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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A 23 minute wait

I grew up in rush hour traffic. I dont mind rush hour traffic. At least you M-O-V-E s o me wh a t at a s-l-o-w s p ee d.

Not yesterday. I sat forever, or what felt like forever NOT MOVING at all. It sucked. No accident ahead.. just "construction".

What amazes me is this: this roundabout and section of the street has taken just up to a year and COUNTING. This is all occuring when there is nice weather 90% of the time.

How in the world does Minnesota, complete with snow, freezing rain, and nice sunny weather only 3.5 months (if your lucky).... how did they rebuild the bridge on 35W in such a short time....

Queensland cant even get a damn roundabout done... and seriously, this has been going on for just coming up on over a year.

This sucked. Thank goodness I had my Ipod with to keep me amused.

The best bit... its the only way for me to get TO and FROM work.... thats twice a day folks. Twice a day of not moving for a very long time.

Maybe tomorrow I will bring my dusting gloves and buffing cloth and work on the interior of the car while I wait for forever to happen.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Its a mob thing?

Its a new Pizza / Pasta place in town.. going to check it out tomorrow night.
Any suggestions on what to try and give it the true test?
Or~ if someone comes up with a really good question or task for me to do, I will take the challenge and report back...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I think my day would have been better with this...

It just seems that this would have been a much more exciting way to spend my day than sitting at work being frustrated.

Oh, and its been an interesting week so far (yes, i realize its only tuesday). I went to the doctors yesterday for my Pap Smear, and the doctor was having a really shitty day yesterday. In fact, she told me her day was so horrible, that my appointment was the best one she had all day! Now, thats a bad day. Of course, I took it as a compliment and could insert a bunch of witty little lines here, but I wont, I will leave this message tactfully.

By the way, does anyone remember this game?

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Mean Kitty Song

Im sure this song is REALLY about my little monroe!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I did my part as a citizen and a person who is concerned with what is happening in the world. I voted yesterday. I had to get my absentee vote in before the actual election day... which is a bit odd to vote before all the details are in. I mean, what if the person I voted for drops out of the election? Then what? ah.. wont happen, its just weird to be "prepared" so far in advance. Although, it was really really REALLY nice to cast my vote in peace & quiet and not have to drive around for 25 minutes looking for a parking spot, or to get hassled by those people who dangle the signs and hand out brochures at the curb. Ah! Survived another election. Now if only people would stop sending me election jokes, and crap on the emails. Enough already... I voted... I cant change my mind, and your crappy email certainly isnt going to change it either way. I think I am smart enough to not be swayed by the mere email crap being distributed.

Go vote, its worth it. I recall a teacher at college saying to us, "If you dont vote, you have NO right to bitch." Its true. So, go on.... do your duty as a concerned person who breathes in air and has to be in this world... lets try to make it liveable, go vote! I did.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Girls Night In...

There was a "Girls Night In" held at the local Golf Club to raise funds for the Cancer Council this week. I was lucky enough to be invited. Everyone had to bring a plate to share, and goodness! can us girls really whip up some food! I think there was enough to feed an army.

(The program for the evening)

(The Quintessence Singers: They were really impressive!)

(The raffles table. See the pink polka dot bag on the left? I won that...
it had a $40 gift certificate in it!)

( The woman in black on the left, lets call her Lady Devine.. her birthday is the same day as mine. I knew I liked her for some reason! The girls on the end didnt even plan to wear similiar.. how kooky is that?)

(This lady had a dare taped to the bottom of her chair.. her dare was to get up and sing "Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" to all of us. She did well, before you knew it, she had everyone in the club singing along with her!)

It was a great night, and if I could encourage any of you to attend one of these nights, please do. Your help is appreciated and really, its always good to escape for a night out with the girls.

Saturday session

This past saturday a few of us went to listen to a friends band play at a pub. Firestick J, myself, and Orville went galavanting to the pub to meet up with friends. Firestick J was THRILLED as the pub had Bundy Rum on tap (Yuck!). Drinks were highly overpriced, but the bands were awesome and sitting outside, listening to music, having drinks, being with my man, and being with friends, was a perfect way to spend a saturday night.

Of course, after a few drinks, the camera comes out:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Good Ol' Days

I stumbled upon photos today of my old stomping grounds. Have a look...

Gosh, there were many many laughs at The Keller Bar.. and lots of convincing to the bouncers to let my friends stay for "Just a bit longer" as well as The Keller Bar was always a good hiding space when you didnt want to be found.

