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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random Wednesday Wit


Is it aliens? A UFO? On first glance you get that horror shock feeling that something is going to happen in your life, and it cant be good. Cuz, look at the shape of that cloud! But, alas, according to the THE ABC SITE  its just an odd cloud. 

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I am such a True Blood Fan! I am dying.. (ha, get it!) to know whats happening in the next season! I am anxiously awaiting for Season 2… I hear all sorts of info about it, but NEED to see it for myself. NEED TO. 


This photo makes me miss home so much. I love the lights and the hustle of things. I can almost hear the noises and smell all the delights of the city from just looking at the photo.

gnomeAnd, just because gnomes are so damn cute & troublesome…. thought we needed a gnome in the Wednesday Wit Section.

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