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Sunday, October 12, 2008

A special day...

The special announcement is.... October 11th is 2 of my cousins birthday! Its almost hard to believe that you could have 2 cousins born on the same day. Then again, I have a ton of cousins, so I guess there had to be a double up somewhere right?

I meant to get cards out, but time slipped away, and although its no excuse, I thought what better thing than to have all you bloggers checking in and sending a birthday message to the girls!
(This is Maria-she is full of love, a very kindred spirit, a smile so infectious it makes you beam, and a heart filled with so much compassion and goodness. She is really a unique person whom I cant wait to see become such an amazing adult.)

(This is Morgan, shes a recent addition to the family which means I havent met her yet. Shes just turned 1, but already shes captured my heart. I love the expressions she gives, and the stories my cousin, her mom, tells of the adventures and normal kid things, Morgan seems to be a real hunny! If shes anything like her mom and dad, she will grow up knowing of the world and its happenings, the beauty of everything around her, and she will be able to get anything with that gorgeous smile.)

Happy birthday to 2 of my fantastic cousins! I wish I was there to celebrate your day, but I am in spirit. I miss you dearly.

All my love~


Beth said...

awwww Happy Birthday Maria and Morgan!!!! Two very Beautiful girls!

Anonymous said...

Maria & Morgan:

Happy Birthday Wishes from Belgium

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the snowman picture. She looks like shes having a wonderful time in the snow.

Happy Birthday girls