Another bar at the same club...
This is just one of those cool little cozy spots...
Ah, many a games of pool have been played in the Games Room. Many a fights have been had in the Games Room as well.
Its always puts a smile on my face to see the old stomping grounds. Ah times were good.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Coolum KiteFest 2008

Last weekend, our local town had the annual KiteFest. I tried to make a really kick ass movie, but Blogger wont let me post it.. and after 3 days of trying and receiving an error.. I apologize, but you just get photos and no music.

Hope you enjoy the photos... just hum to yourself while your looking at them.

KiteFest 2008

We even had the police force on the beach... you know how angry people who fly kites can get... come on... you've heard it before....

"GO FLY A KITE" so thats the only reason I figure they needed 3 police in the same spot. Safety in numbers, right?
The Surf Club had patrols on duty as well in case anyone wanted to go for a swim.

More Photos

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Its about someone else

Theres a guy at work who has a nickname of "Captain Chaos". It fits him perfect.

Oh, the reason this blog today is about Captain Chaos is because I just cant bear to run my week thru my head again... im SO over it.... thank gawd its thursday today.

So, back to Captain Chaos....

No... not that Captain Chaos pictured above...


Captain Chaos is home yesterday afternoon and decides to vacumm his apartment/unit. After 2 swipes of the carpet, he notices a funny smell from the vacumm. As hes bent over looking at the vacumm, BAM an explosion and the vacumm shits itself. It has left dirt and contents blown about the place from the bottom of the machine. Captain Chaos opens up the inside bits, to find the vacumm full of water. He then remembers that his place had a water leak from the water pipes, and his closet was HIGHLY affected by mass amounts of water. Must have had the vacumm in the closet then....

So after a few "choice" words and being frustrated with the vacumm, Captain Chaos decides to dust the entertainment centre. He goes to move the tv just a bit so he can dust underneath the unit, and pulls a bit to hard on the plugs. In fact, just that little bit too much that the plug from the TV is no longer there. Captain Chaos figures not really a big deal, he doesnt watch all that much TV.

He grabs the piece of glass that all his crap sits on and goes to move the piece of glass to give it a clean. You can see where this is going cant you? Sure enough, the glass shatters, sending glass everywhere possible into his hallway, the bathroom, the bedroom, AND his shoe rack, the living room...its everywhere.

One would normally get the vacumm to clean up the mess, but alas the vacumm shat itself moments before the TV.

With nothing more to do as Captain Chaos is not wanting to really do more domestic jobs as so far his luck is not fairing well, he sits down on the couch to relax and watch some TV.

Oh wait. No TV. Damn, he realizes he does watch a bit of TV.

Its sad to say, but I thought the story was hilarious. Maybe it was just because someone else had a crappy day too. Either way, things happen in 3 so hopefully Captain Chaos can have a peaceful night tonight.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mineral Makeup

I went to acupuncture yesterday and Lynda worked her magic on me.. she is absol. fantastic! Check her out here:

After a treatment and some chinese herbal meds (tablet form: actually they look like little bullets of which Im supp to take 12 tablets twice daily). Orville is concerned, cuz he thinks I might rattle when he sees me this weekend... then the thought of having his own personal maraca brightened his day. Silly boy.

Anyway, back to original story, I have purchased some mineral makeup from the Salon which my acupunture treatments are. I used it last night and today, and I must say, it really feels like I dont have makeup on AT ALL, plus i liked the look of it this morning as I headed out the door, I did a nice healthy look of makeup... i was impressed. Its now 2pm, and I dont feel ANY oil in my t-zone and there isnt any heaviness on my skin either, esp when I compare it to using other "conventional" foundation.

Have any of you used a mineral makeup before? Whats your thoughts? I really like that "free of preservatives, talc, oil, fragrance and other harmful chemicals. The i.d. bareMinerals formula provides impeccable coverage for every skin type and skin tone, and protects with a natural sunscreen" is what I am putting on my face. I was really suprised at how well it covered without looking cakey or all done up. Plus, it was nice to be able to know that I wasnt slathering myself in toxins.

Pricewise? Well, I compared it, and its comparable to what I would spend on conventional.

Let me know your thoughts. Like or Dislike? Tips or hints?

Monday, October 13, 2008


It just keeps getting better, my day that is. I stumbled upon this nifty tool which is a budget calculator which I thought would be interesting to see what it came up with.

