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Monday, September 01, 2008

The People You Meet Along The Way

I love tattoos. Simple. I think they have a place and a purpose for those who want & appreciate them. I only have 4 at this point, but to me each one has a special meaning and has been designed by me. I have not gone in the shop and pulled it off the wall. They are uniquely mine.

My very first tattoo was done by a guy named Kyle. Kyle Malone was just recently new to the trade when I met him and he did my tat. No matter what, the person who does your first tat, well, you never forget them. In a sense, its like they took your virginity.

Since then hes gone on to tattoo all sorts of people, famous & not so famous. This last weekend he tattooed Billy Bob Thornton... and I think Billy Bob has a sexiness about him that is just a bit grungy and hot... jealous of Kyle.. i might be? I love Billy Bob's laugh... heres a photo of Billy Bob & Kyle:

Hey, I just noticed.. Billy Bob has a Ganesh Symbol Tattoo on his left arm... I have one on my left foot... ah.. the ink that binds.

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Tilda said...

I think you should get your camera out and take some photos of your tattoos and put them on your blog! You and Billy Bob, who'd have figured you both had such great taste in artists!