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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grandmas are the BEST~!

It is the End of Month, which means chasing everyone and trying to get money owed, stock take, sorting employees hassles, etc...
As about now, I am about 3 hours behind my normal routine of things... all because no one else can remember that the END OF MONTH duties ALWAYS FALLS ON THE LAST WEEKDAY OF THE MONTH. Its not out of the ordinary, but somehow, no one else seems to remember the date, or the job that they are given EACH end of month. So.. I have sorted them, and am tidying up my stuff. No stress really, just wish everyone could figure out the routine.
But, I have had very little time today to update on the blog... so, I thought I would dazzle your eyes with a photo of some of my favorite people who are very dear to me.
My cousin (the one in the bridesmaid dress) had a wedding this weekend in her hometown which my grandma happens to live in as well. My grandma is the stunning woman in the vivid blue outfit. I love this photo.. grandma gives the best hugs, and it when I look at this photo, I can feel her hugging me as well. By the way, my cousin... is younger than me, but TALLER than me.. I think I might (if I dont slouch) just sit under her armpits....
Love ya melonhead.. thanks for letting me steal the photo!


Anonymous said...

your cousin is the spitting image of Tilda!Your grandma looks fabulous - send her hugs from howie and fran

Anonymous said...

Your grandma looks beautiful and melonhead is gorgeous. She should be modeling!!

Tilda said...

Thanks for the compliment Fran and Howard but...have you been to an optometrist lately? I think it's time!!Maybe that Mediterranean Sun was a little too much for your eyes.