Heres what I learned about my budget without going into money details with you:

1- Housing. I spend too much money on rent (somehow I dont think the landlords will agree tho). Apparently only 30% of my income should be going to this cause.
(Note: this includes a mortgage, lease, taxes and insurance)

2-Transportation. According to the chart the calculator politely displayed, I should be spending 18% on transportation, which at a quick glance, I think I spend less than that. Thats the good point (of course I spend less on transport, i make up for it in rent & contents insurance)
(Note: this includes public transport, rail cards, car insurance, parking, maintenance, gas /petrol)

3-Debt: this is wrong wrong wrong. I SHOULD be spending 10% of my income on debt... Im sure its higher than this.
(Note: if you live debt-free, it says you should put the dollar figure on the chart into your savings account. YEAH RIGHT!)

4- Food: I am to spend 14% of my income on food. That amazes me that I am supp to spend more on transportation than I do on food. Maybe its because we have many dinners out at restaurants, or as part of a social environment. Then, it informs me that this includes toiletries as well. Has anyone seen my "Collection" of hair supplies? Yikes... I def blow this category over 14%.
(Note: as food prices go up you will see that it becomes harder to keep this expense flat. This also includes toiletries and other items used on a daily basis.)

5- Household: Energy, phone, cable, heating / Air Conditioning. This category is 7%. Possibly the most nearest to what I spend so far.

6- Savings: 10%. Right! It says you can use this for short-term items like vacations or longer-term goals like retirement. My usage is def short-term.... as in NEED TO HAVE IT NOW. Im sure my bank has a spending account, rather than a savings account.

7- Everything Else: 11%. Charity, clothing, childcare, additional medical costs. The chart tells me to make room for the unexpected. How about the unexpected of not getting enough pay each week? Yikes!

Im going home to eat noodles. I have to start minimizing somewhere. Oh, and after looking at my finances this weekend, I have decided there is no way possible to come home to the states in 09 for a holiday. I just dont have the cash. Now, after seeing this chart, I am beginning to understand why.

Its interesting, go have a look, but be aware, it could make you cry.

Monday Lunch

I took a break from the office today and ran into town to get some lunch (woke up late, no time to prepare lunch), drop the mail off, and stop by the vet to pick up treats for the little one.

I parked near the shops and looked over in the park and thought to myself, "Self, I think I should go and sit in the park for a few minutes and enjoy the moments and landscape. Self hasnt sat in a park for awhile to just sit and collect thoughts."

So.... I wandered to the park, stumbled upon the ONLY bench in the park and sat there, looking at the landscape.

Yuck. How undesirable is this so-called park. Do you see the dead everything under the trees? I realize it hasnt poured down lately, but the grass is greenish, so I thought Mr Parks & Recreation Government Worker could at least stop by and pull the dead shrubs. Oh, but maybe dead branch twig things are coming into fashion now... I really am not much of a gardener.

Disappointed, I could only chuckle at where I was actually sitting- on the ONLY bench. NEXT to the ONLY rubbish bin in the park. I guess easy-access sometimes isnt all that desirable.
I wander to the vets office to pick up tuna treats for little one. Im thinking along the walk of how spoiled my cat actually is. I have ransacked the car and ashtray to come up with money to buy these tuna treats today. I chuckle a bit to myself. Tied up to the ramp of the entrance to the vets office, is a gorgeous dog, clean coat, eyes that shine, and the dog give me a little noise to say shes noticed me. I talk back to the puppy in that stupid dog voice us humans do, and wander up into the office. While digging for the best bag of tuna treats, the man at the counter is speaking to the vet assistant. I clue in a bit, thinking the poor dog outside has been found and the guy is there trying to locate the owner thru the microchip (which I assume has been done).


He's there to book the dog in to put the dog to sleep. Hes moving, and the dog is old... born in 1999. Booked in for Wednesday.
My eyes instanly swell up with tears and I am full of disgust. The dog looked healthy and full of life. The dog was alert, instantly acknowledging people, etc.... I know what its like to put a pet down. I cried when I made the appointment. He was showing no emotion. Im trying to not hate him as an owner, but I cant help but think I should have taken his dog and ran.
I know, I dont know the full story. But todays lunch SUCKED.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A special day...

The special announcement is.... October 11th is 2 of my cousins birthday! Its almost hard to believe that you could have 2 cousins born on the same day. Then again, I have a ton of cousins, so I guess there had to be a double up somewhere right?

I meant to get cards out, but time slipped away, and although its no excuse, I thought what better thing than to have all you bloggers checking in and sending a birthday message to the girls!
(This is Maria-she is full of love, a very kindred spirit, a smile so infectious it makes you beam, and a heart filled with so much compassion and goodness. She is really a unique person whom I cant wait to see become such an amazing adult.)

