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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Its a big moment next week

'Orville' has invited me to see a concert with him & his friends next week. Its a very little venue...not a stadium sort of event.

I will be meeting 3 of his closest friends that night. Its a 2 hour drive. We are all driving together.

Can you hear the panic in my voice? Honestly, I know it will all be great and we will all get on fine. Its just the anxiety of meeting his friends...its just so nerve-racking.

Ack..bring on the muscle relaxers!

Helpful hints? Aside from the usual crap of "be yourself" and all that.


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Relax and have fun.

It wouldn't hurt to stock your purse with fun stuff that the guys would like - beef jerky, almonds, gum, matches (in case someone smokes) a beer/wine opener(you never know) - that way you can share it could help break the ice.

Tilda said...

I think they're the ones that may need to worry! You handle yourself with such ease and strength that they'll all be jealous! The males will definitely be wondering where you were when they were lookin! Piece a cake frettin

InALittleMinute said...

Good hints! Fightin Mad Mary... I think your def onto something- stocking the purse full of goodies is a great idea! Maybe you should pick up a second job and consult for the Millionaire Matchmaker business?

Anonymous said...

Gum sounds like a good idea, but beef jerky? Not in the Land Of Aus, I feel. Looks too much like the dog treats Schmackos. And almonds? They'll think you're nutty - haha.
Above all, don't stress.Think of Alfred E Neuman - What? Me worry?Only try not to look like that on the night.