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Monday, September 22, 2008

Body Art Carnival. Sunday Photos

This guy was all smiles while the crowd was walking by and admiring the artwork. I'm thinking Fightin Mad Mary ( should try to do some eyeshadow like hers! What do you think Mary... are you up for the challenge with all that neat sparkly eyeshadow?

This was odd...
Opp!s... almost gave away his real name... ha! Orville & I kept cracking jokes about this outfit... in the end, I think the funniest one was: So, do you think she does tricks? How much does she charge for a trick? And... I could go on and one about the jokes.. but its prob not that funny to anyone but me.


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

What the heck is a body art carnival??? and she is rocking some paint in areas I never dreamed of. I guess I need to buy an airbrush now.

Anonymous said...

I know the blue guy - he is such a sweetie. He comes into my shop quite often.

InALittleMinute said...

Make sure you mention to "Blue Man" that you saw his photo. I will have a look on my camera and print some of the photos I took of him.

He really looked like he was enjoying himself. He was fun to watch: he just sat and smiled and smiled!

Tilda said...

the fashion show with reused and secondhand items was interesting to see the imaginative outfits. The girl with the card outfit seems pretty "decked out". Not sure if there's a full hand there or not but a few guys wanted to play "pokeher".

Anonymous said...

blue man is always smiling and happy like that - in fact, most down's syndrome people I have met seem to be. He always brightens my day when he comes in - he giggles the whole time!