughts, let me do so. Or, if I choose to use this as a place to let things out and try to get a grasp on things, let me. If you do not like what is written, do not read it.

Thats my disclaimer. Again.

So, for whats been happening to make me feel so overwhelmed and the need to vent... heres a snapshot, although most of you already know these things....

-a friend has broken both arms and is sitting alone in a rehab centre, as her family is unable to take care of her. This friend does so much for everyone else, I feel for her being there, so helpless.

-a friend has just finished radiation treatment and waiting for his next bout of chemo for the tumor on his brain. He has been unbearable, moody, unforgiving, and its taken a lot out of his family and friends to try to stay positive for him.

- a friend has moved and its difficult keeping in touch sometimes.

-everyone seems to be sick, and Im trying hard to not get sick as well.

-my co-workers are making me exhausted. I just wish people would do the right things.

- I am frustrated by things going on in my family... closely, and those living far away.

-Im trying so hard to be there for my friends who need some time, but I too need to replenish me.... where is my salvation from a tough day?

-A few people who I am on a committee with have again proven that they are only in things for themselves.

-I get so tired of hearing how no one has any money, but keeps buying buying buying and on stuff which is not necessary to live everyday.

-Im tired of people having affairs.

-I just want some people to say "its okay, it sucks whats happening, but you will pull thru it" rather than.... "when it happened to me.... I....I...I...I..."

-I feel that I can not please enough people in one day.

-Im hurt that my friend who is going thru some things at the moment, told me after the fact, rather than being able to support her a bit on the day she laid her pet to rest.

So.. when I vent, its because I need too. And, if I havent written for a few days, sometimes its because nothing is going on, or too much is going on, but its not for everyones business to know.. so i keep things private. But please know this, this blog is about me. My feelings, my issues, my space.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

In case you didnt hear

In case you didnt hear it on the news (seems lately there is A HELLAVA LOT of news about Thailand which is not making the headlines, or news feed) Here, in this country, anyway. Seems they dont want to disrupt the heavy tourists dollars which may be persuaded to go elsewhere.

SO... in case you havent heard.. Bangkok Airways had a plane which crashed into a control tower which was no longer in use and killed the pilot with many others severely injured. Over 40 people have severe burns. Oh, and if your still waiting on that 2007 plane crash in Thailand, the report still has not been released.

And, the case of the two "mysterious" deaths of Jill & Julie (one which was my neighbor) and both unrelated (you can see my previous blog entry for the scoop).. well, thats just been determined as an accident. No more inquiries. Even thou, both families tried to get everyone & anyone to help with some answers, medical reports, etc... its been considered closed case by the Thailand Government. Yep, Government.

Sad for those families, all the unanswered questions.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Come on everybody, lets do the BROOKSTER dance!

I do not care how much money you have, who your dad is, where you live or whatever.. but this makes me laugh! Im not sure if its more funny because shes actually dancing, and this is how she looks when dancing, or if the outfit cracks me up more. Who the hell wears public? I know.. she apparently does.

But she shouldnt wear that. And she should find a new dance move.

Wednesday Wetter

Just a quick one this morning for everyone~ will write more later! But... this, this here, is my solitude. I live just below this mountain (on the far left) in the picture... isnt it magnificent? Some days I feel so lucky!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Im just trying to get thru this day. For whatever reason, it seems to be dragging on and on and on. I feel like I have been at work since the dawn of the day, and Im surrounded by slack ass laziness which probably isnt helping my motivation to work work work!

However, I have finally got all the things together for my dads package to be posted in the mail today. Finally. Its taken months. I just have been so busy, and, unfortunately I have put that task off.

I should not have. I should really pay more attention to those that matter to me (such as posting off a package which I know he will love!) Instead, I filled my time up with annoying things and listening to other peoples crap which they have complained about for months.

And, quite simply, I have had enough of it. So... I did my own thing, got my priorities straight.. and finished off the box!

I cant wait to hear his excitement when he opens it! Oh, the photo above, it makes me happy looking at it.. thats all.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sometimes its just crazy

Sometimes there are weeks where you just think "whew" glad I made it thru that one. Im so looking forward to a week of hopefully, a more relaxed and hassle free week. Cuz, it certainly hasnt been lately. So much to do, and really, I just have not been getting my stuff done as well as I should.. I keep putting other tasks first.

So... hopefully, I can steer my head in the right direction, and keep my path this week.