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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Im curious

Why is it that when you live overseas, as an American.. you often hear these words: "Why is it in America, you people ALWAYS...... (insert some tacky tag line here)?"

For example:

The day the media told us about another gun shooting in the USA:

"Why is it in America, you people ALWAYS carry guns to school and want to kill people?"

"Why is it in America, you people ALWAYS think the best way to solve things is to shoot?"


The day the media had its anniversary special on 9/11:

"Why is it in America, you people ALWAYS think of only yourselves?"

etc, etc, etc... get my point?

Anytime there is a shooting in a school in the USA, the media (which by the way... Mr Packer, who lives in Florida and owns a large chunk of media in the USA and AUS) floods the tv, papers, internet and so forth with the news...

BUT WHEN A GUY IN FINLAND posts a video on a popular video sharing site, gets questioned by police and LET GO due to "lack of evidence" and then goes and KILLS 10 people and BURNS the bodies... not a word is mentioned here except for a snippet on the morning news.
Shits me. Is it not one and the same? Is not human life the same no matter where you are?


Anonymous said...

understand your frustration, but there has been plenty of coverage on sbs, abc over the course of the day. i think the story only broke first thing this morning, so maybe more details were coming out over the corse of the day.
Finland has one of the highest gun ownerships in the world - next to the states of course, and this is the second school shooting this year.
Shocking, and what stupid police!

InALittleMinute said...

Yes I agree, that the more newsworthy media stations have put out some good coverage on the issue.

Of course, my "community" where I spend most of my sunshining days is so ignorant that they would not watch the particular programs. I guess I was more frustrated in the behaviour of those people and the lack of response or reaction to such a horriffic event.

Anonymous said...

yes, i agree that there is a huge parochial slant to things here - if it didn't happen in sunshine plaza, it's not important. I never watch the local news stations for exactly that reason- So uninformative about the really important issues.