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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So sad to see them go....

Full of great conversations, adorable smiles, little gestures, and hearts which make you melt with love.... 2 of my dear friends have returned today to their homes in another state. They have been here visiting my friend (their daughter) for the last 9 weeks. Its a yearly thing, they escape from the cold weather of the south! And, the time has ended for this trip. Back home they go.

Its such a joy to see them when they come up to visit. Both of them were teachers in their working careers, and still keep pretty busy with different classes, books, library book signings, etc.... their minds are def always on the go. AND, I learn so much from them, always. From little things, to major events... its like a never ending encyclopedia.

Im very honored that they have taken me in to their lives. I feel so at home when they are near. I can be myself, and I never have felt unwanted, belittled, or shamed for my thoughts or words. I never have had an uncomfortable moment with them.

In fact, my face always lights up, with smiles galore, or laughter from a joke or story. Or, my eyebrows tweak to the north from amazement in a new fact I have just learned... they intrigue me!

I adore you my friends, I look forward to our next visit, and I hold you true to my heart! Thanks again for a fantastic 9 weeks of giggles, champagne, stories, learning, getting in trouble.... hehe. Thank you for being who you are. I treasure the both of you.

Hope you can make it in the front door... or at least its still light out when you get home to walk the shrubbery area.... good luck!

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