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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bitsa this...


* if a woman wins a gold medal in a track & field competition but has manly features, suddenly there is gender questions and testing to be done on whether the holder of the gold medal is a woman or man?

* if a sports person is caught having used steriods or any banned prescription medication, they can be fined, fired, publicly humilated... and so forth


* if a man wins pole vaulting competition WHILST he has been administered a PAIN KILLER to help with an injury which confined him from training for the previous 2 weeks... thats ok?

Whats the difference between a banned substance & a pain killer PRESCRIBED ? Obviously a gold medal?

I thought we were to look at these people with pride? I dont... the poor people who have had their lives on public view for the love of a sport to be ridiculed on what, if anything, is between their legs on whether or not the race was fair; to the sports people who have used substances to aid themselves in the sport... they all get public scrutiny... but a man wins a medal while on a highly powerful pain killer prescribed by a doctor and wins... ????

Somehow I am not seeing how fair is fair.

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Anonymous said...

an interesting and valid point you make.