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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Its that time of year again...

I always loved candy corn. My grandma would always have a stash of it at her house. Actually, everyone in MN had a stash of it at their house.

Its that time of year when you always see it around. Everyone is eating it. Everyone eats it different.

This year... I get nothing.. nadda... zilch... zip. Can someone spare some candy corn for a woman who cant buy it in this country?

Oh.. and in case any of you readers are from my childhood and remember the days of CRAP' N CRUNCH.. I must tell you... a box of Peanut Butter CRAP' N CRUNCH made it into my cupboard about 2 weeks ago. I was delighted. I thought I was doing really well on rationing the food source and making it last.
Eh Gawds! I had a bowl last night for dinner, and I am down to one bowl left.... I so did not milk that one long enough (get it.. milk it... cereal.. ha, its funny!).


Tilda said...

maybe it's time to make a xmas wish list for the folks at home that may be sending a xmas gift! So easy to buy for when you live overseas. peanut butter crapn crunch, tropical punch kool aid, angelfood cake mix, lipton onion soup mix, ...ohhh soo easy to please. start that list!

Beth said...

Thanks for your great tips on my blog...I really appreciate it.

and I LOVE candy corn! and I DO eat them one candy layer at a time..that's the only way to eat them!!! ;)

and Cap'n Crunch??? Oh don't get me started! YUM! But not the peanut btutter kind..sorry! ;)

Anonymous said...

what is that! Is it candy covered corn, or is it candy shaped corn? It actually looks like a handful of decayed teeth, which is possibly the consequence of eating too much of the stuff.Please enlighten your aussie mates.