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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Im just trying to get thru this day. For whatever reason, it seems to be dragging on and on and on. I feel like I have been at work since the dawn of the day, and Im surrounded by slack ass laziness which probably isnt helping my motivation to work work work!

However, I have finally got all the things together for my dads package to be posted in the mail today. Finally. Its taken months. I just have been so busy, and, unfortunately I have put that task off.

I should not have. I should really pay more attention to those that matter to me (such as posting off a package which I know he will love!) Instead, I filled my time up with annoying things and listening to other peoples crap which they have complained about for months.

And, quite simply, I have had enough of it. So... I did my own thing, got my priorities straight.. and finished off the box!

I cant wait to hear his excitement when he opens it! Oh, the photo above, it makes me happy looking at it.. thats all.

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