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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Water Wise

Just wanted to drop some friendly reminders on being a bit more water considerate in todays world. Everyone seems so concerned about the price of fuel/petrol/gas, and there is good reason for that... but I didnt want everyone to lose sight of how much water is wasted everyday. It seems that we can easily take for granted this resource, and we need to be aware of our usage and wastage. Are you WaterWise?

Here are a few quick tips or hints (aside from the obvious of install water saving taps, shower heads, etc):


  • Turn the tap OFF while you brush your teeth. Have a cup handy for rinses.

  • Fit a flow regulator & an aerator on your taps to reduce the water flow

  • Install dual flush toilets (if you havent already that is...a dual flush unit can save up to 8 litres of water every half flush & 6 litres of water every full flush)

In the garden:

  • Water plants at the roots NOT the leaves

  • Group plants together which require similiar water needs

  • Mulch can reduce evaporation by up to 70%...thats heaps less water wastage, and more time not in the garden on the weekends!


  • Use a detergent which is environmentally friendly (less suds generally)

  • Try to hang your clothes on a drying rack rather than using the dryer (sorry, had to add that one!)

  • Make full use of your washing machine... dont do 4 small loads if you can do 1 large load

  • Use your cold water option as much as you can


  • Run the dishwasher when its FULL

  • A smaller sink will keep your water warmer longer. The larger the sink, the more you tend to fill it up

So my fellow blog readers.. what tips do you have to save water? Lets get a list of comments going on some simple, everyday water wise solutions. Tell me your tips for saving on water around the home & garden.... I am curious as to how good of a list you can come up with.


Tilda said...

Keep a bucket in the shower and water plants with the overspray and initial water that's flowing waiting for the right temp to step under.

Anonymous said...

yeah, that is a good tip. I must admit I do this, but it sucks that I always seem to live in a house where the bathrooms are upstairs. My right arm is at least 2 inches longer than the left, I'm sure of it! Amazing how much water you capture waiting for the shower to warm up.