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Thursday, August 06, 2009

In case you didnt hear

In case you didnt hear it on the news (seems lately there is A HELLAVA LOT of news about Thailand which is not making the headlines, or news feed) Here, in this country, anyway. Seems they dont want to disrupt the heavy tourists dollars which may be persuaded to go elsewhere.

SO... in case you havent heard.. Bangkok Airways had a plane which crashed into a control tower which was no longer in use and killed the pilot with many others severely injured. Over 40 people have severe burns. Oh, and if your still waiting on that 2007 plane crash in Thailand, the report still has not been released.

And, the case of the two "mysterious" deaths of Jill & Julie (one which was my neighbor) and both unrelated (you can see my previous blog entry for the scoop).. well, thats just been determined as an accident. No more inquiries. Even thou, both families tried to get everyone & anyone to help with some answers, medical reports, etc... its been considered closed case by the Thailand Government. Yep, Government.

Sad for those families, all the unanswered questions.

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