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Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday excitement

Went to dinner with Firestick J on saturday. Went to the local town and had a fantastic Thai dinner. Of course, after stuffing our faces, we decided to head for a little walk thru town and "try to not look like buddha" anymore. Plus, its always a bit interesting to wander the streets and see the sights... opps, i mean the dress code of the teenagers.
After deciding that we NO LONGER understand ANY part of the fashion trend of the local kids who hang out at bus stops, we decided to head home and have a coffee. Nothing was happening outside of our little "community where we live" but nothing was happening in town either.
A quick change into some daggy looking pajamas and a coffee & a chat latter, Firestick J and I stumble upon a water in the neighbors courtyard. Imagine it... Firestick J is across from affected neighbor, and I am next to affected neighbor. Neither of us wanted to be pitching buckets of we went to investigate.
What we found was a water main, which was to all the units, had a pinhole of a leak. So, the plumber was called out (mind you: evening weekend rates) which involved a lot of mud, shoveling, digging plants, sorting pipes..etc.
We assisted the operation from 10:30 pm until 2 am on sunday morning.
I cant really say that we are confident to fix another one should we stumble upon it, but at least we know what is what in the pipe section of the concrete.
Needless to say, I think the complex manager will be instituting a curfew for Firestick J.... so that any incidents we stumble upon we find before 10 pm...
Ah, but it was so nice to know that we helped stop a flood, and it was great being able to make a coffee on sunday morning... which, had we not stumbled upon the mess of water, we would of have NO water on sunday...
We almost are superheros....right?


Anonymous said...

I heard there were a couple playboy bunnies running around the complex...Mr. T mentioned something about a pajama party???

Beth said...

I'd call that heroic...for sure! Your landlord/manager should be grateful to both of you!