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National Geographic Photo of the Day

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I would love to see the reactions!

"A total standout is Shevonne Bliss’ pair of trompe l’oeil tennis shoes which have been painted like a flip-flops, complete with faux toes baring an impossibly chic, scarlet pedicure. You could wear these even in the winter when your fiending the days you can crawl back into your summer wardrobe!

While none of the shoes in the Pimp My Flats exhibition aren’t really intended as footwear, the shoes make adorably stylish home decor pieces. For £35 (US$69.48) a pair, they make pretty cute gifts for those shoe-obsessed fashionista friends as well." Courtesy of


Tilda said...

i think the "dragon boats" regatta team should all get a pair of these! And our MN friend that fell in love with "double pluggers".

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the toes are painted different colors... i am not a fan of red.