(This is Morgan, shes a recent addition to the family which means I havent met her yet. Shes just turned 1, but already shes captured my heart. I love the expressions she gives, and the stories my cousin, her mom, tells of the adventures and normal kid things, Morgan seems to be a real hunny! If shes anything like her mom and dad, she will grow up knowing of the world and its happenings, the beauty of everything around her, and she will be able to get anything with that gorgeous smile.)

Happy birthday to 2 of my fantastic cousins! I wish I was there to celebrate your day, but I am in spirit. I miss you dearly.

All my love~

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lunch with the nuts

This is for you GooChick..actually its just damn funny

Rove is similiar to Jay Leno talk show in the US... I laughed so hard when he did this bit!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Coolum Kite Festival

This weekend will see us at the Coolum Kite Festival. Check it out..
anything in particular you would like me to get a photo of for you?

Plus, we have company at my place, and up at the Oldies Place as well ... oh and check back here on the 12th... theres an announcement.

Its a big weekend.

Any ideas on the announcement?

Sunset Sounds Gig

So I have just stumbled upon a music fest that I want to venture to in January. Best news? I am on holidays from work then... whhoooo Hoooo! Bad news? its not cheap.

But look at the line up for Day 1:
  • The Cat Empire
  • Tegan & Sara
  • Gomez
  • The Hives
  • Faker
  • Soko
  • Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
  • The Kooks
  • Yves Klein Blue

Day 2 looks cool as well, but I am more rapt with Day 1. To go or not to go ... that will be the question...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

A proud cousin

Remember me bragging about my "little" cousin who someday is going to be a great NHL player... and make us all even more proud than we already are of him? Well, heres the latest photo of him in the Michigan Tech jersey... new number (i personally think 33 is going to be a good # for him)...

just another photo to brag about....but you have to.. I mean YOU HAVE to support Michigan Tech Hockey this year... I dont care who you are or where your alligance stands, you must give a big shout out and watch any hockey games you might stumble on if Michigan Tech is involved! And remember.. 33 rocks!

Bushfire Update

Teen to face court

(courtesy of

A 14-year-old boy will face court for his alleged involvement in this week’s Noosa National Park fires, which threatened more than 500 homes over a 24-hour period. Yesterday, police issued the teenager with a notice to appear at the Noosa Children’s Court. Because of the boy’s age, he is being dealt with under the Juvenile Justice Act, which means no more information about the charges will be made public.

Police investigations into the bushfire, which began just after 2pm on Monday and was not brought under control until just after 4pm on Tuesday, are continuing.

The fire burned more than 800 hectares of Noosa National Park, and residents in the areas of Sunrise Beach, Sunshine Beach and Lake Weyba had a restless time on Monday night as the blaze came close to their homes.

More than 70 firefighters, including rural volunteers and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service officers, kept the blaze from reaching more than 500 homes.

Sunshine Coast lawyer and Daily online columnist Damon Locantro said the penalties for a juvenile under the Act, ranged from a caution and reprimand to detention – which is the juvenile equivalent of a prison sentence.

“It is quite a serious allegation,” Mr Locantro said.

“If the young person is found guilty he could face a penalty up towards the more serious penalties available under that Act.”

Firefighters have warned that the Noosa fire may not be the worst we see this season.

Inspector Kevin Lucas said the increased rain over the past two years had resulted in a lot of new growth on forest floors.

“Many places have not had the opportunity to burn off that new growth,” Insp Lucas said.
“So there is an accumulation of fuel on the ground. I think you would find in most places (in Queensland) there is a lot of fuel.

“Without rain it just dries out until it gets to a state where it just needs the right humidity or ignition source and up it goes.”

Insp Lucas said people living in what firefighters call the “I zone”, or the interface zone between urban and rural areas, needed to be particularly prepared for fire season.

“Those living in rural urban areas or where there are a lot of trees need to plan ahead,” he said.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


These fires are approx a 10 minute drive from my house. When I went into town last night, the sky was glowing that erie orange glow... the one that makes your heart sink and tears fill the eyes. You could sense the heat and intense massiveness of the situation just by looking at the glowing ring in the night sky.

The fires have been raging since about 3 pm yesterday. There is a high possibility (according to local media) that they have intentionally been set. No homes have had to be evacuated as of 7 am today, but the winds have picked up again, and now black smoke is creating a thick wall of despair thru the sky. When I left for work this morning only 8 fire units were on site, whereas at 6 pm last night, the news I heard in town was that 15 trucks had been on attendance. So sad.. so many homes to people and wildlife. Over 500 acres of bushland has burned, and the fire is still continuing to threaten homes and spreading. As of this morning, no homes have been destroyed, but they are still at risk.
Thoughts to all of you involved.