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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I love sales & marketing. I love to watch shows which describe a reasoning behind an advertisement, or discussions on who/what/why the specific target market was chosen. Im a bit of nut when it comes to those things. So, imagine my amazement when I stumbled upon this ad from Singapore.... esp Singapore.. they fine you for doing just about ANYTHING out of the norm. You cant even spit in public (not that you should, but they fine you for it!) So, its a bit of a shock that this ad was made for that region!

Whats your opinion on it? Im not sure its really all that appropriate of marketing.. and Im also not sure I would want to be standing next to it when Im at the bus stop waiting to go to work. But, I dont think its all that wrong either.

A major purpose of advertising/marketing is get your product known. Make it stand out from the rest. Keep it in peoples minds for a LONG LONG time. I can still recite the line "Calgon, take me away!" and most people my age and older know exactly what Im talking about and think of the commercial immediately. Or, I can say "Im a lucky dog, lucky dog, lucky dog.." and people can recall the dog who would have those words repeated to us in a commercial while he wandered around. Its a dog food... I dont need to remember that one, but I do, because of the image, and the catch phrase. Same point in this Burger King ad... image & catch phrase.

So.. did they accomplish the goal of the advertisement? What do you think? Do you think its clever or rude? Do you think you will remember the ad when its gone from our billboards?

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