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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Had an issue about my blog, so hopefully its done and settled .... like the dust.

Anyway, when I write this blog, I would like to again, put my disclaimer on here: its not always about you, me, or anyone in my environment. Sometimes I write things that are happening in my life, sometimes its about what I see in the streets, or a variation on what someone else has told me. Yes, sometimes, it is about me or my friends or family. And no, sometimes its not about a damn thing.

So, if I use this as a forum to vent, let me vent. If I use this as a forum to trash my thoughts, let me do so. Or, if I choose to use this as a place to let things out and try to get a grasp on things, let me. If you do not like what is written, do not read it.

Thats my disclaimer. Again.

So, for whats been happening to make me feel so overwhelmed and the need to vent... heres a snapshot, although most of you already know these things....

-a friend has broken both arms and is sitting alone in a rehab centre, as her family is unable to take care of her. This friend does so much for everyone else, I feel for her being there, so helpless.

-a friend has just finished radiation treatment and waiting for his next bout of chemo for the tumor on his brain. He has been unbearable, moody, unforgiving, and its taken a lot out of his family and friends to try to stay positive for him.

- a friend has moved and its difficult keeping in touch sometimes.

-everyone seems to be sick, and Im trying hard to not get sick as well.

-my co-workers are making me exhausted. I just wish people would do the right things.

- I am frustrated by things going on in my family... closely, and those living far away.

-Im trying so hard to be there for my friends who need some time, but I too need to replenish me.... where is my salvation from a tough day?

-A few people who I am on a committee with have again proven that they are only in things for themselves.

-I get so tired of hearing how no one has any money, but keeps buying buying buying and on stuff which is not necessary to live everyday.

-Im tired of people having affairs.

-I just want some people to say "its okay, it sucks whats happening, but you will pull thru it" rather than.... "when it happened to me.... I....I...I...I..."

-I feel that I can not please enough people in one day.

-Im hurt that my friend who is going thru some things at the moment, told me after the fact, rather than being able to support her a bit on the day she laid her pet to rest.

So.. when I vent, its because I need too. And, if I havent written for a few days, sometimes its because nothing is going on, or too much is going on, but its not for everyones business to know.. so i keep things private. But please know this, this blog is about me. My feelings, my issues, my space.


Anonymous said...

Most bloggers use their blog as a forum to discuss things.

If people dont like what is written, read elsewhere, or not at all.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. I think most bloggers blog to blog..forums are totally different. Blogs can be about kids, recipes, marriages, it's people talking, sharing, informing..forums are for discussions, similar to debates. I enjoy reading this blog. It gets my head thinking into and about life. Please continue to vent or write whatever you feel. We all share similar emotions and its great to share thoughts. If you read various blogs i'm sure you'd be able to pick out similarities in yourself but no sense to get paranoid and think..oh my god they're writing about me..sounds like pretty insecure people to me! Keep writing and thanks for the entertainment! Love it when you get comments so here's another for you! AND that's what a BLOG is about!